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Front Page - Sync Accelerator
employment matchmaking program that helps newly arrived engineers and programmers to get a qualified job at a Swedish company.
Refuge employee matching program.
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march 2019 by eyezonefilms
Welcome - NaTakallam
Learn a language. Change a life.
EVERY 2 SECONDS, SOMEONE IS FORCED TO FLEE THEIR HOME – that’s less than the time it takes to read this sentence. Doctor or artist, architect or teacher, most displaced people struggle to earn a living.
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march 2019 by eyezonefilms
8 practical ways to help refugees |
TED ideas of helping refugees, For refugee students, losing the chance to pursue their studies is devastating. Since 1992, the DAFI program from the UNHCR and the German government has offered scholarships to refugees worldwide. The University of Canberra in Australia offers scholarships to refugees; a program at the World University Service Canada gives student refugees a chance to enroll at a Canadian university or college as a permanent resident. In the US, Southern New Hampshire
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march 2019 by eyezonefilms
Baking up a future in Germany - InfoMigrants
Inspiring story of a #Syria #refugee baking his way in #Germany
syria  immigrant  story  germany  brandenburg  bakery  2019  Q1  19plx  bullsi  19eyz 
february 2019 by csrollyson
“4.1 miles”: A documentary on refugee crisis shortlisted for an Oscar nomination
Documentary about Syrian refugees and Greek coast guard intercepting and rescuing boats
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february 2019 by csrollyson

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