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miquella/opvault: Go package for reading the 1Password OPVault format
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
golang  1password 
2 days ago by geetarista
1Password for Mac 使用指南 - 少数派
这是最详尽的 1Password for Mac 中文使用指南。
3 days ago by scottming
Getting 1Password 7 ready for the Mac App Store - AgileBits Blog
1Password 7 has been in beta for 6 weeks now and the feedback has been fantastic. We are getting close to the official release date and have begun final preparations, including submitting 1Password 7 to the Mac App Store.
When 1Password 7 is released it will be available from the Mac App Store as well as our website, and will be available as both a subscription and a standalone license.
When adding 1Password 7 to the Mac App Store we needed to answer the following two questions:
Should it be a new app?
Should it support both subscriptions and licenses?
Ultimately we decided that 1Password 7 will be a new app in the Mac App Store, and available only as a subscription. I know that many of you will be curious about this, so I wanted to share with you why we decided on this approach.
1password  subscription  security  privacy  mac  apps  store 
12 days ago by rgl7194
Introducing Watchtower 2.0: The turret becomes a castle - AgileBits Blog
Introducing the all new Watchtower – it is absolutely gorgeous, and appears to be rather timely!
Twitter asked their 330 million users to change their password yesterday due to a security snafu, putting privacy and security at the forefront of everyone’s mind once again.
1Password includes Watchtower, with its suite of security tools, making it the easiest and most comprehensive way for you to check the security of all your passwords.
privacy  security  1password  passwords 
14 days ago by rgl7194
TOTP for 1Password users - AgileBits Blog
1P Pro features1Password 5.2 for iOS and 1Password for Windows are out, and they provide support for using Time-based One Time Passwords (TOTP) in your Logins (note: in iOS, it’s part of our Pro Features). Note that this is not for unlocking 1Password itself, but to aid with logging into sites for which you may be using TOTP, such a Dropbox and Tumblr.
1password  AgileBits_OnePassword 
17 days ago by GameGamer43
'1Password for Teams' Introduces Secure Password Sharing for Teams at Work | MacRumors Forums
Well, I take it you guys have never worked on a marketing or communications team. You can't just make multiple passwords for each social media account. We have Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The web people also have shared SFTP access accounts for each of dev, test and production servers. Then we also have passwords for different services we subscribe to that multiple admins would need to access, such as the WordFence Pro security plugin for WordPress, as well as other plugins we subscribe to, as well as dummy test WordPress users at different access levels for when we're working on dev, and archived changed passwords for writers who are no longer here but we still host their stories and don't want them to have access to the website
lastpass  1password 
21 days ago by foliovision
How strong should your Master Password be? For World Password Day we'd like to know - AgileBits Blog
Just how strong should a 1Password Master Password be? We recommend that Master Passwords be generated using our wordlist generator using passwords that are four words long. This gets you something like “napery turnip speed adept”.
Among other things, this gives you the chance to learn new words. My dictionary has now informed me that “napery” means household linens such as table cloths and napkins. But let me move on from obscure vocabulary to asking about Master Password strength: What we know about Master Password strength, what we would like to know about it, and how can we get expert password crackers to help us learn?
1password  passwords  security  privacy 
25 days ago by rgl7194
Multi-Factor Authentication in 1Password
The more the merrier, my mother likes to say. And why shouldn’t that apply to authentication factors? You have your Master Password and Secret Key, and they’re combined to be one amazingly strong factor via Secure Remote Password. We’ve added two more to the guest list, and you get to invite whichever you’d like.
security  1password  2fa 
27 days ago by p6ril
Multi-Factor Authentication in 1Password - AgileBits Blog
The more the merrier, my mother likes to say. And why shouldn’t that apply to authentication factors? You have your Master Password and Secret Key, and they’re combined to be one amazingly strong factor via Secure Remote Password. We’ve added two more to the guest list, and you get to invite whichever you’d like.
Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication in 1Password is implemented with Time-based One-Time Passwords. Time-based One-Time Passwords is a mouthful, so forgive me for abbreviating it to TOTP from here on out. TOTP is a widely adopted standard and it’s a great way of adding a familiar additional factor to your authentication process.
1password  security  privacy  2FA 
28 days ago by rgl7194
Meet the team that builds 1Password.com - AgileBits Blog
Last week found a number of us flying out to Toronto for what we called RickConf (I swear I didn’t name it!). The weather did its best to try to get in our way as the ice storm caused some of us to arrive a day later than expected. We all made it though, and I think we all took turns assuring the Californians that this weather is not normal.
RickConf was an opportunity for everyone that works on 1Password.com to get together, hang out, and prototype some ideas for the future. 1Password is a remote company, so this is one of the few times per year where the whole team gets together. We think that it’s incredibly important that we get to know each other beyond the avatars we have on Slack.
1password  web-dev 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194
1Password Support
The AgileBits team is answering your questions about 1Password, 7 days a week. Get help fast!
forum  Apps  1password 
4 weeks ago by enslrhs82

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