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Can We Control Carbon Dioxide? - aer.109.6.2015
... This is from 1975. 45 years later and so much has changed.
william.nordhaus  1975  climate-change 
14 days ago by MarcK
It's Nice That | "I'm not a designer – I was just an activist": how The Smiling Sun became one of history's most iconic logos
"The Smiling Sun is well known across the world as the face of the anti-nuclear power movement. Worn as badges, stuck on lampposts or held aloft as flags its gleeful grin has become synonymous with the fight for a world powered by renewable energy. Despite its widespread popularity, the logo’s designer has remained largely aloof. It’s Nice That managed to track down The Smiling Sun’s creator, Anne Lund – now a university lecturer – to find out more about how it came to be and how she feels looking back on it, four decades later."
symbols  history  nuclearpower  activism  denmark  1970s  smilingsun  1975  communication  annelund  language 
december 2018 by robertogreco
Inter-Actualités Magazine: Jean L. Dominique ak Frankétienne sou woman «Dezafi» / Radio Haiti Archive / Duke Digital Repository
"Frankétienne ak Jean Dominique pale sou woman Frankétienne ekri a, «Dezafi», ki se premye woman ki ekri nan lang kreyòl la. Frankétienne eksplike kisa kreyòl la ka eksprime ke franse a pa ka kapte, epi li eksplike koman zanmitay li menm ak Dominique te ede l ekri woman sa a.

Frankétienne and Jean Dominique discuss Frankétienne's novel DEZAFI, the first novel written in Haitian Creole. Frankétienne describes what Haitian Creole can communicate that French cannot, and the influence of Dominique's friendship during the writing of this novel.

Jean Dominique et Frankétienne se penchent sur le nouveau livre qu'a écrit ce dernier, « Dezafi », le premier roman publié en créole. Frankétienne explique comment le créole peut faire passer des choses impossibles à exprimer en français et comment son amitié avec Jean Dominique l'a aidé dans le processus de rédaction."
frankétienne  1975  haiti 
november 2018 by robertogreco
Dézafi | The University of Virginia Press
"Dézafi is no ordinary zombie novel. In the hands of the great Haitian author known simply as Frankétienne, zombification takes on a symbolic dimension that stands as a potent commentary on a country haunted by a history of slavery. Now this dynamic new translation brings this touchstone in Haitian literature to English-language readers for the first time.

Written in a provocative experimental style, with a myriad of voices and combining myth, poetry, allegory, magical realism, and social realism, Dézafi tells the tale of a plantation that is run and worked by zombies for the financial benefit of the living owner. The owner's daughter falls in love with a zombie and facilitates his transformation back into fully human form, leading to a rebellion that challenges the oppressive imbalance that had robbed the workers of their spirit. With the walking dead and bloody cockfights (the "dézafi" of the title) as cultural metaphors for Haitian existence, Frankétienne’s novel is ultimately a powerful allegory of political and social liberation."
books  toread  frankétienne  haiti  novels  1975 
november 2018 by robertogreco
Human Terrain
"Kinshasa is now bigger than Paris.
 Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen are
 forming an epic, 40 million-person super city.

Over the past 30 years, the scale of population change is hard to grasp. How do you even visualize 10 million people?"
maps  mapping  population  2018  1990  1975  visualization  density  data 
october 2018 by robertogreco

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