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An annotated version of Jared Diamond’s 1995 article “Easter’s End” – Part I 
The content below was written by Jared Diamond and appeared in the August 1, 1995 edition of Discover Magazine (http://discovermagazine.com/1995/aug/eastersend543). The content of the article article been widely copy-and-pasted by others and often serves as the basis for what people think they know about the island. Here, I try to provide comments to help update the essay with knowledge that we have gained over the past 25 years.

In just a few centuries [the entire prehistoric occupation was just 500 years: ca. 1200AD to 1722AD. Radiocarbon dates (Mann et al 2008) show the loss of the palm forest took this entire span of time.], the people of Easter Island wiped out their forest [note that choice of the word “wiping” belies the fact that the palm forest was turned into gardens over the entire prehistoric span of occupation and possibly into European times], drove their plants [large palm trees (Jubea Chilensis) with little economic value] and animals [by animals, Diamond means “seabirds.” Excavations by Steadman et al (1994) show that there were once seabirds on the island that are now extinct.] to extinction, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos [according to whom? and when? Archaeologically, we only see changes in settlement patterns after the point of European contact] and cannibalism [there is no empirical evidence of cannibalism on Rapa Nui]. Are we about to follow their lead?
rapa-nui  easter-island  civilisation  collapse  jared-diamond  history  archeology  Carl-Lipo  annotation  1995  2018 
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Friday Flashback #240 | eX-SI
"Creation of Liquid Images" article, reprinted from Graphis 296 (1995): https://www.amazon.com/Graphis-296/dp/B00H893SH8

"“Whenever you edit a 3D project and it’s not finished you should be able to go in and change it.” says founder and visionary Daniel Langlois of the need to integrate software, “You need the best tool on any frame at any time.”"
"If you were now to test drive Digital Studio, you would find yourself behind the wheel of a hyphenated tool set (compositing, image editing, sound and picture editing, 3D animation, 2D animation) all wrapped in one interface. At the core of the DS environment is the timeline, the standard graphic representation of sequential images in most production software. Before DS, animators learned a different timeline interface for each step of a project separating the production process into component parts."

"In short, Langlois has conceived Digital Studio as an extension of the imagination: non-linear, multi-faceted, unrestricted by arbitrary standards and formats."

"Langlois’ belief is that 'The difference between a professional tool and a consumer tool will slowly disappear.'"
softimage  history  piperesearch  inspiration  1995 
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The Californian Ideology | Mute
Californian ideology offers a fatalistic vision of the natural and inevitable triumph of the hi-tech free market.

it's from 1995 so it refers to neoliberalism as a right-wing tactic
capitalism  economics  culture  politics  articles  1995  technology 
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Google Cloud Platform, NYC Street Trees, New York City Street Tree Census data
from Mike Pepi

"The NYC street tree data includes data from the 1995, 2005 and 2015 Street Tree Censuses, which are conducted by volunteers organized by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Trees were inventoried by address, and identified by tree species, diameter, and condition."
tree  data  NYC  1995  2005  2015  census  volunteer  address  species  diameter  street  public  Google  cloud 
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My life was changed by submitting that app back in
1995  from twitter_favs
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X-Mix 4 Dave Angel - Beyond the Heavens 1995 by corecracker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
X-Mix 4 Dave Angel - Beyond the Heavens 1995 by corecracker Ross 154 - Mayflower Y.S. - Magic Dome B.C. - Stronghold Chez Damier - Help Myself Kenny Larkin - Soul Man Sun Electric - Entrance (D. Angel Rmx) Dave Angel - Endless Motion St. Vitus Dance - Mystic Vibrations Forces - EssR'ay Dave Angel - Artech Josh Wink - Liquid Summer Dan Curtin - Track 17 Dan Curtin - Voices From Another Age Sunrise Society - Northern Lights Paul Hazel - Test Pattern F2 - Dominica Ian Pooley - Twin Gods The X-Mix4 contains music from the leaders of the global electronic underground selected and mixed by Britains top Dj, Dave Angel. By reworking the X-Mix4 video soundtrack and adding an additional 5 bonus tracks Dave Angel has created a star tripping masterpiece which is guaranteed to stimulate your senses. X-Mix4 reveals Dave Angel`s unique mixing style as he guides you through surrealistic spacial soundscapes and up through a barrier of breathtaking beats, taking you beyond the heavens. https://ift.tt/1z7y7tG https://ift.tt/1ygzymp
ifttt  soundcloud  Tekkno  House  Acid  Rave  Electronic  X-Mix  1995  "Dave  Angel"  "Dj  Set"  favorite 
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