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cliffs of fall by arriviste
The day Maedhros leaves the halls of Mandos, Fingon is waiting for him.

He had not imagined anyone would be. Perhaps his mother? But not Fingon, not after so long. Not after the long years after Fingon died, and what Maedhros did in them.
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
7 days ago by elftrash
Form and Function by penknife
They come to know each other very well indeed, in time.
celebrimbor/narvi  celebrimbor  narvi  2-5K  rec 
9 days ago by elftrash
the last dream I ever dreamed on the cold hillside by acaramelmacchiato
“I worry I am too courtly and insufficiently direct,” Thranduil told his son one night, his bottles empty, suffering the storied agonies of lonely love.

“It has been too long since you went courting,” said Legolas, and shrugged. “Just send him a bag of cash and a note asking if he’s … eager to lay.”

My note: I don't support hobbit fandom but this is very lolzy
thranduil  bard  bard/thranduil  2-5K 
10 days ago by elftrash
A Brief Guide To The House of Finwë (a hobbit's view) by drag0nst0rm
In his defense, Bilbo never thought anyone other than Frodo or Sam was actually going to read the thing.

my note: lolzy, but the writer is a homophobe so will not kudos
bilbo  elrond  feanor  2-5K  gen 
11 days ago by elftrash
the fugitive heart by arriviste
Perhaps Finduilas’s real tragedy is that she had no mother, no sister, no woman-friend to say to her, Do you really love him? Would you still love this Túrin if he was less tragic, less doomed, less blood-stained? Do you love him, or do you only long to comb his tangled hair?
finduilas  turin  gwindor  finduilas/gwindor  finduilas/turin  2-5K 
11 days ago by elftrash
into the old abyss by elftrash
Arwen wakes in an enchanted wood in Beleriand.

arwen  beleg  mablung  thingol  melian  2-5K  wip  au 
5 weeks ago by elftrash
Wait Until the Light Breaks by orodrethsmirichu
The night after Eöl’s execution, an orphan sits in his mother’s room and waits for his fate to catch up to him.
maeglin  turgon  2-5K  gen 
7 weeks ago by elftrash
The Guardian of the Walls by deborah_judge
When Aredhel set off from Gondolin to find her cousin Celegorm, she did not know if she intended to tear his clothes off or beat him senseless. Or both, in no particular order.

She had learned how to curse his name while crossing the Grinding Ice without even the supplies that were on the ships he had burned, and had done so since at every opportunity. Almost as often as she made love to him in her dreams, or remembered the sweetness of his touch long ago in Valinor, before the ships burned, before the blood of Alqualonde reddened her sword.
aredhel  celegorm  aredhel/celegorm  aredhel/eol  2-5K 
7 weeks ago by elftrash
The Monster by thegreatpumpkin
Children do not laugh when Maedhros Fëanorion draws near. But when he turns—slowly, idly, as if he is only observing the horizon—that is what he hears: the delighted, disembodied laughter of children.
maedhros  elured  elurin  2-5K  gen 
7 weeks ago by elftrash
The Carriage held but just Ourselves by starspray
Melian cannot know death. Of her daughters, one embraces it, one rejects it, one accepts it, and one does not understand.
melian  luthien  elwing  tindomiel  arwen  2-5K 
7 weeks ago by elftrash
Blue Light by anon
Celebrimbor tests a new idea, sets Narvi a challenge, and makes a confession.
celebrimbor/narvi  celebrimbor  narvi  2-5K 
7 weeks ago by elftrash
scion by arriviste
How to reconcile Tolkien’s various Gil-gilad origins; or, the Noldor do Weird Science.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  gil-gilad  2-5K 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
aurë entuluva by anghraine
A Hadorian happily-ever-after, improbably starring Túrin, Niënor, and Tuor.
tuor  turin  nienor  2-5K 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
the dawn from on high by arriviste
“I have an errand to attend to, but I will join your party at the Havens in good time,” said Gandalf before the great convoy set out from Imladris.
maglor  gandalf  elrond  valar  2-5K  gen 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
springless autumn by anghraine
We are a fading people, a springless autumn. -- Faramir, The Two Towers
arwen  elrond  aragorn/arwen  2-5K 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
Olórë by taeniurus
Ólórë (noun)
a shared dream; a mingling of two fëar in Irmo’s domain
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
no other star by arriviste
“You would be dead to a man if I had not come,” said Caranthir. “To a woman!”

Haleth meets three Elven-Kings as the Haladin search for a homeland in Beleriand, and deals with mourning, survival, and culture clash.
haleth  caranthir  finrod  thingol  gen  2-5K 
9 weeks ago by elftrash
The Dying Fire by vasiliki
Based on 'Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth.' Someone visits Andreth on her last night.
andreth  andreth/aegnor  finrod/andreth  finrod  2-5K 
9 weeks ago by elftrash
Come Back To Me by teasel
In the aftermath of a drought in the Shire, Merry has gone to Bree, and a lonely eleven-year-old Pippin meets an Entwife. Ents can be dangerous; Entwives - if you threaten their gardens -- can be *very* dangerous.
pippin  merry  ents  gen  2-5K 
9 weeks ago by elftrash
a marvellous thread by arriviste
They called her Lúthien reborn before Arwen was old enough to understand that they were speaking a Doom, not a blessing.
arwen  aragorn  aragorn/arwen  luthien  beren/luthien  2-5K 
9 weeks ago by elftrash

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