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Eating Bugs
In the U.S. (and elsewhere) people are more accustomed to exterminating insects than to eating them, but in scores of countries around the world--including Thailand, where food markets are stocked with commercially-raised water beetles and bamboo worms--bugs have long been a part of a well-balanced meal. Insect lovers like Gordon argue that entomophagy--the scientific term for consuming insects--could also be a far greener way to get protein than eating chicken, cows or pigs. With the global livestock sector responsible for 18% of the world's greenhouse-gas emissions and grain prices reaching record highs, cheap, environmentally low-impact insects could be the food of the future--provided we can stomach them.
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march 2009 by Vacilando
Khan: Pakistan claims 'are false'
The disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist, AQ Khan, has said that allegations he passed on nuclear secrets are false. In a rare interview, he said that there was pressure put on him to accept the charges "in the national interest".
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march 2009 by Vacilando
Strong earthquake rocks Iceland
In the town of Selfoss, near the epicentre of the quake, buildings were damaged and residents poured onto the streets in panic, reports say.
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march 2009 by Vacilando

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