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Germ theory was proposed in the , but it took almost 300 years for it to be accepted -
what stopped it? (ver…
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march 2018 by sogrady
Camisado: Skirmishing Arquebusiers - Mid 16th Century
Following on from my last post of the mid 16th Century Pikemen by the Assault Group here are the first of the Arquebusiers to accompany them. They are based in Skirmish order and accompanied by some officers, a targeteer and halberdier to ward off other skirmishers they encounter. I suppose with the inclusion of these other figures they could also be suitable for the "Forlorn Hope" or "Les Enfants Perdus", sallying out in front of the pike or leading an assault on fortifications.
arquebusier  forlorn-hope  lion-rampant  miniature  wargaming  16thC 
march 2018 by since1968
BBC Radio 4 - Germany: Memories of a Nation, Reichstag
Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, explores 600 years of Germany's complex and often challenging history using objects, art, landmarks and literature.
audio  entre_deux_guerres  15thC  German_unification  design  Reformation  20thC  18thC  19thC  Holy_Roman_Empire  Nazis  art_history  Modernism  Weimar  16thC  Bismarck  Europe-Early_Modern  social_history  medieval_history  cultural_history  Germany  post-WWII  17thC 
december 2017 by dunnettreader
BBC Radio 4 - Shakespeare's Restless World - Downloads
Making a selection of objects from the British Museum and collections across the UK, Neil MacGregor uncovers the stories they tell about Shakespeare's world.
Elizabethan  17thC  British_politics  British_history  Shakespeare-influence  English_lit  audio  London  cultural_history  16thC  Shakespeare  social_history 
december 2017 by dunnettreader
Patrick Collinson - John Foxe as Historian | The Acts and Monuments Online
John Foxe as Historian
by Patrick Collinson
John Foxe disowned the title of 'martyrologist', the label most often attached to his name, almost to the extent that for English writers and readers of history it belongs to nobody else. Foxe wanted to be known as a 'story teller', which is to say, an historian. (How we distinguish between story tellers and historians, and even whether we should make such a distinction, are questions to which we shall have to return.) What was 'history' for those who inhabited the sixteenth century?
Evernote  16thC  Foxe-Book_of_Martyrs  Reformation  historiography-Renaissance  humanism  historiography  ancient_history  church_history  Eusebius  Elizabeth  Church_of_England  persecution  martyrs  objectivity  historians-and-religion  historians-and-state  intellectual_history  Protestants  Early_Christian  More_Sir_Thomas  Bacon  antiquaries  antiquity-source_of_narratives  history_of_England  Holinshed_Chronicles  nshed  rhetoric-writing  Cicero 
september 2017 by dunnettreader
Bibliographical Aspects of the Acts and Monuments - Julian Roberts & Elizabeth Evenden | The Acts and Monuments Online
Bibliographical Aspects of the Acts and Monuments
by Julian Roberts and Elizabeth Evenden
This section is concerned less with the editorial problems posed by the Acts and Monuments than with what happened to the masses of manuscript and print which John Foxe brought, at approximately seven year intervals into the printing house of John Day in Aldersgate. (...) The kind of material which Foxe produced, how much of it was in the hands of his various transcribers, how much in the form of letters by or about the principal actors, and how much in his own hand, is a matter for editors and other analysts to determine. Here we can only offer some clues as to how that material was mediated by the printer, in the light of the known practices of an Elizabethan printing house. This knowledge has hitherto been only partial, and partly reconstructed from the descriptions of Joseph Moxon a century later, but it has been considerably augmented in the course of the present study.
Evernote  16thC  British_history  Protestants  Reformation  printing  print_culture  history_of_book 
september 2017 by dunnettreader
David Loades - Foxe in theological context | The Acts and Monuments Online
Foxe in theological context
by David Loades
The issues covered by the trials and inquisitions which Foxe narrates in these books are limited and endlessly repetitive. Christology is hardly ever discussed. The taking of oaths and obedience to secular authority are raised in some cases, usually when the inquisitors are trying to pin charges of anabaptism on their victims. In the unusual case of Cranmer considerable use is made of 'lawful authority', because of his own high profile insistence upon obedience to the Royal Supremacy. Foxe is always at pains to ensure that his martyrs insist upon the lawfulness of oaths. Obedience is more difficult, and the normal response is 'we must obey God rather than man'. However this is always qualified by some statement to the effect that a Christian who is required by his conscience to disobey a lawful command will submit willingly to the penalties prescribed. Foxe is extremely sensitive to the catholic charge that protestantism is a religion of disobedience.The issues which dominate the great majority of trials are: vernacular liturgy and scripture, and the nature and number of the sacraments.
Evernote  16thC  British_history  Reformation  Protestants  religious_belief  religious_practices  sacraments  transubstantiation  priestcraft  priesthood  priests-authority  hierarchy  ecclesiology  Papacy  purgatory  indulgences  dogmatism  church_history  sola_scriptura 
september 2017 by dunnettreader
John Foxe - The Acts and Monuments Online | johnfoxe.org
Welcome to The Acts and Monuments Online [TAMO], John Foxe’s protestant martyrology. You can browse and compare the unabridged texts of the four editions of this massive work published in John Foxe’s lifetime (1563, 1570, 1576, 1583). Each edition changed significantly as Foxe sought to incorporate new material, answer his critics, and adjust its polemical force to the needs of the moment. You can search and view modern transcriptions that keep as close as possible to the original texts. You can identify the individuals and places that are mentioned in the text. You can explore the latest scholarship to understand the sources upon which it was based, and the purposes for which they were deployed. Facsimiles of all the woodcut illustrations in the text can be viewed along with commentaries. Significant passages in Latin and Greek are translated. TAMO is both an instrument of scholarship and a tool for anyone who wants to explore this remarkable work, a milestone in the history of the English printed book and a signal achievement of its printer, John Day.
website  16thC  British_history  Reformation  printing  Protestants  Protestant_International  Foxe-Book_of_Martyrs  etexts 
september 2017 by dunnettreader
Of the Practice of the Montante
Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo (Figueiredo)
montante  16thC  manual  reference 
august 2017 by damncabbage

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