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Outlawing War? It Actually Worked - The New York Times
A 1928 pact brought an end to the right of conquest and changed the way states behave.
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Leone Jacovacci documentary
A documentary about a black Italian boxer who discredited Benito Mussolini’s racist ideology by winning a European boxing title is making waves in Italy and abroad, reports Variety.

“The Duce’s Boxer” tells the story of Leone Jacovacci, an African Italian born in the Congo who won the 1928 European middleweight title by beating Mario Bosisio a white Italian boxer supported by the country’s Fascist leaders, in front of 40,000 fans in Rome’s National Stadium.

Mussolini, outraged, then ordered Jacovacci and his achievement erased from Italy’s history books.
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Q v. K « LRB blog
Why Q used to be illegal in Turkey until now.
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Flynn's Flying Ambulance for the Outback - Website
Tragedies highlighted the need for essential services in Australia's Outback. A young man had to be operated on without anesthetic by untrained personnel, using a penknife and flashlight, obeying instructions relayed by morse code on radios provided by an Australian mission. The operation lasted seven hours.

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