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The Sound Of Photography | shortlist loung1
Selections from Bunny, Powder Puff & Michelangelo
'Wenn Charles Wilp fotografiert, tut er das mit Musik, dann brauchen wir keinen Champagner.'
1965  2005  2000X  music  atatak  label  shortlist  lounge  CharlesWilp  artist  art  martin  KurtDahlke  UweJHaack 
september 2018 by shortlist_cxc
History of Jazz Timeline: 1965
History of Jazz Timeline: 1965. All About Jazz history timeline project.
jazz  1960s  1965 
june 2018 by mikalgilmore
West coast is something nobody with sense would understand. : Open Space
""West coast is something nobody with sense would understand."

That’s a line from Jack Spicer’s “Ten Poems for Downbeat,” written in 1965, just before the Los Angeles-born poet died, age forty, in San Francisco. Was it true then, is it true now? What are some ways to make sense of this place (which isn’t one place), in this time (when it seems like there’s so little time)? Speculative, subversive, meditative: here are a few attempts."
westcoast  sanfrancisco  losangeles  jackspicer  1965  2017  place  speculative  subversion  speculation  meditation  pendarvisharsha  art  guadaluperosales  elisabethnicula  sophiawang  jennyodell  suzannestein  sandiego  cedarsigo  leorafridman  trees  fog  annahalprin  dance  eastla 
november 2017 by robertogreco
1986 AC Cobra MKIV Autokraft Roadster 4K HD Test Drive / Not Shelby Cobra MKIII | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
1986 AC Cobra MKIV Autokraft Roadster 4K High definition take a look at drive / not Shelby Cobra MKIII Particularly rare aluminum-bodied 1986 AC Cobra MKIV made by Autokraft with first tooling they obtained from AC Bristol. Only 480 of these had been made and they are highly sought soon after currently. Because of to […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Car  Cars  1960s  1965  1966  1980s  1986  4K  60s  AC  Cobra  MKIV  Autokraft  Classic  MKIII  Ford  hd  race  Roadster  shelby  test  drive 
august 2017 by wotek

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