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Jeremy Lanphier Led Prayer Revival - Website
Jeremy Lanphier had hoped for more. But six people were six people. And did not scripture say, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of you"? So on this day, September 23, 1857, at lunchtime, he did not moan about the small number who turned out in response to his advertisement. Instead, he knelt with the others in the rented hall in Fulton Street, New York. America sure needed prayer.
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First Methodist Baptism in China - Website
"What are you doing, Ting? What are you doing to our gods?" If anyone had asked Ting Ang that question, he would have replied, "These images are not real gods. I have just learned of the true God. He is invisible and not made by human hands." 
SS Central America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ship sank in a hurricane in September 1857, along with 400 passengers and crew and 30,000 pounds of gold, contributing to the Panic of 1857.
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History of the class of 1857 ... - Google Books
P.43-44 is Samuel Vigo McKee's autobiographical statement to the class of 1857.

"He is 5 ft. 9, and brings down the beam at 240."
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1857 - Dred Scott v. Sanford LESSON PLAN
Message of President Andrew Jackson nominating Roger B. Taney and Phillip B. Barbour to be Justices of the Supreme Court
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