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Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia exhibition catalogue - by Walker Art Center design studio / Core77 Design Awards
Finally, the image on the cover of the book depicts the US Pavilion for Expo 67 (Montreal), designed by Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao, as it caught fire on May 20, 1976. As a signifer, the photo by Doug Lehman seems to perfectly encapsulate the friction implied by the term "hippie modernism" and, more explicitly, the counterculture's utopian agenda being subsumed—and deemed a failure—by the conservative era that was to follow.
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Wikipedia - Nadia's Theme
"De Vorzon and Botkin Jr. composed this piece of music, originally titled "Cotton's Dream", as incidental music for the 1971 theatrical film Bless the Beasts and Children."
NadiaComăneci  1976  summer  Olympics  TheYoungandtheRestless  soapopera  TV  music  BarryDeVorzon  PerryBotkin  Jr.  1971  1973  Wikipedia  gymnastics 
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RT : Latin American Association executive board poses for group shot in yearbook. See the yearbook at…
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