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A Game of Chess, by Kirinin
Gen, with background het. "The war is all but over, and the wrong side won. Worse, the Wizarding World's hero and Ron Weasley's best friend died in the fight. When Draco Malfoy offers Ron a way to go back and fix things, he jumps at the chance. But can he anticipate how his changed moves will affect the board?"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Ron.Weasley  Draco.Malfoy  Hermione.Granger  Severus.Snape  Neville.Longbottom  Harry.Potter  Ginny.Weasley  Dobby  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Pomona.Sprout  Dean.Thomas  Seamus.Finnigan  Filius.Flitwick  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Cedric.Diggory  Fleur.Delacour  Viktor.Krum  Barty.Crouch.Jr  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Pansy.Parkinson  Voldemort  Poppy.Pomfrey  Hermione.Granger/Ron.Weasley  Hermione.Granger/Severus.Snape  100000-149999.words 
9 weeks ago by settiai
Like a Gentle Refrain, by Bookwormgal
Gen, with background het. "It means that you should prepare yourself for what might happen," said Dr. García gently. "Señora, this man is barely remembered. Whoever still holds memories of him and stopped the Final Death… it may not be enough. Perhaps he will eventually recover his strength and wake up. That would be the ideal outcome. But his condition is not promising, Señora."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Imelda.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera  Julio.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera  Rosita.Rivera  Óscar.Rivera  Felipe.Rivera  Miguel.Rivera  Coco.Rivera  Elena.Rivera  Enrique.Rivera  Luisa.Rivera  Rosa.Rivera  Ernesto.de.la.Cruz  Abel.Rivera  Berto.Rivera  Gloria.Rivera  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera/OMC  100000-149999.words 
january 2019 by settiai
Away, Away, by Aelys_Althea
Slash. "Abandonment didn't sit well with Harry. Not at all. After the calamity that was the end of the Triwizard Tournament and the dismissal of his friends over the summer, he decides: enough is enough. He's done. Done with it all. He just wanted to get away.

But the Wizarding world, as it happens, isn't quite finished with him. No matter how far he runs, it always catches back up to him. Years after turning from those who left him, Harry is dragged back to that world once more. Many find him far changed from the boy who'd once known. Some - some very few - even like that change.

Draco Malfoy just happens to be one of those chosen few."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Harry.Potter  Draco.Malfoy  Pansy.Parkinson  Blaise.Zabini  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Hermione.Granger  Ron.Weasley  Severus.Snape  Remus.Lupin  Sirius.Black  Filius.Flitwick  Horace.Slughorn  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  100000-149999.words 
september 2018 by settiai
Onyx, by geoffaree
Slash. "Harry and Jax’s second summer at Spinner’s End and third year at Hogwarts. One filled with new and exciting classes, a surprisingly competent Defense Professor, and a few revelations that nobody saw coming, least of all Harry himself."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Harry.Potter  Severus.Snape  Augusta.Longbottom  Neville.Longbottom  Garrick.Ollivander  Blaise.Zabini  Draco.Malfoy  Millicent.Bulstrode  Luna.Lovegood  Remus.Lupin  Poppy.Pomfrey  Hermione.Granger  Rubeus.Hagrid  Theodore.Nott  Ron.Weasley  Daphne.Greengrass  Pansy.Parkinson  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Albus.Dumbledore  Sirius.Black  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Peter.Pettigrew  Remus.Lupin/Severus.Snape  100000-149999.words 
august 2018 by settiai
Of Starlight and Stardust, by batyalewbel
Het and slash. "It began long ago, on Lah’mu, then Jedha, then Eadu and Scarif. Now they have all come with the Rebellion to this frigid wasteland they call Hoth where the next chapter begins.

