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Uses This / Jack Chen
Who are you, and what do you do?
Hey! My name is Jack Chen, but I'm mostly known as 'chendo' on and off the internet. I love solving problems, building products, and working with technology.
I build things at Ferocia, currently building a new digital-first banking experience named Alt. Before that, I was the CTO of a telemedicine startup, and built the cloud backend for connected lighting at LIFX.
For fun, I like to build things, go fast in go karts, and play video games. My usual creative outlet is photography...
...What hardware do you use?
My primary machine is a 15" MacBook Pro with the controversial TouchBar. I kind of like it, but it desperately needs haptic feedback.
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My Sweet Setup – Anna Hazel Crotty – Medium
I’ve been working from home for a few years now, and finally have a setup I’m happy enough with to write a bit about it.
Monitor: 40" Samsung UN40MU6300FXZA 4K television. About a year ago I decided I wanted lots of screen real estate and to have my default font size really large. I couldn’t find many reviews that were helpful, and so I bought this particular TV a little randomly. I asked the guys at Best Buy if I could bring a laptop in so that I could preview files on it, and they said no.
How I use it: I often have a bunch of windows open, and I look at big tables of things a lot — often in Excel. The resolution for that is great. Browsers, Slack, and OmniFocus were all pretty easy to get set to a zoom level that I like. (My vision isn’t awful with glasses, but it isn’t great, either.) Since I bought this monitor, my vision seems to have improved, which I didn’t expect. Evernote isn’t as easy to adjust the view of as I’d like, but it isn’t too bad. The hardest part about having a monitor this big is that the menus are all waaaay up there in the upper left hand corner. The second hardest thing is that mouse movements are bigger and somehow easy to be clumsy with. Overall, these two disadvantages seem minor compared to the major comfort and convenience gains from the huge screen. I’d definitely recommend this particular television, but I haven’t tried any others.
Computer: Mac Mini 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
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Anna Crotty's Mac setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Anna Crotty. I’m 44 and I live in San Diego. I do database stuff for member-supported news organizations. I majored in computer science many years ago at Wellesley, where we were taught to go out and do something good for the world. I’ve done a lot of things over the years, but no matter what kind of good I start out trying to accomplish, I always wind up behind the computer, so now I embrace it!
What is your current setup?
There’s a lot going on here. I actually wrote a Medium story about it. It is the Sweet Setup interview I wanted to read before I bought it all. The short version is a standing desk, 40” monitor, and Mac mini.
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Some of My Favorite Mac Applications in 2017
It's a internet tradition. The end of the year means a lot of listicle article about different things. Who am I to buck the system. Here's a listicle of the best software I used on my Mac in 2017.
I'd be lost without 1Password on my Mac. The family plan also makes it possible for me to share logins with my spouse without cluttering her 1Password list with a bunch of junk she doesn't care about. I've also found some nice use cases for sharing sensitive date with extended family members. Anything to avoid using email.
1Password for Families | $5 per month
Apple Notes
I think the Notes app is a standout hit for Apple on all of their platforms. I use it constantly on iOS and I've grown to appreciate it's power on the Mac. Specifically, it's fantastic for quick research capture because it remembers the most recently edited note and offers to append the new content. Search works in the macOS share sheet too so I can quickly get to another note if I want to append somewhere else.
The shared note feature has been a real boon for holiday shopping. My wife and I share gift lists and then just check-off items as we buy them. This is much more useful to us than shared reminders because we can make notes about possible gifts or add comments about the exact Lego kit to buy.
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10 days ago by rgl7194
AgileBits Blog | Same as it ever was: There’s no reason to melt down
The Intel CPU flaw, that is being referred to as “meltdown”, is a big deal. It allows for a whole (new) category of malware to do things that it otherwise shouldn’t be able to do. This is not a good thing, and it remains a threat until operating systems are updated to no longer rely on some specific security features of the CPUs.
But just because it is an extraordinary bug doesn’t mean that it requires an extraordinary response from most people. (Operating system designers are not “most people.”) The same practices that you should already be doing are enough.
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12 days ago by rgl7194
AgileBits Blog | 1Password keeps you safe by keeping you in the loop
This is a story with many beginnings and many threads coming together. The very short read of it is that 1Password’s browser extension has always been designed from the outset to keep you safe from some recently discovered browser based attacks on some password managers.
Researchers at Princeton University’s Web Transparency and Accountability Project were investigating tracking scripts on web pages, and discovered that several of them attack browser-based password managers and extract the email addresses, usernames and sites stored in the browser’s password manager. As I said, 1Password is designed in such a way as to not be vulnerable to the kinds of attacks those scripts used. The scripts that attempt this are from Adthink (audience insights) and OnAudience (behavioralengine).
Whether or not they make malicious use of the passwords they extract, they are certainly learning which sites you have records for in those password managers. I would like to add that we’ve designed 1Password so that we cannot know which sites and services you have logins for.
There is a huge amount to say about the contemptible behavior of these trackers, and I’m hopeful that others will say so clearly. Here, I want to talk more about what all of this illustrates about 1Password’s design and our approach to security.
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14 days ago by rgl7194
Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password. These encrypted files may be organized into meaningful folder hierarchies, copied from computer to computer, and, in general, manipulated using standard command line file management utilities.
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20 days ago by der_dennis
AgileBits Blog | 1Password 6.7 for Windows: a feature buffet
we’re happy to announce that standalone vaults will be an available entree on the menu in 1Password 7 for Windows. 1Password 7 will be free with your 1Password membership, but if memberships aren’t for you, paid licenses will also be available.
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23 days ago by dentarg
Uses This / Jeremy Wortsman
Founder of The Jacky Winter Group
Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Jeremy Wortsman and I am the founder and managing director of The Jacky Winter Group, a creative representation and production agency with offices in Melbourne and New York City. Our artists complete thousands of commissions a year for some of the world's leading brands and businesses and we just celebrated our ten-year anniversary!
I also manage Lamington Drive, our bricks-and-mortar gallery space, and most recently, our luxury guesthouse and artist residency, Jacky Winter Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges. I am also the host of the Melbourne chapter of CreativeMornings and a founding member of The Contemplary.
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The Tech That Our Security Experts Use to Be Digitally Secure - The New York Times
How do New York Times staff members use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Bill McKinley, executive director of information security, and Runa Sandvik, director of information security, discuss the technology they are using.
What are your biggest concerns about security of The Times’s newsroom these days?
This is a difficult challenge for us. The landscape is ever-changing and the threats we see today will likely evolve into something more difficult to defend against tomorrow. Our mission is to help the newsroom protect its communications, data and sources.
Last year, we helped set up The Times’s Tips page, which includes SecureDrop, outlined ways to safely work with the information we receive and built a security awareness program that is unique to the newsroom. We provide tools, training and focus on helping the journalists address the challenges that they are facing.
However, tools and processes will only get us so far. The biggest concern will always be that a source is burned or that a journalist’s life is in danger.
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