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Reassemblage Trinh T Minh ha 1983 - YouTube

"Who made these borders and whom do they serve? This question is taken up by Trinh T. Minh-ha in her 1983 film Reassemblage, which remains one of the most incisive and poetic critiques of the philosophical paradigm that colonialism has passed down. True to the idea that no radical statement can be uttered in inherited grammars, Trinh’s film rigorously interrogates cinematic form while flooding us with content that undoes the very logic most critique relies upon. Soundscapes extend for minutes while the screen remains dark, inviting us to know through hearing rather than through the immediate privileging of sight. And when images do come, sound is silenced so that the diegetic and non-diegetic elements of cinema are seldom operating in tandem, refusing to produce a familiar real. It is here that Trinh T. Minh-ha delivers a most profound statement: “I do not intend to speak about / Just speak near by”––a total undoing of the privileging of mastery, the form of knowing that requires distance, the one that has possession as its quiet but pervasive aim. The film is forty minutes long and this excerpt is only the first ten but my hope is that this will compel you to find it, and receive."]
trinhminh-ha  1983  film  reassemblage  colonialism  soundscapes  mastery  knowing  proximity  distance  form 
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'It's Prince, thinking aloud on the piano' - BBC News
It's January 1983 and Prince is sitting at the piano in his home studio in Minneapolis. He has a cassette recorder, some spare time and a bunch of songs in his head. Over the next 35 minutes, he stomps his feet and stretches his muscles, careering through gospel, jazz, funk and - for 88 tantalising seconds - a nascent version of Purple Rain. But now the tape is being released as Prince: Piano And A Microphone 1983; the first in what will presumably be a stream of posthumous records.
BBCNews  Music  MusicNews  Prince  Albums  Posthumous  1983  Tributes 
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YMO - 君に、胸キュン。 (720p60) - YouTube
uwaki na vacances a.k.a. キュン @ #19
drummachine / lipsync version

yellow_magic_orchestra  pop  tv  japanese  japan  countdown  1980s  1983  浮気なぼくら  naughty_boys  interview  live  performance  music  lyrics  takashi_matsumoto  kyun 
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Ursula K. Le Guin: A Left-Handed Commencement Address
"So what I hope for you is that you live there not as prisoners, ashamed of being women, consenting captives of a psychopathic social system, but as natives. That you will be at home there, keep house there, be your own mistress, with a room of your own. That you will do your work there, whatever you’re good at, art or science or tech or running a company or sweeping under the beds, and when they tell you that it’s second-class work because a woman is doing it, I hope you tell them to go to hell and while they’re going to give you equal pay for equal time. I hope you live without the need to dominate, and without the need to be dominated. I hope you are never victims, but I hope you have no power over other people. And when you fail, and are defeated, and in pain, and in the dark, then I hope you will remember that darkness is your country, where you live, where no wars are fought and no wars are won, but where the future is. Our roots are in the dark; the earth is our country. Why did we look up for blessing — instead of around, and down? What hope we have lies there. Not in the sky full of orbiting spy-eyes and weaponry, but in the earth we have looked down upon. Not from above, but from below. Not in the light that blinds, but in the dark that nourishes, where human beings grow human souls."
via:anne  ursulaleguin  hierarchy  patriarchy  power  millscollege  commencementaddresses  1983  society  victims  darkness  domination  control  commencementspeeches 
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‘Terreur dans l’Hexagone’, by Gilles Kepel | Financial Times
instead of facilitating their political integration, the Socialist leader focused only on the question of racism. “We could have had a generation of role models who would have led the way,” Kepel tells me.

Salafism, an ultra-conservative version of Sunni Islam whose values he views as incompatible with France’s republican and secular values, gained ground. Newly formed Salafist communities settled in deserted rural areas, such as Artigat, southwestern France — where a Syrian emir radicalised several French-born terrorists, including Mohammed Merah, who shot Jewish children in Toulouse in 2012.

Kepel, who has written much about political Islam in the Arab world, notes that 2005 was also the year Abu Musab al-Suri, a Spanish-Syrian militant, published The Global Islamic Resistance Call — a guide to what Kepel calls “third-generation jihadism”, a bottom-up terror strategy that succeeded the top-down strategy of al-Qaeda and inspired the recent attacks.
1983  france  2005  book 
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