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George Pell: cardinal found guilty of child sexual assault | Australia news | The Guardian
Very high-ranking bishop found guilty of raping choirboys by unanimous jury (to be appealed)
australia  catholic  church  bishop  trial  sexuality  abuse  Q1  2019  1996  1997  vatican 
21 days ago by csrollyson
INCITE » Anti-100 Years of Cinema Manifesto, by Jonas Mekas
"As you well know it was God who created this Earth and everything on it. And he thought it was all great. All painters and poets and musicians sang and celebrated the creation and that was all OK. But not for real. Something was missing. So about 100 years ago God decided to create the motion picture camera. And he did so. And then he created a filmmaker and said, “Now here is an instrument called the motion picture camera. Go and film and celebrate the beauty of the creation and the dreams of human spirit, and have fun with it.”

But the devil did not like that. So he placed a money bag in front of the camera and said to the filmmakers, ‘Why do you want to celebrate the beauty of the world and the spirit of it if you can make money with this instrument?” And, believe it or not, all the filmmakers ran after the money bag. The Lord realized he had made a mistake. So, some 25 years later, to correct his mistake, God created independent avant-garde filmmakers and said, “Here is the camera. Take it and go into the world and sing the beauty of all creation, and have fun with it. But you will have a difficult time doing it, and you will never make any money with this instrument.”

Thus spoke the Lord to Viking Eggeling, Germaine Dulac, Jean Epstein, Fernand Leger, Dmitri Kirsanoff, Marcel Duchamp, Hans Richter, Luis Bunuel, Man Ray, Cavalcanti, Jean Cocteau, and Maya Deren, and Sidney Peterson, and Kenneth Anger, Gregory Markopoulos, Stan Brakhage, Marie Menken, Bruce Baillie, Francis Lee, Harry Smith and Jack Smith and Ken Jacobs, Ernie Gehr, Ron Rice, Michael Snow, Joseph Cornell, Peter Kubelka, Hollis Frampton and Barbara Rubin, Paul Sharits, Robert Beavers, Christopher McLaine, and Kurt Kren, Robert Breer, Dore O, Isidore Isou, Antonio De Bernardi, Maurice Lemaitre, and Bruce Conner, and Klaus Wyborny, Boris Lehman, Bruce Elder, Taka Iimura, Abigail Child, Andrew Noren and too many others. Many others all over the world. And they took their Bolexs and their little 8mm and Super 8 cameras and began filming the beauty of this world, and the complex adventures of the human spirit, and they're having great fun doing it. And the films bring no money and do not do what's called useful.

And the museums all over the world are celebrating the one-hundredth anniversary of cinema, costing them millions of dollars the cinema makes, all going gaga about their Hollywoods. But there is no mention of the avant-garde or the independents of our cinema.

I have seen the brochures, the programs of the museums and archives and cinematheques around the world. But these say, “we don't care about your cinema.” In the times of bigness, spectaculars, one hundred million dollar movie productions, I want to speak for the small, invisible acts of human spirit: so subtle, so small, that they die when brought out under the Klieg lights. I want to celebrate the small forms of cinema: the lyrical form, the poem, the watercolor, etude, sketch, portrait, arabesque, and bagatelle, and little 8mm songs. In the times when everybody wants to succeed and sell, I want to celebrate those who embrace social and daily failure to pursue the invisible, the personal things that bring no money and no bread and make no contemporary history, art history or any other history. I am for art which we do for each other, as friends.

I am standing in the middle of the information highway and laughing, because a butterfly on a little flower somewhere in China just fluttered its wings, and I know that the entire history, culture will drastically change because of that fluttering. A Super 8mm camera just made a little soft buzz somewhere, somewhere on the lower east side of New York, and the world will never be the same.

The real history of cinema is invisible history: history of friends getting together, doing the thing they love. For us, the cinema is beginning with every new buzz of the projector, with every new buzz of our cameras. With every new buzz of our cameras, our hearts jump forward my friends."
manifestos  jonasmekas  1996  cinema  film  filmmaking  archives  museums  small 
6 weeks ago by robertogreco
Netheads vs Bellheads | WIRED
The most vicious battle on the Net today is a secret war between techies. At stake is nothing less than the organization of cyberspace.
network  internet  articles  1996  telecom  nethead  bellhead 
10 weeks ago by dilacerate
Spider Robinson - Wikiquote
"Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy."
1996  1990s  quote  wikiquote.org  spider_robinson  sci-fi  writing  fiction  pain  joy  life  callahan 
october 2018 by cluebucket
MOTIF Frequently Asked Questions
Subject: Motif FAQ (all parts)
Newsgroups: comp.windows.x.motif,comp.answers,news.answers
Reply-To: ksall@cen.com (Ken Sall)
Summary: Motif Frequently Asked Questions (with answers).
Posting-Freq.: irregular (re-posted every 7 days to comp.windows.x.motif)
Organization: Century Computing, Inc. <URL: http://www.cen.com/>
faq  motif  online  1996  tips  unix  x11 
august 2018 by ezequiel
evidence that ancient paleolithic venus statues... | GOWNS
"evidence that ancient paleolithic venus statues were made by women who were examining their own bodies and sculpting them from their own point of view, not, as previously assumed, exaggerated features from an outside perspective

source: toward decolonizing gender: female vision in the upper paleolithic, catherine hodge mccoid and leroy mcdermott, 1996"

[link dead, source available here:
https://anthrosource.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1525/aa.1996.98.2.02a00080 ]

[via: https://twitter.com/shuttupchris/status/1033069476395147264 ]
archaeology  art  bodies  gender  decolonization  paleolithic  catherinehodgemccoid  leroymcdermott  1996  perspective 
august 2018 by robertogreco
Maps of the human heart | Roger Deakin
A map's contours can be as familiar as the lines on a loved one's face. They not only tell us where we are going, but where we have come from.
13th  may  1996  independent  roger  deakin  maps  literature 
august 2018 by pnjman
World Cup: What is 'It's coming home' all about?! - CBBC Newsround
the words are from a famous song called Three Lions which - you guessed it - was written as a football anthem for Euro '96 by two comedians, Frank Skinner and David Baddiel (who you might know as the author of The Parent Agency and The Person Controller), and a band called the Lightning Seeds.
BBCNews  Newsround  CBBC  ThreeLions  England  GarethSouthgate  Football  Sport  FIFAWorldCup  WorldCup2018  Euro96  1990s  Nostalgia  Music  1996  2018 
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