This is when the Empire strikes back."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Jyn.Erso  Cassian.Andor  Bodhi.Rook  Chirrut.Îmwe  Baze.Malbus  Han.Solo  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Chewbacca  R2-D2  C-3PO  K-2SO  Carlist.Rieekan  Shara.Bey  Davits.Draven  Lando.Calrissian  Kes.Dameron  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  Baze.Malbus/Chirrut.Îmwe  Bodhi.Rook/Luke.Skywalker  100000-149999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Hourglass, by Caseyrochelle
Het. "During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, a poorly aimed spell hits Hermione, sending her hurtling into the cabinet of time-turners, and thereby launching her through time. Now she has to find a way to make it back to her own time without causing irreparable damage to the past- and future."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Hermione.Granger  Albus.Dumbledore  Harold.Minchum  Fleamont.Potter  Euphemia.Potter  Sirius.Black  James.Potter  Remus.Lupin  Peter.Pettigrew  Severus.Snape  Lily.Evans.Potter  Gideon.Prewett  Emmeline.Vance  Mary.Macdonald  Greta.Catchlove  Regulus.Black  Fabian.Prewett  Frank.Longbottom  Alice.Longbottom  Lucius.Malfoy  Alastor.Moody  Walburga.Black  James.Potter/Lily.Evans.Potter  Hermione.Granger/Sirius.Black  100000-149999.words 
february 2018 by settiai
Isharay, by Aviena
Het. "It's been six months since the events of The Fisher's Lure. Sara and Reyes have finally found a comfortable middle ground - but when Sara is accused of a crime she didn't commit, the consequences turn the whole cluster upside down."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Female.Ryder  Reyes.Vidal  SAM  Kallo.Jath  Suvi.Anwar  Cora.Harper  Liam.Kosta  Vetra.Nyx  Nakmor.Drack  Gil.Brodie  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Male.Ryder  Jarun.Tann  Evfra.de.Tershaav  Keema.Dohrgun  Nakmor.Kesh  Foster.Addison  Tiran.Kandros  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Female.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  100000-149999.words 
february 2018 by settiai
The Naberries, by madame_alexandra
Het. "In the fledgling New Republic, Princess Leia continues to explore the complexities of where she comes from, and who she is. She tries to make sense of the past; she endeavors to decide what's in her future, and she spends time immersed in the perspectives of a dead woman's family. An installment in the Identity universe. H/L; AU."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Han.Solo  Bail.Organa  Jobal.Naberrie  Sola.Naberrie  Ruwee.Naberrie  Pooja.Naberrie  Ryoo.Naberrie  Darred.Janren.Naberrie  Anakin.Skywalker  Padmé.Amidala  Han.Solo/Leia.Organa  Anakin.Skywalker/Padmé.Amidala  Jobal.Naberrie/Ruwee.Naberrie  Darred.Janren.Naberrie/Sola.Naberrie  100000-149999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
Reprise II, by Elfpen
Gen. "The second arc of the Reprise AU. Ben Kenobi has been living in the past for three years, working behind the scenes to change the course of history. New friends and allies bolster his efforts, but old enemies - and new - lurk around every corner. With every day and every decision, Ben steps away the life that he knew and into a future he cannot predict."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Qui-Gon.Jinn  Feemor  Vokara.Che  Garen.Muln  Yoda  Dooku  Reeft  Bant.Eerin  Bail.Organa  Garm.Bel.Iblis  Mon.Mothma  Sheev.Palpatine  Mace.Windu  Ki.Adi.Mundi  Saesee.Tiin  Oppo.Rancisis  Adi.Gallia  Breha.Organa  Shmi.Skywalker  Attichitcuk  Clee.Rhara  Kit.Fisto  Plo.Koon  Taun.We  CC-2224|Cody  Savage.Opress  100000-149999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Let's Give Ourselves Promises of Our Unending, by aimmyarrowshigh & nichestars
Het, slash, and threesome. "Will you do something for me?" Jyn asks, muffled. "While I'm gone?"

"Anything," Cassian promises, feeling her breath against his skin. They're alive. He can do anything.

"Try to be happy," Jyn says, peering up at him. "I don't think the people here know that you can smile."
Or, Captain Cassian Andor tries to define what it means to live after he should have died. His second life is a softer one.

