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Steenkool voor vrouwenstemrecht | De Tijd
Tot 1992 werd de mijnsector kunstmatig in leven gehouden. Tijdens de periode 1901-1992 lieten de Limburgse mijnen alleen al een gecumuleerd verlies optekenen van 7,44 miljard euro. Eigenlijk had men de Limburgse mijnen in 1960-1962 al moeten sluiten, toen de gecumuleerde winst nog 2,16 miljard euro bedroeg. De Waalse mijnen had men meteen na de Tweede Wereldoorlog moeten sluiten.
Maar de subsidiehonger van het mijnpatronaat was niet te stillen. Zelfs na de verschrikkelijke mijnramp in Marcinelle publiceerde Fedechar eind 1956 een bijzonder cynische brochure met als titel ‘Qui a bénéficié des 31 milliards’? Volgens de opstellers profiteerde niet het mijnpatronaat maar de consument van de te lage steenkoolprijs. Dat de consument via de belastingen die subsidies financierde, werd er niet bij verteld. Ook in het huidige energiedossier wordt dat al eens onder de mat geveegd.
belgium  flanders  history  1945  1939  1901  1991  1962  coal  energy  politics 
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Black And White Vintage GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF black and white, vintage, city, cars, street, new york city, traffic, downtown, marc rodriguez, cab, 1939, automobiles Giphy http://ift.tt/2nhQriD ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
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RT : unleashed an unprovoked invasion attempt of . The resulting would become the gr…
USSR  1939  Finland  WinterWar  OTD  from twitter
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Footage of German American Bund Nazi Rally in Madison Square Garden in 1939 - The Atlantic - The Atlantic
keep it pure, cinematic, and unmediated, as if you are there, watching, and wrestling with what you are seeing. I wanted it to be m
nazi  usa  us  1939  party  new_york  america  american  washington  video 
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Small, Moving, Intelligent Parts – Words in Space
"Abstract: The great expositions and World’s Fairs of the 19th and 20th centuries were known for celebrating new technological developments. The world of index cards, fiches, and data management hardly seems germane to the avant-garde, one of the central concerns of this special issue – yet the fairs made clear that information management systems were themselves designed, and were critical components of more obviously revolutionary design practices and political movements. Cards and files became familiar attractions at expos throughout the long-20th century. But those standardized supplies came to embody different ideologies, different fantasies, as the cultural and political contexts surrounding them evolved – from the Unispheric “global village” modeled in 1964; to 1939’s scientifically managed World of Tomorrow; and, finally, to the age of internationalist aspirations that led up to World War I. We examine how the small, moving parts of information have indexed not only data, but also their own historical and cultural milieux."

[See also this thread,

that points to
https://takingnotenow.blogspot.com/2007/12/luhmanns-zettelkasten.html ]
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Continental Straenkarten (1921-1939) - Landkartenarchiv.de
Herzlich Willkommen im Landkartenarchiv, ihr Ahnenforscher, Historiker, geschichtsinteressierte Menschen, Schüler, Studenten, Oldtimerfans, Weltenbummler, Film- und Fernsehproduktionen und Landkartenfans, aus der ganzen Welt.
iftt  1939  continental  deutschland  map  schlesien  straßenkarte 
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Indexing the World of Tomorrow - Shannon Mattern
"Yet both the urban plan and the filing plan were designed systems of systematic management. Both modeled aspirations for scientific rationality and technological progress. By molding the ash heap and a mountain of paperwork into rationally ordered — sculpted and color-coded — systems, the Fair demonstrated that architecture, urban design, engineering, product design, urban administration, and even filing were critical tools in modernist city-building."
urbanism  cities  detritus  futurism  data  debris  space  archives  control  index  rationalism  WorldsFair  1939  from instapaper
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