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America for sale: 38% of all election funding comes from 0.0001% of Americans (2,210 people account for 25% of the total) / Boing Boing
0.5% of Americans given $200 or more in campaign contributions, accounting for 66% of all campaign funding, but that's nothing: only 0.0001% give $10,000 or more, and their donations are 38% of all the money sloshing around in US electoral campaign coffers.

That means a mere 37,000 people account for more than a third of US campaign finance, out of a population of 325,700,00 people.

But even these 37,000 are small fry compared to the 2,210 people who account for 25% of all campaign spending: $1.1 billion in total.

And of course, that's just the money we know about. Thanks to Citizens United, which allowed for unlimited, anonymous campaign spending, there's billions more spent by "dark money groups" whose funders are a secret.
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(14096) Lewis Lapham: Can America Survive the Rule of a “Stupified Plutocracy”? - YouTube
“Money and Class in America,”
where does "American Dream" come from?
100 years ago the American Dream got corrupted, now again
Harvard grads have done the most damage do America.
how do you find mediation, balance power between rich and poor
democratic society put premium on society
capitalism not
constant tension between capitalism and a democratic society
constant dialectic
more money earned with rents and dividents than wages 1984 and the gap is widening further.
"do we live in a democracy?" No!
loss of faith in democratic idea
Stupidfied Plutocracy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DXsPeBiIQY - When Meritocracy Breeds Greed
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZU0IXO7AQw&t=88s - The End of American Exceptionalism
American  Dream  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Capitalism  social  income  mobility  history  book  USA  post-racial  America  plutocracy  oligarchy  1%  Elite  No  Representation  New  Deal  economic  inequality  far-right  neofascism  fascism  alt-right  neonazi  Naziproblem  class  poverty  trap  Bush  IvyLeague  right-wing  democracy  Democratic  Mark  Blyth 
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(13856) Admit it. Republicans have broken politics. - YouTube
Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.
/ my way or the highways is not democracy
Brexit same picture, journalists did not call out some both.
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Kenneth Olisa: ‘To improve social mobility, we need to raise children’s aspirations’ | Society | The Guardian
https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/18/rich-britons-inequality-poverty-social-wealth - As the rich get richer, why don’t British people care about inequality? - The solution is to invest in social wealth - The danger is that the paradox of wealth inequality becomes self-reinforcing: as wealth at the top increases, the likelihood of redistributive reform decreases. The reason is that high levels of wealth inequality bias the democratic process. Martin Gilens has documented definitively the “elite economic domination” of American politics. But similar concerns about the unequal influence of the new aristocracy have been raised in Britain.
social  income  mobility  inequality  class  UK  Austerity  1%  democracy  Brexit  AfD  PEGIDA  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  poverty  working  poor  downward  welfare  state 
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Music school grants for poor students going to ‘comfortable middle class’ | Education | The Guardian
The money should be supporting music in state schools, says Robert Verkaik, the author of Posh Boys, How the English Public Schools Ruin Britain. “Taxpayers have the right to know why so much is being given to well-off families to pay the fees for their children to attend high-profile private schools like these. Is it any wonder that the world of dance and music is over-represented by performers who come from wealthy backgrounds?” he says.
UK  education  class  Austerity  private  privatisation  Elite  1%  middle-class  book 
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Meet the One Percent: “Giants: The Global Power Elite” by Peter Phillips
“‘Giants: The Global Power Elite” has a specific focus, which the author took the time to explain at the beginning of his presentation at Fordham. This is not a book about the wealthiest people in the world, nor about the most corrupt capitalists in the world. It’s about the small subset of both these groups that actually wields power by crafting policies, building alliances and gathering funds that governments adopt and carry out. This book describes the organizations that actually do the work of translating pro-wealth agendas into possible governmental decisions, and then provide the funding structures to ease the acceptance of these agendas. “Giants” aims to reveal where the rubber meets the road in global policy, from money managers like Black Rock and Vanguard Group to secretive facilitator organizations like the Group of 30 and the Bilderberg Group to, of course, military cheerleaders like the Atlantic Council, which acts as an unofficial policy-making and consensus-building arm for NATO....”
PeterPhillips  ProjectCensored  GlobalElite  1%  AtlanticCouncil  BilderbergGroup  HarvardUniversity 
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