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before sight, before speech - beardsley
If it was up to Steve, he’d just never touch either of them again. He can’t choose. The thing that’s never occurred to him before is that he might not have to choose at all.
*mcu  bucky_barnes/sam_wilson/steve_rogers  (E)  1-5k 
6 days ago by sendreinforcements
Star Spangled Man - AustinB
Bucky’s standing there alone, smoking a cigarette when he sees that dancing monkey walk by.
*mcu  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  (E)  1-5k 
8 days ago by sendreinforcements
Small Favors - susiecarter
Bruce doesn't exactly intend to start doing nice things for Clark. But once he has, he can't stop—and maybe Clark doesn't want him to try.
*dcu  bruce_wayne/clark_kent  (T)  1-5k 
9 days ago by sendreinforcements
All Fun and Games - Dira Sudis (dsudis)
Steve had put himself at their mercy, but that didn't mean he was going to ask them to be nice.
*mcu  bucky_barnes/sam_wilson/steve_rogers  (E)  1-5k 
14 days ago by sendreinforcements
Whatever May Happen - makeit_takeit
The look on his face is the same dark, dangerous look Nate used to be afraid of, back in Iraq. It’s so full of need, so hot with want that even the Iceman can’t disguise it, not completely.
*generationkill  brad_colbert/nate_fick  1-5k 
20 days ago by sendreinforcements
Maybe Ever - makeit_takeit
Nate turns the invasion of Iraq into one long cock tease.
*generationkill  brad_colbert/nate_fick  1-5k  (E) 
20 days ago by sendreinforcements
By Definition - idiopathicsmile - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Aziraphale has certainly dabbled in the world of carnal delights over the years, most notably in the late nineteenth century, when a certain infernal adversary was enjoying a century-long nap and seemingly the only way to pass the time had been to develop some hobbies.

["For the first time, Aziraphale felt exposed. His own pleasure wasn’t much to look at."

like, same dude. charming fic. author gets me.]
author:idiopathicsmile  goodomens  aziraphale/crowley  gettogether  yesplease  1-5k  postcanon 
5 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
Long-Term - idiopathicsmile - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Take, for instance, the couple she’s consulting with this afternoon, for their upcoming October ceremony. Seemingly mismatched in every respect. The plump, fair-haired one looks like a parody of an absent-minded professor, as sketched by someone who didn’t bother to do much actual research; his clothes are so outdated it teeters on costume. He’s wearing a bow tie, and not in that reinvented hipster way. This is a bow tie unacquainted with the cycles of fashion, a bow tie that has never heard the word irony.

His partner is a rangy, black-clad ginger in snakeskin boots. He has the look of a hungover rocker about him, and would somehow, even without the sunglasses he has fully committed to wearing indoors on a cloudy afternoon. He’s sprawled almost defiantly in his chair and keeps throwing dubious glances around Dr. Blackwell’s office, as though expecting a lightning bolt to strike him down for merely daring to be within spitting distance of a church.

goodomens  aziraphale/crowley  establishedrelationship  1-5k  outsidePOV  favorite  rec  cute  yesplease  author:idiopathicsmile 
5 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
And Baby Makes Eight - ladyflowdi - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim’s never really been around babies, so it takes him a while to get past the unbelievable shock every time Skon does anything. Until now, Jim’s been under the completely erroneous assumption that babies are just tiny wrapped bundles in their mom’s arms until they become mobile. He hadn’t accounted for a nine-month-old to have a personality, to be a person, even if it’s a little one.

author:ladyflowdi  kirk/mccoy  kidfic  adorable  establishedrelationship  ficlet  1-5k  startrek  yesplease  rec 
5 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
Everything (Anything) True - eponymous_rose - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Scanlan's a master of deception. Turns out reality is a moving target when the words you sing keep changing it.
author:eponymous_rose  critrole  characterstudy  gen  1-5k 
8 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
Their Harmony Foretells - Laura JV (jacquez) - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
On an endless night, silver star spangled 
The bells from the chapel went jingle-jangle 

Do you love me?
goodomens  gettogether  1-5k  author:LauraJV(jacquez)  aziraphale/crowley 
8 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
every angel is terrifying - punkfaery - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
“Why does it bother you?” Crowley asked. “Even if you can’t get to them in time to wipe their memories, it’s not like anyone’d believe them. Kid goes running to her mum saying Ooh, I’ve just seen a bloke with three heads and a sixteen-foot wingspan, what do you think’s going to happen? Chances are they’ll just pat her on the shoulder and tell her what a vivid imagination she’s got.”

“That’s not what worries me,” said Aziraphale.

[Eldritch angels hell yeah]
aziraphale/crowley  goodomens  establishedrelationship  author:punkfaery  1-5k 
9 weeks ago by thatdamneddame

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