AKA: The working title of this fic was "Three Rebels and a Baby."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Cassian.Andor  Kes.Dameron  Shara.Bey  Jyn.Erso  Leia.Organa  Han.Solo  Luke.Skywalker  Mon.Mothma  Poe.Dameron  Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron  Cassian.Andor/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  100000-149999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
An Early Thaw, by ironychan
Gen. "An alternate universe: the year is 1986. Ronald Reagan is president. Peggy Carter is director of SHIELD. Howard Stark is CEO of Stark Industries and father of a fifteen-year-old son. And a survey team in the arctic has just found Captain America."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Steve.Rogers  Peggy.Carter  Janet.van.Dyne  Hope.van.Dyne  Maria.Stark  Edwin.Jarvis  Tony.Stark  Nick.Fury  Alexander.Pierce  J.Jonah.Jameson  Obadiah.Stane  Ezekiah.Stane  Phil.Coulson  Melinda.May  Johann.Schmidt  100000-149999.words 
july 2016 by settiai
My Templar, by IntrovertedWife
Het. "When the Hero of Ferelden agreed to help Hawke solve the mystery of the red lyrium she never thought it'd draw her into the grasp of the Inquisition and back into Cullen's life. When the world's falling down around her and her own blood is trying to kill her, she knows she has no right to rekindle what they began in the deep roads. Then why can't she stop thinking about him?"
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Cullen.Rutherford  Female.Amell  Female.Warrior.Hawke  Male.Lavellan  Dorian.Pavus  Sera  Varric.Tethras  Leliana  Josephine.Montilyet  Nathaniel.Howe  Iron.Bull  Morrigan  Vivienne  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Dagna  Clarel.de.Chanson  Teagan.Guerrin  Alistair  Jowan  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Amell  100000-149999.words 
march 2016 by settiai
Undone, by codenamecynic
Het. "When Hawke lets her hair down unexpectedly, Fenris begins to think they may be more than friends. A story about friendship, family, romance, and honesty."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Female.Warrior.Hawke  Fenris  Merrill  Isabela  Bethany.Hawke  Leandra.Amell  Gamlen.Amell  Aveline.Vallen  Varric.Tethras  Anders  Jethann  Bodahn.Feddic  Donnic.Hendyr  Brennan.Evighan  Sandal  Cullen.Rutherford  Bran.Cavin  Thrask  Sebastian.Vael  Female.Warrior.Hawke/Fenris  100000-149999.words 
march 2016 by settiai
A Drum Sounds, by omphalos & Wolfling
Slash. "For a moment Hawke was completely still; then his shoulders slumped, his entire body bowing as if under immense weight. Later on, Varric thought, he would look back and remember this as the moment that Hawke took on the responsibility of saving the entire world, and how in those first few seconds, he couldn't hide the cost to himself."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Male.Mage.Hawke  Anders  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  Isabela  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Leliana  Solas  Roderick.Asignon  Cullen.Rutherford  Mother.Giselle  Connor.Guerrin  Fiona  Gereon.Alexius  Felix.Alexius  Dorian.Pavus  Cole  Josephine.Montilyet  Delrin.Barris  Esmeral.Abernache  Anders/Male.Mage.Hawke  Dorian.Pavus/Fenris  100000-149999.words 
march 2016 by settiai
Refraction, by CES479
Het. "In 9:32 Dragon, Katria Trevelyan arrives in Kirkwall and meets a young Knight-Captain Cullen. As expected, the reckless smart-ass and the stuffy, inflexible Templar clash and do not part ways amicably.

Nine years later when Katria appears in Skyhold, the Commander of the Inquisition and Inquisitor Lavellan’s new companion are still determined to hate one another. Except there’s also an undeniable attraction between them that results in a tacit agreement about sex, though they’re insistent they are not friends or in love. (They are.)

The companion!AU, rivalmance-esque story no one asked for."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Female.Rogue.Trevelyan  Cullen.Rutherford  Raleigh.Samson  Maddox  Female.Mage.Lavellan  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Solas  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Dorian.Pavus  Varric.Tethras  Male.Hawke  Female.Mage.Lavellan/Solas  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Rogue.Trevelyan  100000-149999.words 
january 2016 by settiai
Music Hath Charms, by rubygirl29
Gen. "There is an informer inside the ATF. When Vin and Ezra are nearly killed in a firefight with a mob boss, Chris and the others must find the traitor before the entire team is destroyed."
Magnificent.Seven.(ATF)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Ezra.Standish  Vin.Tanner  Chris.Larabee  Buck.Wilmington  JD.Dunne  Nathan.Jackson  Josiah.Sanchez  Oren.Travis  Rain  Mary.Travis  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  100000-149999.words 
november 2015 by settiai
Destiny Doesn't Send Heralds, by Erandir
Slash. "There is no such thing as an omen. Destiny does not send us heralds. She is too wise or too cruel for that" ¬ Oscar Wilde

He was not sent by any god, human or elvhen. He firmly believed that this thing on his hand was merely a coincidence, an accident. It terrified him, he wished he could give it to someone else, but he would use it if he had to, if it would fix the world.

Someone had to do something.
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Male.Rogue.Lavellan  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Solas  Roderick.Asignon  Josephine.Montilyet  Varric.Tethras  Dorian.Pavus  Leliana  Cullen.Rutherford  Blackwall  Iron.Bull  Mother.Giselle  Halward.Pavus  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Cole  Male.Hawke  Sera  Vivienne  Morrigan  Abelas  Kieran  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Rogue.Lavellan  100000-149999.words 
august 2015 by settiai

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