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‘Leaving Neverland’: How Michael Jackson Used Celebrity - The Atlantic
Americans might talk about celebrities as celestial forces, but celebrity is also, Jackson knew, a kind of infrastructure: an architectural fact around which other truths, whether art or talent or funding or the longings of the human soul, will assemble themselves.
architecture  celebrity  music  popmusic  documentary  movies  cinema  film  1980s  crime  entertainment 
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Cosmic Pastoral: William Tyler on New Age, Windham Hill, and Emerging Sounds : Aquarium Drunkard
"There has been in the last decade a true revivalism and reappraisal of new age music amongst a new generation of younger listeners, although what linked the meditative and expansive electronics of, say, Iasos or Steven Halpern to the rather unadorned acoustics of Ackerman and George Winston, was, I’d argue, less a sonic affiliation and more a connection born out of the need to market this music. Windham Hill helped popularize the term “new age,” taking it from its countercultural context to the mainstream. New age would come to mean almost any sounds that could count as meditative or even just “quiet.” Soon, there was a “new age” section at Tower Records and in 1987, a catch-all Grammy category. But while there is a clear continuum from psychedelic music and minimalist avant-garde modernism into a certain strain of what is now thought of as ‘OG new age’ —Halpern, Laaraji, Vangelis, or Constance Demby—the pristine and placid universe that Ackerman and co. carved out with Windham Hill still stands curiously on its own. It deserves its own reappraisal, but also perhaps deserves a recategorization...
In the meantime, I always encourage Fahey devotees to go back revisit the early work of Ackerman, Hedges, and De Grassi. Just because one group of artists sold millions of records and the other championed his own brand of joyful disruption, and at times toiled in obscurity, doesn’t mean that they weren’t and aren’t all united in a kind of strange outsider brotherhood. I like to think of all of this music being connected by something other than “new age” or even “heavy mental.” I think of it as “Cosmic Pastoral”, a global and ever-growing network of artists from different backgrounds, playing on different instruments, striving to paint portraits in sound without resorting to pop and rock tropes. "
1980s  music  history  genre  newage  williamtyler 
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Pop culture is no longer full of apocalyptic nuclear visions. That’s too bad. - The Washington Post
We need activism, but we also need new stories, to push us to confront this nightmare before it’s too late.
1980s  pop  popmusic  culture  russia  usa  military 
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Model Metropolis
«Looking to understand how real cities worked, Wright came across a 1969 book by Jay Forrester called Urban Dynamics. Forrester was an electrical engineer who had launched a second career as an expert on computer simulation; Urban Dynamics deployed his simulation methodology to offer a controversial theory of how cities grew and declined.»
history  politics  simulation  games  urban-planning  1960s  1980s  sim-city  via-mastodon 
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