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Ma macht Reflexionen zur letztjährigen Grätzloase:
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april 2018 by schoenswetter
Die Grüne Wirtschaft
Ma macht Reflexionen zur letztjährigen Grätzloase:
kamakoma  hernals  1170  from twitter
april 2018 by schoenswetter
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Vintage Inspired | Janie Bryant Launches Her Mad Men Inspired Line for QVC
Early last year, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant announced that she would be working a new line of vintage inspired clothing. Well, it's here! Her 1960s style clothing line will be sold by QVC starting in September. Similarly to Rachel Zoe's line, the retro homage features faux furs and capelets. I've got my eye on this white and black spotted one.

Janie Bryant, costume designer Mad Men
According to WWD, the 20-piece line will include outerwear, jackets, sweaters and bottoms. In addition, there will be a handbag and 10 to 15 pieces of costume jewelry. All apparel and accessories are priced from $26 to $138 retail. Not bad!

I'm already loving a couple of the pieces I have seen. And I am thrilled that vintage inspired clothing will be available to the masses. Hey, if you can't find the real thing, buy the next best I say. I'm hoping she does a men's line too. Hubby's wardrobe would get a QVC facelift.

poll by twiigs.com

photos: Donato Sardella / WWD.com
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Guitar Hero Inspired 'Christmas Light Hero' Actually Playable On The Side Of A House
This is a screenshot of some kid playing 'Christmas Light Hero' on the front of his (parents') house. And I thought I was a crazy Christmas decorator (I am, I wander around the front yard in my bathrobe cackling)!

According to the Daily What, Ric Turner, a former Disney 'imagineer' and special effects specialist, turned his yard into a game of Guitar Hero, built out of 21,268 lights and LEDs, that plays Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover."

To program the show a video recording was made of a perfect round of Guitar Hero playing Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover. The timing of all the dots and the light show choreography follow that video.

When you play, you watch only the Christmas lights, but the audio you hear is from the Wii, so your flubs are broadcast for all to hear (people in cars can tune 99.1 and crank it up as loud as they want.)

Wow, that's....impressive. Not as impressive as wiring up a homemade 'Rock Band, Holiday Edition' using EVERY HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, but it's not bad for an amateur effort. It is sooooo on, Ric! (I have all the giant inflatables, just sayin').

Hit the jump for the video of the lights in action.

Guitar Hero Christmas Light Display Turns Your Yard Into A Game [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to CANDACE, who's loud and proud.
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Dual Screen Laptops Here Before Christmas (You Hear That, Santa? You Fat Bastard You)
So apparently the dual 15.4" screened gGscreen Spacebook will be released in time for Christmas this year. Also, the elves I've been holding hostage. BUT ONLY IF SANTA MEETS MY DEMANDS.

The Alaska based company, started by Gordon Stewart (yep, that is where the G in gScreen comes from), is aiming its dual screen laptops at professional designers, filmmakers, photographers and really anyone who can't live without a dual screen for everyday productivity...The chassis (which we expect is at least 12 pounds) is built around the 15.4 inch screen (though the first units that come to market will have 16-inch or 17-inch screens) and its twin, identically sized screen slides out from behind the first using a uniquely designed sliding mechanism.

They will run Windows 7 and be powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 4GB of RAM and high-end Nvidia GF900M GT discrete graphics. The plan is for fast 7,200 RPM hard drives and six or nine-cell batteries...."It is absolutely the opposite of a netbook," he told us. Yea that is no kidding with a price tag that he is hoping to keep under $3,000.

Damn! 30" of screen real estate, that's a lot. This thing isn't even a laptop any more. It's a muffintop. ZING!

GScreen's Dual-Screen Spacebook Coming Soon(ish) [gizmodo]

Thanks to Melissa, Mark and Mike, whose names all begin with the letter M. What? I NOTICE THESE THINGS! Did you get your hair cut? All of them, good one.
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