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Portrait of Charles Wilp by Uwe J. Haack
2nd film in the ZERO G Trilogy
P,R,C : Uwe J. Haack
Musik : Solar Moon
Color, 60', S16mm ©2002 Label Virage
2019  twitter  CharlesWilp  film  ARTRO  virage  2000X  16mm  ujHaack  2002  solarmoon 
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Munchkin breeders in Texas | TheCatSite
“Although I don’t post often anymore, I would like to comment about the Munchies. I am a judge in an association that accepts Munchies. They are not and I will repeat they are not a deformed cat. The original Munchie was a barnyard cat. When breeding a Munchie there is no guarantee that all the babies have short legs (not stumpie).”
munchkin  cats  2002 
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Against the Romance of Community — University of Minnesota Press
"An unexpected and valuable critique of community that points out its complicity with capitalism

Miranda Joseph explores sites where the ideal of community relentlessly recurs, from debates over art and culture in the popular media, to the discourses and practices of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. She shows how community legitimates the social hierarchies of gender, race, nation, and sexuality that capitalism implicitly requires. Exposing the complicity of social practices, identities, and communities with capitalism, this truly constructive critique opens the possibility of genuine alliances across such differences."

https://twitter.com/LabSpecEth/status/1097518720270794753 ]
mirandajoseph  community  capitalism  2002  art  culture  nonprofit  nonprofits  ngos  hierarchy  gender  race  nationalism  racism  sexism  sexuality  socialpractice  identity  differences  canon 
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A Retrospective on PAIP
Note the section on "Lessons from PAIP"
lisp  programming  comparison  2002 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
Laughing all the way to the bonk | Robert MacFarlane
The sap is rising as never before in Jilly Cooper's latest Rutshire romp, Pandora, and we can't get enough of it.
5th  may  2002  robert  macfarlane  observer  book  review  literature  fiction  jilly  cooper 
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