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Capital Currents - The “New” Broadcast Satellite Band, Jeffrey Krauss Nov 2011
"Four years ago, I wrote about the new broadcast satellite band at 17/24 GHz and how slow the FCC was moving in adopting rules to allow its use. Well, another shoe has dropped, as the FCC has at long last adopted some (but not all) additional rules to deal with interference issues. But there are more shoes yet to come. Boy, this is taking a long time." "The complicated wrinkle here is that the 17 GHz band is going to be used both for uplink (Earth-to-space) with DBS and downlink (space-to-Earth) transmissions for 17/24 GHz satellites. That creates some unique interference scenarios, unique in the sense that the FCC has no experience with such a configuration." There are two other kinds of interference now being considered: “space path interference” and “ground path interference.”
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