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Google Cloud Platform, NYC Street Trees, New York City Street Tree Census data
from Mike Pepi

"The NYC street tree data includes data from the 1995, 2005 and 2015 Street Tree Censuses, which are conducted by volunteers organized by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Trees were inventoried by address, and identified by tree species, diameter, and condition."
tree  data  NYC  1995  2005  2015  census  volunteer  address  species  diameter  street  public  Google  cloud 
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The Sound Of Photography | shortlist loung1
Selections from Bunny, Powder Puff & Michelangelo
'Wenn Charles Wilp fotografiert, tut er das mit Musik, dann brauchen wir keinen Champagner.'
1965  2005  2000X  wilp  music  atatak  mMartin  kDahlke  shortlist  lounge  ujHaack 
september 2018 by shortlist_cxc

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