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FORD  LIGHTNING  SUPERCHARGER  HARLEY  F150  5.4  EATON  BLOWER  2000  m112  2001  2004  04 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2
Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing
Tips for learning your text editor in general and Vim in particular
vim  Tutorial  BramMoolenaar  2000 
7 weeks ago by dlb

Unfortunately, little seems to have changed, perhaps because Y2K remediation was so successful and because it is only after a catastrophe has occurred that major reorganisations are brought about in the way an industry operates.

1. Almost all software-based systems are still designed and developed with cost and time-to-market taking priority over modularity, robustness, security, ease of modification and other software engineering principles. Testing is still the primary way in which programmers assure that software is fit for purpose, despite decades of evidence that testing can never find most errors.
2. Single points of failure are still introduced without considering the possible consequences. One current and critical example is the extraordinarily widespread dependence on the GPS signal for positioning, navigation and timing. Other examples are the almost universal reliance on encryption systems that could be destroyed by advances in quantum computing, and the growing dependence of multiple systems on identical software components or on identical sources of open data.
3. In the interests of efficiency, supply chains have become far more tightly coupled and redundancy has been removed with little thought about the impact on resilience, making cascade failures more likely.
4. There is an increased unwillingness to use regulation to encourage private companies to write better software.

The current cybersecurity crisis is one consequence of this failure to learn from Y2K but as there is no deadline to compel urgent action the risks to society from badly designed and insecure software are certain to continue to increase.
y2k  programming  2000  computers  history 
7 weeks ago by WimLeers
Run Linux or other Operating Systems in your browser !
emulation  linux  windows  2000  javascript  emulator  browser  virtual  os 
12 weeks ago by sharjeelsayed
Doleful Lions - Song Cyclops Volume One (Full Album) - YouTube
it's not cleaners from venus and it's not robert scott... it's ANOTHER robert scott ;-)
youtube  album  music  doleful_lions  2000  2000s  audio  pop  guitar  illinois  lo-fi 
september 2017 by cluebucket

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