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Have you ever eaten magical corn? NO YOU HAVEN’T because you weren’t eating it with these awesome unicorn holders. You’re welcome. Dinner is now majestic and rare.

You can find this cutie at Gama-Go for $7.
1099689  Kitchen_Gadget  Food  Kitchen  Handy  Rainbow  Unicorn  Animal  corn_holder  gama_go  stab  dinner  corn  from google
november 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Salt & Pepper Bots
First we featured the tabletop robot vacuum.  Now there are robot salt and pepper shakers.  Which begs the question, what’s next? What’s missing? May I suggest a robot that buses tables? Because I could really use one of those. Robot makers, get to work!

Available for purchase at Perpetual Kid.

Via: Incredible Things
1099689  Image  Kitchen_Gadget  robot_salt_and_pepper_shakers  from google
september 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Bookends From The Kawaii Woodlands
Okay you got me, the kawaii woodlands don’t really exist. But if they did, I’m sure these bookends would be made there. They would be handcrafted by gnomes and fairies. It would be a magical place blooming with cuteness.

Available for purchase at Etsy shop, Graphic Spaces.
1099689  Toys  kawaii_bookends  hedgehog_bookends  from google
september 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Cuddle Up With A Bookend?
This is one of those things where, when I look at it I wonder, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” Basically it’s a stuffed animal filled with something to weigh it down but also pure genius.  Kudos Sandy.

Available for purchase at Sandy Vohr.

Via: NotCot
1099689  Image  Office  Plush  kawaii_bookends  bunny_bookends  from google
september 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Monsters Never Looked So Cute
These all are adorable but the Loch Ness monster has to be my favorite.  It reminds me of an over excited puppy dog jumping up and down.  I can almost picture Nessie wagging his/her? tail.

Posters available for purchase at Family Tree Design.

Via: The Daily What
1099689  Art  Image  Cute_Monster_Posters  Nessie  from google
august 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Wookiee The Chew
By Jessica Okui

Artist James Hance has created an adorable set of prints with a Star Wars take on the Winnie the Pooh.  The entire collection is just as cute as it is clever.  To see more images from the set visit the site.

Prints available for purchase at James Hance for $10.00 each.

Via: Buzz Feed
1099689  Art  Star_Wars  Winnie_The_Pooh  wookiee_the_chew  from google
august 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Great Style Crocodile
By Jessica Okui

Noodle-Labs has  improved the common clothespin with this adorable crocodile design.  Now if they could just get the price down so it won’t cost $200 to hang a load of  laundry, they’d really be on to something.

Available for purchase at shapeways by Noodle-Labs.
1099689  Bathroom  crocodile_clothespins  shark_clothespins  cute_clothespins  from google
august 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Is There an Elephant In The Room?
By Jessica Okui

When I think of Pier 1 imports, the word kawaii doesn’t necessarily come to mind.  However, after taking a look around, I’ve got to say they have some really cute things.  One being these adorable elephant measuring cups. Plus, I love how you can use them for snack bowls too. Bonus!

Available at Pier 1 imports for $14.95.
1099689  Image  Kitchen_Gadget  Cute_Kawaii_Stuff_-  cute_measurig_cups  elephants  from google
august 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Somebunny Likes Salad
I love this concept of the two salad spoon handles resembling bunny ears and the spoon  as the face.  Very clever.

Available for purchase at Lifestylebazaar for £9.95 or about $15.60.
1099689  Kitchen_Gadget  Bunnies  Kawaii  salad_handles  from google
august 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Lend Me Your Earbuds
By Jessica Okui

Someone who shall remain nameless always leaves their earbuds lying around as if they’re part of the decor.  That being said, I think I know what they’re getting for Christmas this year.

Available for purchase at Techexpressusa.com
1099689  Gadget  Earbud_holder  Tetran  cute_earbud_winder  from google
july 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
For A Sweet Kick to The Mouth
By Jessica Okui

Okay, I might be stretching the definition of cute on these ninjabread men cookie cutters but depending on the icing these could look squeelicious.

Will be available in August at Perpetual Kid for $7.99.
1099689  Kitchen_Gadget  cookie_cutters  ninja_cookie_cutters  ninjas  from google
july 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Fruit Shaped Sticky Notes
By Jessica Okui

Hands down, these are the most creative note pads I’ve ever seen.  That being said, they’re also the most expensive note pads I’ve ever seen.

Available at Geek Stuff 4 U for ¥3,450 or about $40.00.
1099689  Office  D-Bros  fruit_sticky_notes  note_pads  from google
july 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Who’s Your Caddy?
By Jessica Okui

I really like Formverket’s take on the shower caddy and it’s an octopus no less! It’s much cuter than the traditional wire caddies that hang from the shower head, agree?

Available for purchase at Sleek Identity for $35.00.
1099689  Bathroom  octopus  Shower_Caddy  Bath  from google
july 2010 by sanshiro_sugata
Arrrr, Meet Me Bucko the Cat
By Jessica Okui

I don’t know about you but I think this cat is up to something.  Just look at that smug smile,  hands behind the back, and a casual tilt of the head.  Yep, he’s definitely hiding something.

The pirate pouch is available for purchase at Pilli Pilli for $19.00.
1099689  Accessory  Bag  Pouch  cats  Pirates  from google
june 2010 by sanshiro_sugata

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