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Craig Camp's Mac, iPhone, and iPad setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Craig Camp, and I’m the General Manager at Troon Vineyard in Oregon. We make natural wines in the Applegate Valley in the mountains of Southern Oregon. I also publish The Wine Camp Blog.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
1Password Support — “1Password can’t save or fill”
1Password 6.8 for Mac introduced a more reliable method for saving and filling in browsers called native messaging.

Native messaging improves the performance and reliability of the 1Password extension, especially when proxies, antivirus, and other security software would otherwise interfere with 1Password. If 1Password is unable to detect support for native messaging in your browser, you’ll see this message.
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7 days ago by msmr
Chrome- Browser Could Not Be Verified — AgileBits Support Forum
I just started have this issue. I checked and Chrome is up to date. I made sure that I had the beta extension installed.
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9 days ago by jmsmrgn
Mac Power Users #386: Must Have Utilities - Relay FM
Katie and David share some of their favorite utilities for Mac users.
Links and Show Notes
Membership - Relay FM
Facebook: What Utilities are "must have"?
Amphetamine on the Mac App Store
Amazon.com: Wemo Mini Smart Plu
CleanMyMac 3: The Best Mac Cleanup App for OS X
Bartender 2 | Mac Menu Bar Item Control
Default Folder X
Cloak VPN - Cloak - Super-simple VPN
iStat Menus
Reflector 2 Mac Features | Mirror, stream, record and more.
Aptonic - Dropzone 3
The Best Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud Storage Services
Gemini 2: The Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac. Smart selection and fast scan.
FruitJuice -- battery maintenance app for Apple Mac laptop computers. —
Copied - A Full Featured Clipboard Manager for iOS and macOS
EasyEnvelopes | Ambrosia Software, Inc.
PopClip for Mac
Contacts Cleaner on the Mac App Store
Renamer - batch file renamer for Mac
Screens for Mac
Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager for Mac
Cocoatech – Makers of Path Finder
Mac Backup Software | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software
Forecast Bar - Weather, Radar and Alerts on the Mac App Store
Setapp | Your shortcut to get the best apps for Mac
Titanium Software - OnyX
Interact Scratchpad - Convert Text to Contacts! on the Mac App Store
Home | TripMode | Your mobile data savior.
HoudahSpot — Powerful File Search Tool for Mac
ChronoSync Overview | Mac Sync | Mac Backup | Bootable | Clone | Cloud Storage | Econ Technologies
TextSoap - Automate Your Text Cleanup
Photo Privacy on the Mac App Store
WiFi Explorer on the Mac App Store
Marked 2 - Smarter tools for smarter writers
CMD-D|Masters of Automation
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10 days ago by rgl7194
Michael Tsai - Blog - 1Password Standalone Vaults and PasswordWallet
This partial commitment is nice to hear, although it would have been nicer a few days ago when I asked about support for standalone vaults beyond version 6 and the response was: They seemed to be trying to thread a needle by specifically not promising continued support for local vaults, conflating this with not commenting on future product directions in general and the idea that all software eventually breaks, and then saying there was nothing to worry about because they have no plans to actively remove the feature. I took this as a signal to start looking at other options, because the centralized cloud model, while very convenient for most customers and for AgileBits’ support people, seems inherently lesssecure to me and won’t work with Little Snitch blocking all network access. I feel stupid for having taking the time a few years ago to manually move my data from 1Password’s Notes field into custom fields/sections.) Auto-typing also works in places that browser extensions and even Edit > Paste don’t, such as macOS’s secure text fields for opening disk images and unlocking keychains.
12 days ago by sechilds

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