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“Close to tears, he left at the intermission”: how Stanley Kubrick upset Arthur C Clarke
The clash of wills behind 2001: a Space Odyssey reminds me that scientific education, not mystery, was always closest to my friend’s heart
stanley  kubrick  Arthur  C  Clarke  William  Burroughs  MICHAEL  MOORCOCK  2001  conflict 
12 days ago by gdw
Research on trafficking of women for sex and forced labor work
sexuality  trafficking  usa  domestic  foreign  women  prostitution  research  2001 
11 weeks ago by csrollyson
CNN.com - New arrest warrants issued in terrorism probe - September 17, 2001
One was arrested Saturday after being questioned while being held for possible immigration violations. The other was detained Thursday at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport for allegedly possessing a false pilot's license.
9_11_second_wave  911  9_11  9_12  2001 
april 2019 by oog
Complexity Reduction of Catmull-Clark/Loop Subdivision Surfaces
the core use of subdiv in Verse/LOVE
"The largest shortcoming of this
algorithm is that flat areas with curved edges tend to be
over tessellated. This is something we intend to combat
by having a separate set of look up tables for flat
polygons. Another potential problem is that the
algorithm can never reduce the mesh below its control
mesh polygon count. Still it produces very good results
especially with architectural objecs. The biggest
features with this algorithm is of course that it is fast,
contains no iterative searching and that all data can be
stored in arrays since there are no insert/delete
operations, something that 3D hardware APIs such as
OpenGL like. The biggest problem is that the algorithm
is so large and contains so many steps that it becomes
very hard to implement and debug. In the future we
would like to try to instead of generating a look-up
table generate compliable code that would contain the
tessellation information to see if there is a possible
speed gain. "
archive_it  paper  pdf  piperesearch  graphics  2001  rendering 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
Atlantis High - Wikipedia
Bianca's rec... watched a really long screener-trailer for the series
atlantis_high  wiki  wikipedia  tv  new_zealand  2001  2000s  spoof  teenage  comedy  surreal 
february 2019 by cluebucket
Point of View | Frank Kermode
Atonement by Ian McEwan, Cape, 372 pp, £16.99, September 2001, ISBN 0 224 06252 2.
4th  october  2001  lrb  literature  book  review  ian  mcewan  atonement  frank  kermode 
january 2019 by pnjman

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