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Opinion | Cities Should Stop Playing the Amazon HQ2 Bidding Game - The New York Times
There is no economic benefit to huge tax incentives to lure new companies, so why do cities keep offering them?
opinion  1  amazon 
27 minutes ago by noiseguy
Opinion | Save Us, Al Gore - The New York Times
Another Florida recount prompts appreciation of a man nothing like Donald Trump.
frank.bruni  1 
28 minutes ago by noiseguy
Opinion | China and Trump, Listen Up! - The New York Times
Both sides need to be smart and honest about how the countries became economic successes.
1  friedman  china 
28 minutes ago by noiseguy
Opinion | North Korean Nuclear Shell Game - The New York Times
Kim Jong-un keeps building his arsenal. And President Trump keeps deceiving himself about it.
north.korea  editorial  1 
29 minutes ago by noiseguy
Opinion | The Real Florida Recount Fraud - The New York Times
Republicans’ baseless claims poison the races for governor and senator.
1  editorial 
29 minutes ago by noiseguy
U.N. Rights Officials Criticize China Over Muslim Internments - The New York Times
United Nations human rights officials have sharply condemned regulations issued by China that seek to provide a legal basis for the mass internment of Muslims in the Xinjiang region.
1  china 
42 minutes ago by noiseguy

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