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NoMachine - How to improve performance of NX 3.5.0 with CAD applications that use OpenGL
[...] Many studies have demonstrated that, for a remote display system, the GLX extension is hardly the best solution. See the following documents for an example of alternate approach: [...]
2005  2013  article  compatibility  nomachine  nx  opengl  configuration  performance  remote  xorg  extension  tips  links  documentation  reference  issue  workaround  sysadmin  x2go  linux  unix  hardwaresupport 
5 days ago by ezequiel
Playing Card Difference: Cambric, Linoid, Air-Cushion. (info)
EDIT* Just bringing this old thread back. Someone was asking about this earlier, and I remembered I posted this a long time ago.
2005  forumthread  playingcards  comparison  info 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
‘Terreur dans l’Hexagone’, by Gilles Kepel | Financial Times
instead of facilitating their political integration, the Socialist leader focused only on the question of racism. “We could have had a generation of role models who would have led the way,” Kepel tells me.

Salafism, an ultra-conservative version of Sunni Islam whose values he views as incompatible with France’s republican and secular values, gained ground. Newly formed Salafist communities settled in deserted rural areas, such as Artigat, southwestern France — where a Syrian emir radicalised several French-born terrorists, including Mohammed Merah, who shot Jewish children in Toulouse in 2012.

Kepel, who has written much about political Islam in the Arab world, notes that 2005 was also the year Abu Musab al-Suri, a Spanish-Syrian militant, published The Global Islamic Resistance Call — a guide to what Kepel calls “third-generation jihadism”, a bottom-up terror strategy that succeeded the top-down strategy of al-Qaeda and inspired the recent attacks.
1983  france  2005  book 
7 weeks ago by aries1988
That design is money! - physical interface
(It looks like this post is no longer at its original URL, but this one works just fine.)
“Wells Fargo hired Pentagram in the fall of 2005 to begin work on a new user interface for their ATMs. Wells Fargo was in the process of upgrading their ATMs with touchscreen monitors. This was a relatively slow process, since there are about 7,000 ATMs in the field, and any upgrades are expensive. But with the vast majority to be converted during 2007, this was the perfect time to create a fresh UI that would fully utilize the touchscreen capability.”
wellsfargo  pentagram  atms  2005 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
(39) Replace 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover, How to Change Install 2004 2005 2006 2007 - YouTube
Replace 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover, How to Change Install 2004 2005 2006 2007
Replace  2003-2008  Toyota  Corolla  Bumper  Cover  How  to  Change  Install  2004  2005  2006  2007 
10 weeks ago by kilroy2
Ringing the Fourfold: A Philosophical Framework for Thinking about Wellness Tourism: Tourism Recreation Research: Vol 31, No 1
"Perhaps no other area of tourism more needs a philosophy than wellness tourism with its transcendental aims and spiritual dimension. This paper explores Heidegger's rich philosophical concept of the ringing of the fourfold—an intimate relationship between earth, sky, mortals and divinities that Heidegger says reveals wholeness and authenticity and brings us into intimate contact with the world in the amazing event that is human existence. This paper argues that the ringing of the fourfold may be a philosophical basis for wellness and suggests tourism may actually facilitate the ringing of the fourfold. It uses the fourfold to explore how wellness tourism might balance and integrate lives unsettled and fractured by runaway time, frantic busyness, disconnection from the natural world and other people, loss of spirituality, and longing for a sense of place in an alien, impersonal and out-of-control world. First, it explores the possible origin of our lack of wellness by explicating Heidegger's ‘epoch of technicity’, a time when the world is seen as something to be managed and exploited for human gain by people who are reduced to little more than the engineer-servants of this management and exploitation. This part of the paper uses tourism literature to confirm the accuracy of Heidegger's predictions of rampant consumerism, ecological devastation, corporate greed, personal hubris, artificial community created by technology, and stress created by too little time, isolation, loss of identity and exhaustion. Next, the paper proffers a philosophical description of existential wellness by exploring Heidegger's concept of the fourfold as an alternative way to understand and experience the world. By returning to the tourism literature again, we show how touring may facilitate appreciation of the fourfold (and a sense of wellness) by bringing tourists into an authentic encounter with not only earth and sky (grounding and freeing nature) but also divinities and mortals who together create a world unlike the world of technicity. Finally, the paper looks at the implications of wellness tourism as a site for the ringing of the fourfold."
via:bopuc  wellness  consumerism  capitalism  2005  carolsteiner  tourism  heidegger  greed  corporatism  environment  sustainability  technology  stress  time  isolation  identity  exhaustion  work  labor  philosophy 
11 weeks ago by robertogreco
François Laplantine: The Life of the Senses: Introduction to a Modal Anthropology (2005/2015) — Monoskop Log
"“Both a vital theoretical work and a fine illustration of the principles and practice of sensory ethnography, this much anticipated translation is destined to figure as a major catalyst in the expanding field of sensory studies.

Drawing on his own fieldwork in Brazil and Japan and a wide range of philosophical, literary and cinematic sources, the author outlines his vision for a ‘modal anthropology’. François Laplantine challenges the primacy accorded to ‘sign’ and ‘structure’ in conventional social science research, and redirects attention to the tonalities and rhythmic intensities of different ways of living. Arguing that meaning, sensation and sociality cannot be considered separately, he calls for a ‘politics of the sensible’ and a complete reorientation of our habitual ways of understanding reality.”

First published as Le social et le sensible: introduction à une anthropologie modale, Téraèdre, Paris, 2005.

Translated by Jamie Furniss
With an Introduction by David Howes
Publisher Bloomsbury, London, 2015
Sensory Studies series, 1
ISBN 1472534808, 9781472534804
xviii+152 pages"

[pdf is here: http://b3.ge.tt/gett/8Sl1pZd2/Laplantine%2C+Fran%C3%A7ois+-+The+Life+of+the+Senses.+Introduction+to+a+Modal+Anthropology.pdf?index=0&user=user-rH02fRWtWbQcXRxjIcC63NpWQttph9o1slEf1-&pdf= ]
senses  books  françoislaplantine  sensoryethnography  multisensory  2005  2015  anthropology  modalanthropology  ethnography 
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