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Renowned writer and publisher, Mark Twain graced our campus in for a humor filed show in the Co…
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march 2019 by jcarletonoh
That Time the U.S. Air Force Proposed Using Rockets to Stop the Earth’s Rotation
in reading the proposal it became apparent that it was a rather crackpot idea: the scheme proposed, in some detail, that the U.S. should assemble “a huge rectangular array of one thousand first-stage Atlas engines” – the largest rocket propulsion engine available – “to be fastened securely to the earth in a horizontal position”, facing opposite to the direct of the Earth’s rotation.
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february 2019 by bignose
Dizzy Gillespie - Gillespiana
Gillespiana is an album by trumpter Dizzy Gillespie featuring compositions by Lalo Schifrin recorded in 1960 and released on the Verve label. The album features Schifrin's suite written to feature Gillespie and his orchestra.
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august 2018 by navegador
How the U.S. government planned to feed nuclear war survivors - Eater
The main ingredient in dishes like tabbouleh, kibbeh, and pilafs, bulgur is nutty, nutritious, high-fiber, and supremely safe. “Bulgur was selected for this investigation because it is processed from a basic agricultural commodity, whole-grain wheat, which is plentiful in the U.S., low in cost, highly palatable, and reportedly very stable,” one government report explained.
Later that year, the U.S. exhumed 20 tons of crackers — hidden in an old streetcar tunnel under Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. that had been used since the Cuban Missile Crisis to store civil defense supplies — and shipped them to Bangladesh to feed survivors of a monsoon there. Other cracker caches were dispatched to Guatemala to aid victims of a devastating 1976 earthquake. The recipients of the disaster food reported developing what one newspaper described as “severe gastric disturbances” after ingesting the biscuits.
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december 2017 by Stolzenhain
Nixon takes control. Is impeached in 1963.
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december 2017 by JimRoepcke

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