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Winter in Iron Valley - Lasenby_Heathcote, tisfan - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky Barnes, POW survivor and Deputy Marshall, is chasing the Barton brothers after a train robbery gone wrong. Leaving behind the comforts of New York, where he no longer fits in, Bucky is seeking peace of mind from the events of the war. But when he hits his head and loses his memory, will he gain more than he thought possible?

In the years after the Civil War, weapons manufacturer Tony Stark, attempts to start a new life in Iron Valley. Haunted by what he's done, Tony's attempting to drown his sorrows and forget his loneliness. When a handsome amnesiac stumbles onto his property, will Tony find the redemption he's looking for in the arms of the unnamed soldier?
marvel  avengers  mcu  1872  Tony/Bucky  first.time  tisfan  au  au:historical  au:mundane  hurt/comfort  amnesia  canon.ships 
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Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines - horizon_labs, iron_amurrica - Marvel Ultimates, Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
As far as stupid decisions went, Tony was fairly certain that nothing would ever top sleeping with the sheriff. In his defense, he hadn’t known who the attractive blonde was at the time, and he wasn’t planning on staying long enough for the sheriff to find out who Tony was, either. It wasn't just the law Tony was running from, it was the past as well, and he couldn't afford to wait around for it to catch up to him. Now if only he could convince himself to leave.
marvel  avengers  Steve/Tony  first.time  horizon_labs  iron_amurrica  Ultimates  au  au:total  au:mundane  au:historical  1872  law.enforcement 
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Workingman's Friend, F. D. Maurice - Website
In every age certain people emerge whose voice, character, personality and ideals captivate those around them. On this day, April 1, 1872, such a one took his last breath. Frederick Denison Maurice was the "most beautiful human soul" that Christian novelist Charles Kingsley had known. "O, he was the prophet, he was the prophet!" exclaimed Thomas Hughes, another Christian novelist. A third acquaintance spoke of Maurice as the most Christ-like individual he had met.
General Mining Act of 1872 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mining Law of is being used to give away public lands to a Canadian mining company in 2012?
1872  history  capitalism  landuse  from twitter
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Tell Congress: Update the Mining Law of 1872!
Mining Law of is being used to give away public lands to a Canadian mining company in 2012?
1872  from twitter
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'Rough-Hewn Land' by Keith Heyer Meldahl: Book review - latimes.com
Think of the West and what comes to mind are vertiginous peaks, sculpted tablelands and the infinite vistas of basin and range country. Westerners live in the shadow of mountains that are still rising, on the edge of a continent on the move, over fault systems that can unleash the power of nuclear bombs. More so than any other region of the country, we are defined by geology. The answers lie in the ancient forces of plate tectonics, volcanism and upheaval that birthed the West and continue to shape it. If there is an overarching theme of the book, it is that the region remains geologically alive.The Pacific Plate, which includes coastal Southern California, is creeping to the Northwest at a rate of about 2 inches a year. The Great Basin is stretching, annually adding a half-inch to the distance between Reno and Salt Lake City. In 1872, the Sierra Nevada in an instant lurched 6 feet when one of the most violent earthquakes in California's recorded history jolted the Owens Valley, nearly
Winter  2012  USWest  January  LonePine  1872  OwensValley  California  SaltLakeCity  Utah  Reno  Nevada  GreatBasin  SierraNevada  tectonics  PacificPlate  volcano  fault  geology  SanFrancisco  RockyMountainStates  RockyMountainRegion  mountain  regional  notes  vacation  travel 
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Smith Electrified London with New Flood Account - Website
George Smith engraved bank notes by day. At night he studied newly discovered cuneiform tablets--clay writings dug up in the Middle East. After publishing several keen observations, George was appointed as an assistant at the British Museum. That is how he stumbled across a fascinating find from the past. In a paper read before the Society of Biblical Archaeology in London on this day, December 3, 1872, George Smith announced the discovery of a flood story.
november 2011 by CHRISTIAN_HISTORY
Colorful Peter Cartwright, Circuit Rider - Website
When Peter Cartwright died on this day, September 25, 1872, the frontier lost a colorful preacher. Born in Virginia in 1785, just two years after treaty ended the American Revolution, he was taken west to Kentucky. There he became a tough guy in rough Logan County known as "Rogue's Harbor" because of its swarms of badmen. His Methodist mother pleaded and prayed for him. Her prayers won.
october 2011 by CHRISTIAN_HISTORY
Mining claims could mar borders of national parks and wilderness areas, report says - latimes.com
Mining claims threaten to mar the borders of 10 iconic national parks and wilderness areas, particularly the Grand Canyon, where uranium claims have increased 2,000% since 2004, according to a new report by the Pew Environment Group. Mining companies have filed claims to the rights to copper, gold and other metals in addition to uranium in areas around Mt. Rushmore, Joshua Tree National Park and other famous refuges at an increased rate in the last five to seven years because of rising global prices. Claims in such sensitive places are facilitated by an outmoded 1872 law. The law allows corporations to stake out rights to federal lands for mining without a competitive bid and to extract resources without paying royalties. "The 1872 law is carte blanche: You extract everything you can and don't pay royalties on it," said Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.). "We're still dealing with an antiquated law that in its wake has left huge cleanup and contamination problems all over."
Spring  2011  April  USWest  GreenPlanet  wilderness  nationalparks  mining  1872  PewCenter  report  JoshuaTree  GrandCanyon  notes 
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The complete poems of Robert ... - Google Books
The complete poems of Robert Southwell:
for the first time fully collected and collated with the original and early editions and mss. ... (Google eBook)
Saint Robert Southwell
Printed for private circulation [by Robson and sons]1872., 1872 - Poetry - 232 pages

