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Tepe, Sultan | Political Science | University of Illinois at Chicago
Author, "From Ambiguous Refugees to Potential Citizens: #Turkey’s Domestic and International Challenges and its #Syrians in The European Refugee Crisis," Routledge, 2018.
=> https://www.linkedin.com/in/sultan-tepe-01b5532/
university  illinois  Chicago  political  science  refugee  turkey  syria  research  rights  human  19eyz  bullsi 
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Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Activist NGO fights for #refugee and #immigrant rights in #Illinois
illinois  ngo  refugee  immigrant  migrant  rights  politics  legal  activism  organization  19eyz 
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JACSW Prepares for Arrival of Unaccompanied Migrant Children in Chicago - JACSW - Jane Addams College of Social Work
In-service raises awareness of "unaccompanied" children in government custody who are resettled in Chicago ^cr @jacsw
university  social  work  UIC  2018  Q4  refugee  migrant  children  chicago  awareness  19eyz  immigration  comparison  germany  colombia  india 
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Human migration sparked by wars, disasters, and now climate | National Geographic Australia - National Geographic
Forced #migration throughout #human history due to war+environment; soon #climate #change will probably be the major driver as drought, flooding & #water shortages increase #refugee
migration  history  war  climate  persecution  africa  asia  europe  america  australia  global  19eyz  ancient  change  forced  refugee  human 
21 hours ago by csrollyson
Inside the Harrowing Journeys of Refugee Mothers - National Geographic
Superb! Several mothers tell their brief stories of their experiences as #refugees from #syria to #turkey, #greece, #germany. How it is to have children in camps, while traveling, being bombed
refugee  women  mother  children  family  camp  syria  turkey  greece  migration  flee  bombing  19eyz  bullsi  story 
21 hours ago by csrollyson
What does it mean to be a refugee? | National Geographic Australia - National Geographic
Concise definitions + links to legal documents governing #refugees' #legal #status worldwide + comparison w #asylum
refugee  asylum  law  status  global  comparison  unitednations  NGO  legal  19eyz 
21 hours ago by csrollyson
UNHCR - The 1951 Refugee Convention
Here is the conference and documentation underlying #refugees' #legal #status globally #forced #migration
refugee  law  19eyz  1951  unitednations  global  human  rights  legal  status  forced  migration  asylum  reference  history 
21 hours ago by csrollyson
Europe migrant crisis - BBC News
The BBC’s #Europe #Migrant #Crisis channel #refugee #asylum ^cr
***Bad links though; they break when sharing #fail***
search  europe  refugee  migrant  crisis  news  global  19eyz  story  reference 
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Family Institute: Chicago Therapists & Counseling
A behavioral health clinic at NU also treats refugee families
northwestern  family  clinic  social  work  therapy  treatment  19eyz  ptsd  trauma  refugee 
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Meet the new Slack integration, built for your team’s work on Vimeo
#Vimeo's integration with #Slack enables #video #production teams to collaborate on editing projects and use video live updates for any project #team
vimeo  slack  integration  19eyz  video  editing  collaboration  team  update  comment  2019  Q2 
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Help finish a short film about the refugee crisis | Indiegogo
Successful Indiegogo "finish campaign" for short feature film about child refugees
film  feature  children  refugee  smuggler  UK  indiegogo  crowdfunding  campaign  example  19eyz  reference 
4 days ago by csrollyson
10 ways countries can help refugees integrate | World Economic Forum
Deal with mental and physical health issues early
Poor health affects a migrant’s ability to get a job, learn the local language, interact with public institutions and do well in school – all things that are critical to integrating successfully, with refugees particularly prone to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, following their often traumatic and violent experiences back home and in flight. Host countries should assess the mental health of newcomers alongside physical evaluations, grant humanitarian migrants access to regular healthcare and ensure they are able to use it.
19eyz  refugee  help 
5 days ago by eyezonefilms
JRS seeks to accompany, serve, and advocate the cause of refugees and other forcibly displaced people, that they may heal, learn, and determine their own future.
19eyz  refugee  JRS  ^di 
5 days ago by eyezonefilms

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