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King Camp Gillette's socialist utopia
The razor blade guy wanted to build a huge metropolis, called 'Metropolis', athwart Niagara Falls
2masto  socialism  planning  19thcentury 
february 2019 by mikelynch
Digitized Photos by Julia Margaret Cameron, 19th-Century Pioneer of the Soft Focus
Julia Margaret Cameron got her first camera in 1863, at the age of 48, and created hundreds of portraits that experimented with early photography’s flaws. Soft focuses, scratched images, and other distortions contributed to a dreamy quality. Although some of the British photographer’s work can appear a bit sentimental, such as the Victorian recreations of biblical and Shakespearean scenes, her portraits remain compelling.
photography  19thcentury  19c  inspiration  women  art 
october 2017 by beep

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