P. 1: or so: Live to die Die to Live
P. 4: The author to his louing cosin
robert_southwell  a_b_grosart  book  google_books  complete_works  1872  louing_cosin  loving_cosin  live_to_die_die_to_live  cousin  cozen  cosin 
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The Complete poems of Robert Southwell, S.J. : for the first time fully collected and collated with the original and early editions and mss. : Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
The Complete poems of Robert Southwell, S.J. : for the first time fully collected and collated with the original and early editions and mss. (1872)

Author: Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595
Subject: Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595; Christian poetry, English; English poetry
Publisher: [London] : Printed for private circulation [by Robson and sons]
Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language: English
Call number: 8888
Digitizing sponsor: MSN
Book contributor: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
Collection: princeton; americana
Scanfactors: 154
robert_southwell  archive_org  poems  1872 
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Gruene, Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gruene (like the color "green") is a ghost town in Comal County, Texas, which was originally named Goodwin. Once a significant cotton-producing community along the Guadalupe River, the economy is now supported primarily by tourism. Gruene lies entirely within the city limits of New Braunfels. Much of Gruene was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on April 21, 1975. Gruene's history begins in 1872 when German farmer Heinrich (Henry) D. Gruene purchased 6,000 acres of farmland three miles north of New Braunfels along the Guadalupe River. He built his house and planted his surrounding land with cotton. In 1878, Gruene opened a mercantile store to serve the several dozen or so families sharecropping on his land. The town benefitted by its location along the stagecoach route between Austin and San Antonio, the store thrived for many years and stimulated local commercial growth. Gruene Hall opened in 1878, and the Thorn Hill School and three large cotton gins soon followed.
USWest  Texas  ComalCounty  NewBraunfels  Gruene  78130  profile  wikipedia  GuadalupeRiver  rivers  1872  GrueneHall  1878  Austin  SanAntonio  SanMarcos  Region:  Texas  Hill  Country 
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Lone Pine, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lone Pine's population, in Inyo County, California, was 1,655 at the 2000 census. On March 26, 1872, the Lone Pine earthquake destroyed most of the town and killed 27 of its 250 to 300 residents. Much of the local economy is based on tourism, as the town is between several major tourist destinations, such as Mount Whitney, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Mammoth Mountain, Death Valley National Park, and Yosemite National Park. The Alabama Hills Recreation Area are located just west of town, on the road to the Whitney Portal which offers access to Mount Whitney. On the way to Whitney Portal and the Alabama Hills visitors will pass over the two Los Angeles Aqueducts, the First Los Angeles Aqueduct (completed 1913) by the LADWP and the Second Los Angeles Aqueduct (completed 1970). Situated in the Owens Valley with the picturesque Alabama Hills lying to the west attracted many film companies over the years to Lone Pine for filming westerns.
USWest  California  InyoCounty  OwensValley  LonePine  93545  wikipedia  profile  earthquake  1872  AlabamaHills  MtWhitney  Sequoia  KingsCanyon  Sequoia-KingsCanyon  nationalparks  MammothLakes  MammothMountainSkiArea  DeathValley  Yosemite  aqueduct  EasternSierra  SierraNevada  Sierra  WildWest  movies  DWP  lakes  mountain  canyon  Mammoth 
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Stanford grad student walking 320 miles in John Muir's footsteps - Los Angeles Times
In the spring of 1868, Muir landed in San Francisco and walked to Yosemite Valley -- the famed conservationist's first ramble through the Golden State. Muir called Pacheco "this rich garden pass" and enthused in an 1872 essay that it dropped him into a Central Valley that resembled "one flowerbed, nearly four hundred miles in length by thirty in width - bounded by the mountains on which we stood, and by the lofty, snow-capped Sierra Nevada."The 320-mile hike is believed to have been replicated only once before McInturff strapped on his backpack in San Francisco and hit the road April 6. The goal of the Stanford University earth sciences graduate student is to see how California manages open space from its most picturesque city to its most famous park. But even by the midpoint in his nearly six-week journey, a few things had become abundantly clear: Much of Muir's garden "of peerless grandeur" has given way to vineyards, orchards and row crops. Smog and dust obscure the Sierra Nevada.
Spring  2009  May  USWest  California  SanFrancisco  Yosemite  NationalPark  nationalparks  JohnMuir  1868  1872  SierraNevada  PachecoPass  notes  journals  blog  knowledgeatm  mountain 
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