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Fucking Bruge - YouTube
Bonus feature from In Bruges (2008)
film  bonus  video  comedy  2008 
10 days ago by fdedic
Installing Adobe Digital Editions using WINE [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
A: [...] Plug in the nook and it should auto-mount to /media/nook. Open the Wine Configuration tool (Applications->Wine->Configure Wine) and click on the Drives tab.
Find and click on the drive mapping for /media/nook. In my case this was the I: drive.
Click the Show Advanced button and from the Type drop-down, select Floppy disk.
Click Apply and leave the Configuration window open. In my case, whenever I clicked OK or closed the window, it would not save the settings. This could be an issue on my end.
Open Adobe Digital Editions and the nook should appear in the list. [...]
(me: [2019] ADE could not find the Sony PRS-T2, no matter what the drive configuration was)
2008  2011  2014  forumthread  winecompatible  kobo.reader  hardwaresupport  wine  configuration  usb  howto  tips  ubuntu  linux  sonyreader  sony.prs.t2 
17 days ago by ezequiel
On Hayden Carruth: A Friendship in Poetry | Academy of American Poets
"everything worthy is fragile and under threat, is prey to time and invisible to power, and yet affection keeps the accounting in the black. Worthy things, invested with affection, pass into “the now / which is eternal.” I don’t know how this can be… And yet I believe that it is so"

[via: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrA1Of-A34l/ ]
wendellberry  fragility  haydencarruth  2008  power  time  worthiness  affection  now  slow  small 
11 weeks ago by robertogreco

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