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Liitokala Fast and NOR tests
Haven't used Fast and NOR tests... what do these tests do? and how to use it? Thanks.
18650  100+mr  batteries  battery  capacity  li-ion 
25 days ago by Bookman
rePackr - 18650 pack builder
Un sito che auta a decidere come dividere le batterie quando si creano power packs. Suggerito da Jehu Garcia
jehugarcia  18650  batteries 
august 2018 by microspino
Raspberry Pi Zero W portable 18650 case - media player / streamer by rumina - Thingiverse
This is a portable music streamer/player with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Stream music/radio stations, play local stored files, create a media server, use it as a portable Raspberry Pi Zero W case.
pizero  raspberrypi  case  18650 
august 2018 by cyberchucktx

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