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AgileBits Blog | Face it, The iPhone X Looks Amazing
Wow, what an incredible Apple event today! As you may have guessed the entire team here at AgileBits cozied up to their computers, iPads, Apple TVs, and iPhones to watch as the good folks at Apple took to the stage in the newly minted Steve Jobs Theater and proceeded to bring the house down. A new Apple Watch, a brand new 4K Apple TV, a new iPhone 8, the iPhone X! The hits just kept coming.
As blown away as we were by today’s product announcements we were even more blown away by our inclusion in the festivities. To see Phil Schiller on stage showing 1Password on the new iPhone X was magical. In case you missed it, here’s a screen grab we captured for posterity...
iphoneX  apple_event  1password  demo 
4 days ago by rgl7194
AgileBits Blog | Why is this information sensitive? The deeper Equifax problem
As the world now knows Equifax, the credit rating company and master of our fates, suffered a data breach in May and June 2017, which revealed to criminals details of 143 million people. (I would have liked to say, “143 million customers“, but that is very far from the case. We have no control at all over Equifax and other credit rating companies collecting information about us. We are neither their customers nor users.)
The revealed data includes:
Social Security numbers
Dates of birth
Driver’s license numbers (unspecified number of these)
Credit card numbers (209,000 of these)
breach  credit_report  data  equifax  identity_theft  privacy  security  1password 
4 days ago by rgl7194
AgileBits Blog | On Equifax, and what to do when passwords can’t protect you
Data breaches are, sadly, old hat these days. When Watchtower lets you know one of your passwords has been compromised, you sigh and mutter a few expletives, unlock 1Password, and start generating new ones. But what happens when the compromised information isn’t so easily changed, like your date of birth or social security number? That’s exactly what happened to me and 143 million of my fellow Americans just last week.
breach  credit_report  data  equifax  privacy  security  passwords  1password  identity_theft 
6 days ago by rgl7194
Announcing the 1Password command-line tool public beta
If you don't already know I'm a huge 1Password fan, let me tell you: I'm a huge 1Password fan. And it's not just because they consistently cater to my nerdy desires...
cli  1password  via:ttscoff 
10 days ago by nicolas
Announcing the 1Password command-line tool public beta
If you don't already know I'm a huge 1Password fan, let me tell you: I'm a huge 1Password fan. And it's not just because they consistently cater to my nerdy desires...
cli  1password 
11 days ago by ttscoff
AgileBits Blog | Announcing the 1Password command-line tool public beta
Here at AgileBits, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to bring power users, developers, and administrators more powerful ways to interact with 1Password. We’re proud to announce that we have something that fits the bill. It’s called the 1Password command-line tool, and we can’t wait to see what you build with it. Let me take this opportunity to walk you through the exciting potential.
1password  security  privacy  terminal 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Uses This / Mike Lazer-Walker
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Mike Lazer-Walker (yes, that's my real name!). I make installation art and experimental games that ask people to interact with everyday objects in unexpected and playful new ways. A lot of my work involves vintage technology, such as fully-functional USB telegraph keys and a game played on a 90-year-old telephone switchboard. Other projects revolve more around recontextualizing familiar objects and spaces, such as a generative poetry walk in San Francisco's Fort Mason and a game where you sext with a robot.
Aside from my art practice, I build software tools. I care a lot about making sure that we're building technology and providing tools that actively enable and empower people to improve themselves. This tends to manifest itself in open-source software tools to help other programmers be more productive (my day job is building iOS and web apps), "quantified self"-style tools mostly built for my own purposes, and educational projects to help others teach themselves new skills. I've spent a lot of time in spaces designed to foster self-driven creative learning, such as the MIT Media Lab (where I was a researcher with the now-defunct Playful Systems group) and the Recurse Center.
setup  macbook  photo  editing  programming  productivity  1password  instapaper  RSS  bicycling  coffee 
13 days ago by rgl7194
Home Screens – Greg Scown — MacSparky
Greg Scown (website)(Twitter) started his programming career at Apple but eventually made his way out of Cupertino and into his the Apple developer community. Greg is one of the owners of Smile Software and is, in addition to being a geek like us, a very nice man. So Greg, show us your home screen.
1Password, Fantastical, Overcast, and Slack are all long-term faves. Micro.blog is my new/trending favorite, and Tweetbot is a stalwart.
homescreen  iphone  1password  calendar  RSS  slack  blogs  twitter  productivity 
13 days ago by rgl7194
Thord D. Hedengren's Mac, iOS, and Watch setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Thord D. Hedengren, and I’m first and foremost a writer. I write books — mostly fiction these days, but also technical literature about web development. WordPress lovers who speak, or at least read, Swedish might know me from my WPSE weekly newsletter. If you’re a Swedish business person, you might’ve read my tech columns in the Swedish tech daily Di Digital. Back in the day, I edited sites like The Blog Herald and Devlounge.
When I’m not writing, I build things. Some of those things are for clients. I’m the founder and CEO at the digital agency Odd Alice, which is in talks for some funky things that might or might not be official when this is published.
I also work with startups. I’m on the Tech Troopers (crowdsourced tech support) board, the author in residence at BlankPage (online writing app), co-founder at Damn Fine Novels, among other things. I like to keep busy.
setup  macbook  writing  adobe  photo  editing  productivity  music  itunes  slack  email  dropbox  backup  icloud  1password  iphone7  messaging  RSS  calendar  notes_app  instapaper  photos_app  camera  journal  twitter  games  ipad_pro  comics  safari  watch  weather 
14 days ago by rgl7194
How to generate one-time passwords in 1Password to increase security – The Sweet Setup
1Password, the best password manager, has built in support for two-factor authentication and one-time passwords. While you can use SMS codes, these aren’t as secure as using one-time passwords. The reason is that SMS was never built for security. Wired has a great article that explains the security flaws.
1password  osx  security  howto 
18 days ago by tero

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