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In search of Dieguito | Martin Amis
He rose from the slums of Buenos Aires to become the world's greatest footballer - then spectacularly self-destructed. Now, from his Cuban hospital bed, Maradona has published a remarkably frank autobiography.
1st  october  2004  guardian  martin  amis  football  maradona  diego  literature  book  review 
8 weeks ago by pnjman
Thirty Second Narratives - analysis of music in political commercials
Thirty Second Narratives

In thirty seconds, a political television commercial has the daunting task of convincing a swing voter that its candidate is the right person for the job of president of the United States. Instead of simply stating facts about the candidates and leaving the analysis of these facts up to the viewers, the commercials create narratives that encourage the audience to come to desired conclusions about the different candidates. The advertisements use several different television median that, though incomplete when separated, become complete narratives when observed as a whole. In this website, I will look into campaign commercials run for and against George Bush and John Kerry, the two prospective candidates for the Democratic and Republican Parties. What makes these commercials appealing to the viewers? How can they depend on thirty seconds of air time to convince a viewer that their candidate is the right choice? Are there similarities between the commercials of apposing candidates?

To study these commercials, I will use Labovian analysis of narrative as described by Michael Toolan to find what makes these thirty-second television blips into successful and persuasive narratives. I'll examine their combination of verbal, visual, and audible texts to make incomplete parts complete narratives. Finally, I will look at some inconspicuous measures the commercials use to make their candidates appealing to as many voters as possible.
politics  commercials  music  Bush  Kerry  2004 
december 2018 by Quercki
Shell Command Language - Documentation [opengroup.org]
This chapter contains the definition of the Shell Command Language.
posix  2004  unix  bash  shell  reference  documentation  scripting  standards 
december 2018 by ezequiel
getopts(1) documentation [opengroup.org]
The getopts utility shall retrieve options and option-arguments from a list of parameters. It shall support the Utility Syntax Guidelines 3 to 10, inclusive, described in the Base Definitions volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001, Section 12.2, Utility Syntax Guidelines.
unix  posix  documentation  reference  2004  online  shell  bash  standards 
december 2018 by ezequiel
Street Corner Cooks Have Names, Too
reading this in the source because ran out of free views

in Dekalb Market Hall
NYT  2004  street  food  cart  arepa  Brooklyn  NYC  restaurant  DanaBowen  Medellín  Colombia  ArepaLady  MariaCano 
november 2018 by cosmic
GUADEC 2004 Speakers
GUADEC 2004 - Developing plug-ins for the GIMP
gimp  presentation  2004 
september 2018 by dneary

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