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Where can I buy Abloy locks in the U.S? Are there any other hard to pick locks as good as Abloy that are easier to find / cheaper? : lockpicking
(From 2012:)
“As for locks as good as Abloy; you won’t find one. BiLock, EVVA (3KS) and ASSA are close (although most ASSA locks are still vulnerable to bumping if someone can get hold of a blank), but not as good. If you want to go a bit cheaper, Mul-T-Lock is still an excellent manufacturer, then below that you have ‘high security’ consumer stuff like Medeco / Schlage Primus, which are still far better than the majority of locks, but by no means great.”
locks  abloy  medeco  reddit  2012 
yesterday by handcoding
Exception vs. Exemption | Technical Writing Tips for the Oil Patch
“Both the words ‘exception’ and ‘exemption’ refer to leaving something out of a group, but there is a distinct difference in what is left out and why.

“An exception means that the thing left out does not follow the same rule or custom as the other things in that group.


“An exemption is permission to be left out that is granted by someone in authority.”
exception  exemption  2012  language  words  canonical 
2 days ago by handcoding
Frankétienne and Rewriting: A Work in Progress | French Studies | Oxford Academic
"In Frankétienne and Rewriting Rachel Douglas presents an elegant overview of Haitian Spiralist writer Frankétienne's literary praxis, connecting the author's ‘near-obsessive’ (p. 1) revising to broader postcolonial Caribbean literary phenomena. Douglas's study offers a comparative analysis of five major works, emphasizing the ethical and the aesthetic perspectives implicit in Frankétienne's ‘predilection for the process of writing over what is written; for production over finished product; and for the dynamic over the stable’ (p. 160). Douglas rightly insists on the importance of fully contextualizing the works in question, considering them always with respect to the changing historical, socio-economic, and cultural realities of twentieth-century Haiti. Yet, while noting the profound political imperative visible in Frankétienne's writings and rewritings, she is careful always to privilege the works' ‘literariness’ and the material, arguing that literary characteristics in Frankétienne connect with changing political, social, economic, and cultural circumstances in the Haiti he rewrites."

[See also:
writing  howwewrite  process  frankétienne  2012  racheldouglas  kaiamaglover  2009  haiti  caribbean 
3 days ago by robertogreco
OCR Context-Sensitive Error Correction Based on Gogle Web 1T 5-Gram Data Set
Paper describing a post-processing OCR context-sensitive error correction method for detecting and correcting non-word and real-word OCR errors. The approach uses a Google data set as a dictionary for spell-checking.
OCR  2012  scanning 
10 days ago by amoore
vanetta.net: Enable HDMI volume control on the 2011 Mac Mini
“Now, Soundflower should be acting as a software mixer that enables the volume controls in OS X to work with HDMI audio.  The volume controls in the menu bar should no longer be disabled and, if your keyboard supports it, you should be able to control the volume/mute right from your keyboard.”
optical  audio  mac  osx  macos  2012 
11 days ago by handcoding
Paper Trimmer Or Cutter Recommendations? - Paper and Pen Paraphernalia - The Fountain Pen Network
“I bit the bullet some years ago and bought a Rotatrim Mastercut II for photography. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s expensive. But buy it once and you’ll have it forever. I highly recommend it. Buy as big as you can afford and store.”


“I also use a rotatrim mastercut II which I purchased for my photography. It does only cut a few sheets at a time, but if you want a perfect cut everytime, there's not one better. I do also have a guillotine cutter for when I need large amounts cut quick. That was just about $75 on eBay and it's not the best cutter for sure but for what little I use it and what I use it for, its great. My rotatrim gets used almost everyday and it self sharpens as its drawn back (it's a rotary cutter for those wondering) and I can't foresee ever having to replace it. It is pricy though - mine is the 24 inch version and cost about $285 or so on amazon.”

(It looks like you can buy a 12-inch one of these on Amazon for ≈$220 or so. https://www.amazon.com/Rotatrim-RCM15-15-Inch-Professional-Trimmer/dp/B00009UTIN )
papercutters  amazon  fountainpens  2012 
16 days ago by handcoding
Directional Sense: How to Find Your Way Around
"A lighthearted introduction to the ins and outs of wayfinding, it provides step-by-step guides to follow signs, reading maps, recognizing landmarks, using GPS devices, and more. Along with anecdotes describing how everyone gets lost at times, and photos showing how being turned around is not always your fault, Directional Sense offers a wealth of practical advice to help you confidently get from here to there...and back."
WayFinding  2012 
16 days ago by ClearHelper

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