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Sebastião Salgado focuses on big picture with parable of reforestation in Brazil
When the renowned Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado took over family land in the state of Minas Gerais, instead of the tropical paradise that he remembered as a child, he found the trees cut down and the wildlife gone. He was devastated. It was 1994 and he had just returned from a traumatic assignment reporting on the genocide in Rwanda, he told a meeting of religious leaders discussing climate change in Paris last week.

“The land was as sick as I was – everything was destroyed,” said Salgado. “Only about 0.5% of the land was covered in trees. Then my wife had a fabulous idea to replant this forest. And when we began to do that, then all the insects and birds and fish returned and, thanks to this increase of the trees I, too, was reborn – this was the most important moment.”

Salgado and his family set up the Instituto Terra and have now planted more than 2 million trees, transforming the environment. In doing so, he says, he has found one answer to climate change – as well as creative inspiration.
Salgado  Instituto-Terra  reforestation  deforestation  1994  2015 
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1994 Was a Prison of My Own Making
The first thing I noticed at midnight when the clock struck 1994 was the sudden silence in the room. The second thing was the deafening volume of my inner monologue. I was getting ready for bed, performing the half-dozen mostly mindless tasks that, because they occupy my hands, normally provide a treasured window for listening to an audiobook or podcast. As I smeared surprisingly solid and burning Noxzema cream across my cheeks, however, all I could hear were my own thoughts. Tedious thoughts. Thoughts about what I was doing at that very moment, what I would do in the seconds that followed and how loud my inner monologue was. I can’t live with this woman for a week, I thought, and it reverberated through my head like a shout.
Gen-x  technology  1994  thinking  from instapaper
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Do You Need an Antenna Tuner?
Intro ("New Ham") article on antenna tuners; Steve Ford (WB8IMY), QST (1994, Jan)
SteveFord  QST  ham-radio  amateur-radio  1994  antennas  antenna-tuner 
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Links.net: Justin Hall's personal site growing & breaking down since 1994
"You can't breathe it but you're about it."

"I began to use the structure of the web to tell the story of my life." - Justin Hall
JustinHall  links.net  1994  Internet  Superbrown  diary  blog 
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