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march 2019 by jcarletonoh
Seeing red: The unethical practice of redlining in Pueblo - Opinion - The Pueblo Chieftain - Pueblo, CO
«Recently, I uncovered a map of Pueblo from the National Archives, made in the 1930s, that highlighted my great grandmother’s neighborhood in Pueblo with a shade of red. The map categorized the neighborhood as “hazardous.” The map's accompanying document noted Elm Street's “Italian concentration” and its “conglomeration of foreign industrial workers.” It also stated: “The houses are cheap, old, and run-down. Sales are almost impossible in this section and loans will not be made therein.”»
history  colorado  pueblo-colorado  redlining  real-estate  racism  segregation  1910s  via-colorado-sun 
january 2019 by brennen
What Happens When a Bad-Tempered, Distractible Doofus Runs an Empire? | The New Yorker
One of the few things that Kaiser Wilhelm II, who ruled Germany from 1888 to 1918, had a talent for was causing outrage. A particular specialty was insulting other monarchs. He called the diminutive King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy “the dwarf” in front of the king’s own entourage. He called Prince (later Tsar) Ferdinand, of Bulgaria, “Fernando naso,” on account of his beaky nose, and spread rumors that he was a hermaphrodite. Since Wilhelm was notably indiscreet, people always knew what he was saying behind their backs. Ferdinand had his revenge. After a visit to Germany, in 1909, during which the Kaiser slapped him on the bottom in public and then refused to apologize, Ferdinand awarded a valuable arms contract that had been promised to the Germans to a French company instead.
Not that this deterred the Kaiser. One of the many things that Wilhelm was convinced he was brilliant at, despite all evidence to the contrary, was “personal diplomacy,” fixing foreign policy through one-on-one meetings with other European monarchs and statesmen. In fact, Wilhelm could do neither the personal nor the diplomacy, and these meetings rarely went well. The Kaiser viewed other people in instrumental terms, was a compulsive liar, and seemed to have a limited understanding of cause and effect. In 1890, he let lapse a long-standing defensive agreement with Russia—the German Empire’s vast and sometimes threatening eastern neighbor. He judged, wrongly, that Russia was so desperate for German good will that he could keep it dangling. Instead, Russia immediately made an alliance with Germany’s western neighbor and enemy, France. Wilhelm decided he would charm and manipulate Tsar Nicholas II (a “ninny” and a “whimperer,” according to Wilhelm, fit only “to grow turnips”) into abandoning the alliance. In 1897, Nicholas told Wilhelm to get lost; the German-Russian alliance withered.
gov2.0  politics  foreign_relations  1800s  1900s  1910s  germany  europe  war  russia  trump 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Lest We Forget - The Atlantic
A century after the guns fell silent, the United States risks replicating the errors of the past.
There are the wars we remember, and the wars that seem to drift away. Korea is one such, but at least there is a monument in Washington to the startled World War II veterans recalled from the post-1945 American recovery to do battle on those cold and barren hills. The doughboys of World War I do not even have that yet, although commissions and architects are actively bickering about what one might look like.
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Worse yet, to the extent Americans remember World War I at all, it is as a futile war, a massive, utterly senseless butchery of a damned generation. That was not the way Americans at the time conceived it. More controversially, it is an excessively simple way of conceiving it even now.
war  history  1910s  europe  usa 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Trans-national America - The Atlantic
As World War I unfolded in Europe, intensifying ethnic antagonisms, native-born Americans became increasingly suspicious of the pockets of immigrant culture thriving among them. In 1916, critic and essayist Randolph Bourne challenged such attitudes with an essay—now considered a classic of forward thinking—calling for a new, more cosmopolitan conception of America and a reconsideration of the “melting-pot” theory.
No reverberatory effect of the great war has caused American public opinion more solicitude than the failure of the ‘melting- pot.’ The discovery of diverse nationalistic feelings among our great alien population has come to most people as an intense shock. It has brought out the unpleasant inconsistencies of our traditional beliefs We have had to watch hard- hearted old Brahmins virtuously indignant at the spectacle of the immigrant refusing to be melted, while they jeer at patriots like Mary Antin who write about ‘our forefathers.’ We have had to listen to publicists who express themselves as stunned by the evidence of vigorous nationalistic and cultural movements in this country among Germans, Scandinavians, Bohemians, and Poles, while in the same breath they insist that the mien shall be forcibly assimilated to that Anglo- Saxon tradition which they unquestioningly label ‘American.’
usa  gov2.0  politics  immigration  1910s 
september 2018 by rgl7194
Red and Black By Grace Smith Richmond
New minister in town Robert McPherson Black falls in love with Red Pepper Burns at first sight and vows to be his best friend. Also World War I happens.
books  fiction  byWomen  1910s  GraceSRichmond  WWI  doctors  clergy  romance  suburban  journalists  oldstuff  religion  series 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Red Pepper's Patients by Grace S. Richmond
Red Pepper Burns continues to do his thing, which involves repairing and curing young engineer Jordan King and mysterious book agent Anne Linton.
books  fiction  byWomen  GraceSRichmond  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  doctors  invalids  motoring  musicians  romance  series 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Mrs. Red Pepper by Grace S. Richmond
Red and his wife adjust to married life and rehabilitate Dr. John Leaver, of Baltimore. Meanwhile Ellen's old friend Charlotte moves in across the street and sets up a photography studio.
books  fiction  byWomen  GraceSRichmond  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  doctors  invalids  photographers  grandparents  series 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Spray on the Windows, by J.E. Buckrose
Ann Middleton chooses between the wealthy nephew of her employer and a disgraced neighbor, and then deals with the consequences.
books  fiction  JEBuckrose  1910s  byWomen  GoogleBooks  hotels&resorts  secretaries  romance  supernatural  poverty  boats 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Starling, by Juliet Wilbor Tompkins
Sarah Cawthorne grows up being repressed by her emotionally abusive father and the tall hedge that surrounds her house. Then she writes a popular novel.
books  fiction  GoogleBooks  byWomen  JulietWilborTompkins  California  abuse  writers  journalists  1910s  nerves  parenting 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
A Safety Match by Ian Hay
Daphne Vereker, substitute mother to a handful of younger siblings, marries overbearing capitalist Sir John Carr and eventually--after a few years and a kid--falls in love with him.
books  fiction  IanHay  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  romance  England  capitalism  mines  He/SheFellInLoveWithHis/HerWife/Husband  1910s  vicarages  children  blindness 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities

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