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Wheel of Fortune by cjmarlowe
33K The seeker who draws the Wheel of Fortune card is at the beginning of a cycle. He is able to change at a moment's notice, but the wheel will turn with or without him. An opportunity may present itself; the seeker must take action or the opportunity will be lost. This is a turning point in his life.
harry/draco  cjmarlowe  bigbangbaby  20-40K 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Blind Leading the Blind by nqdonne
25K Harry catches wise to a series of blind items in the Daily Prophet's gossip pages that sound suspiciously like him. Except no one knows that he's gay, do they?

hdworldcup  epiloguecompliant  20-40K  harry/draco  nqdonne 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Harry's Pockets by joanwilder
29K Clowns are downright creepy, Harry's always thought, so when he and Luna hire one to work in their Party Props shop, he prepares for the worst.

hdworldcup  harry/draco  joanwilder  20-40K 
june 2016 by ficlinks
On One's Knees by pira8fancier
32K Five years after the final battle at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy has been paroled from Azkaban and works nights as a janitor at The Daily Prophet. Harry Potter, recently married to Ginny Weasley, is training as a Healer at St. Mungo's. One wastebasket=one head injury=our story.

hdworldcup  pir8fancier  20-40K  harry/draco 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Homecoming by novembersnow
27K Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.

hdworldcup  harry/draco  20-40K  novembersnow  teachers  epiloguecompliant 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Beneath Boundless Skies by blamebrampton
30K The end of one journey is the start of another. No matter how hard it is, nor how long it takes you to make the first step.

hdworldcup  ewe  blamebrampton  harry/draco  20-40K 
june 2016 by ficlinks
How Do You Mend a Broken Heart by mahaliem
27K In order to keep custody of his children, Draco needs to find a spouse that will shore up the Malfoy family's tattered reputation. But what starts off as a means to an end gets more complicated when Draco's target reawakens feelings in him that he hasn't had in a long while, and Draco starts to feel alive for the first time since his wife's death.

hdworldcup  mahaliem  kidfic  20-40K  epiloguecompliant  harry/draco 
june 2016 by ficlinks
The Next Best Thing by Emma Grant
(26,350 words) Inspired by the movie 'Eating Out'. "How does a boy get a girl to notice him? Why, by pretending to be gay, of course!" [Link: http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=12848]
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  emmagrant 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Lustre by Julad and Calico
(24,000 words) The one where Draco gets the magic snake. Written after book 4 I think. One of the few Harry/Draco fics that rings just so entirely true for me.
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  pets 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Snakes and Ladders by alvira
(20,500 words) Post-OotP. "Sixteen years after he last clapped eyes on the Boy Who Lived To Be A Thorn In Draco Malfoy's Side, Draco is filling Snape's old shoes with aplomb. History, though, has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Draco has his comfortable existence turned topsy-turvy with the appearance at Hogwarts of Harry's son, who turns out to be able disrupt Draco's life with as much competency as his father."
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  alvira 
june 2016 by ficlinks
The Scholomance Series by shallot
(37,000 words) "...his greatest terror was that someone would respond to him." The Scholomance is an old folk legend; in legend, the Scholomance is run by the Devil and the bargain is that ten students are allowed in at one time, and at the end of the term (5 or 7 years), the last one to the door loses his soul. // War!fic. A bit surrealistic.
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  astolat 
june 2016 by ficlinks
A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing by mahaliem
(38,000 words) Draco is having trouble adjusting to the different world he finds himself in, where he's a Gryffindor and Harry is a Slytherin.
harry/draco  alternate.universe  20-40K  via:silviakundera  mahaliem 
june 2016 by ficlinks
The If Sieve by cest_what
(37,000 words) Summary: The device sat on Draco's bed, denting the heavy green quilt into a rumpled dip. It looked a little like a Pensieve: a solid stone bowl filled with quivery silver liquid.
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  cest_what 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Phasmagoria by furiosity
(28,300 words) There are other worlds beyond this one, but Harry is not looking for them. Far from it: he is only looking for the last Horcrux. Along the way, he meets someone he did not expect and finds a world he didn't know existed. It all sort of goes arse over tea kettle from there. Or perhaps not. Pre-DH.

h/d go to a Sister World. v enjoyable fic
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  furiosity 
june 2016 by ficlinks
The Arc of the Pendulum by brummell
(30,200 words) "After his father casts a mysterious curse on Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is forced to try to make things right.."Post DH, if you ignore the epilogue.

harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  brummell  ewe 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Rising From the Ashes by oldenuf2nb
30,000 words. Unread. "Draco Malfoy never knew that he was, for a short time, Master of the Elder Wand. He also never expected to be saved from a fate worse than death by Harry Potter, of all people. But when “The Chosen One” chooses not to save his father, Draco sets out on a course to either reclaim the wand or make Potter pay, or both."
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  oldenuf2nb 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Just Like A Gryffindor by anjenue
(30,800 words) "Draco hasn't gotten over the war yet, but the real problem is that everyone else has. So when an old curse comes back to haunt him, maybe he doesn't resent it quite as much as he should."
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  anjenue 
june 2016 by ficlinks
A Fruit Tree in Winter by small_gardens
(29,000 words) Canon compliant through Half Blood Prince. "After failing in his task at the end of HBP, life doesn’t go as Draco expected. Sometimes just surviving takes everything you’ve got. And sometimes healing is something you can’t do alone."
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  small_gardens 
june 2016 by ficlinks
Perfect Day by scrtkpr
(24,500 words) Post-Deathly Hallows, not epilogue compliant. In which Draco Malfoy takes Felix Felicis to have one perfect day, and that day changes everything. Rather clever.

harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  scrtkpr  ewe 
june 2016 by ficlinks
The Yellow House by causeways
(29,000 words) Canon compliant through Book 6 (HBP). “Five years after the war, Draco Malfoy's life is in danger. It's up to Harry Potter to protect him.” Auror!Harry, bodyguard fic. No character bashing. [warning: secondary character death, not H&D]
harry/draco  20-40K  via:silviakundera  causeways  aurors  bodyguard 
june 2016 by ficlinks

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