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Rereading: The Go-Between by LP Hartley | Ali Smith
A story of lost innocence, hypocrisy and Britishness – but LP Hartley's masterpiece can also be read as a sophisticated gay novel.
17th  june  2011  guardian  ali  smith  hartley  literature 
26 days ago by pnjman
Death and Tradition at the U.K. Grand National | Sam Knight
Can England's grand old steeplechase survive a recent spike in horse fatalities?
17th  april  2013  grantland  sam  knight  grand  national  horse  racing  aintree 
february 2019 by pnjman
Bitten by an Adder | Tim Parks
The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, edited by Simon Avery, Broadview, 512 pp, £9.50, April 2013, ISBN 978 1 55481 070 3.
17th  july  2014  lrb  tim  parks  thomas  hardy  literature  review  book  return  native 
february 2019 by pnjman
We'll stop admiring May's resilience when we're all fighting over carcass scraps from London Zoo | Mark Steel
This is sparkly British determination to see the good in someone. But Theresa May breaks records for scales of disaster every day and grins as if everything’s turned out fine.
17th  january  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics  brexit 
january 2019 by pnjman
A view from the border: Ireland on the brink of Brexit | Matthew Engel
With a declining Catholic church, a gay premier and a politically astute citizenry, Ireland has come of age. But on the border old wounds are reopening.
17th  october  2018  matthew  engel  new  statesman  politics  europe  ireland 
october 2018 by pnjman
Cornelis Bega - The Alchemist (1663)
Oblivious to his cluttered surroundings, the unkempt figure of an alchemist sits among a chaotic jumble of paraphernalia. He holds a scale while weighing out a substance for one of his experiments in making gold. By the seventeenth century, alchemy was no longer considered to be a respectable science, and its practitioners were often the subject of ridicule.

In this genre scene, Cornelis Bega commented on time wasted on materialistic and futile pursuits. Like other Dutch artists of his time, Bega was a close observer of natural appearances. Textures and surfaces of the assorted cracked clay and glass vessels are accurately described. Light pouring in through the open window and the harmonious tones of brown, gray, and blue give the painting a cozy warmth.
Alchemy  Magic  17th  Century  Bears  White  Painting 
september 2018 by dbourn
MA State Library's Digital Version of William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation"
This codex manuscript by Plymouth colonist William Bradford documents the life and travels of the Pilgrims from 1608-1647. It was during this time in which they departed England for the Netherlands, organized themselves as a company to settle in America, and weathered several decades of life in North America.
William  Bradford  Pilgrims  MA  Massachusetts  History  Books  Libraries  Public  Hebrew  17th  Century  Colonization 
june 2018 by dbourn
Forget the Markles – who in their right mind would want to marry into the royal family? | Mark Steel
Thomas Markle is accused of using a royal marriage for publicity, and no one has ever stooped this low before. Example: Pippa Middleton’s column in Vanity Fair is nothing to do with the fact she’s Kate’s sister – she got the job because of her incisive analysis of the Japanese economy.
mark  steel  independent  17th  may  2018  royal  wedding 
may 2018 by pnjman
What's Changed, and What Hasn't, in the Town That Inspired "To Kill a Mockingbird" | Paul Theroux
Traveling back in time to visit Harper Lee’s hometown, the setting of her 1960 masterpiece and the controversial sequel hitting bookstores soon.
july  17th  2015  paul  theroux  smithsonian  harper  lee  to  kill  a  mockingbird  travel  literature 
may 2018 by pnjman
Dark factories: labour exploitation in Britain’s garment industry | Sarah O’Connor
In parts of Leicester, workers are paid as little as £3.50 an hour. Why is no one being held responsible?
17th  may  2018  ft  sarah  o'connor  leicester  business  politics 
may 2018 by pnjman
Here’s what we learned from ordering 213 curries at Wetherspoons | Bryce Elder
How cheap is JD Wetherspoon? There’s a simple answer — it’s the cheapest place within ten minutes of where you’re stood — and then there’s a much, much more complicated answer.
17th  november  2017  ft  bryce  elder  wetherspoons  economics 
november 2017 by pnjman
Thank God for the honesty and integrity of Donald Trump, America's moral compass during these difficult times | Mark Steel
Trump called the groups opposed to the Nazis the 'alt-left' and it’s about time we had an appropriate name for extremists whose views are so militant that they’re opposed to Nazis.
17th  august  2017  mark  steel  independent  politics  usa  donald  trump 
august 2017 by pnjman

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