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History only you and I could write
3,400 words | Steve has never believed in people being half of themselves without each other, but he does think a part of his heart has been reserved for Bucky from the moment they met, and it was his even when Steve had thought he was gone.


After two years of search, Steve finally finds Bucky on Christmas Eve.
steve/bucky  author:veronicafercard  00-05 
9 weeks ago by gekko11
wanna know what your love feels like
3,750 words | Sharon’s been a SHIELD agent for a few years, now, and nothing’s ever fazed her — not terrorists or super villains or even just run of the mill criminals.

Except…that’s not entirely true.

Something — someone — has fazed her, and her name is Natasha Romanoff.

(Sharon has a huge crush on Natasha, but Natasha keeps trying to set her up with other people. They work it out eventually.)
sharon/natasha  author:butterflysky  00-05 
10 weeks ago by gekko11
Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle
4,700 words | Natasha finds she doesn’t have to make anything up to have shared life experiences with Sharon.
sharon/natasha  author:ladivvinatravestia  00-05 
10 weeks ago by gekko11
the war is over (we are beginning)
1,650 words| The time between Steve agreeing he’d drop off the Stones and when he eventually got back was a pretty miserable hour.

(Afterwards was pretty great, though.)
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:astrolesbian  00-05 
11 weeks ago by gekko11
4,000 words | Steve Rogers kept the story of his life on his skin.

Anyone who wanted to know anything about him only had to look at the art he’d put permanently on his body.
steve/bucky  established-relationship  tattoos  author:parrannnah  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
Set in Stone
1,500 words | He wanted to see Steve happy. Or not see him happy, in this case, he supposed.


Bucky is oblivious and Steve is patient.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:nel_ani  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
In the Stillness, Love Rises
3,275 words | “You okay, Buck?”
Bucky lifted his head to offer Steve a small smile. “As okay as I’m ever going to be.” He shrugged. “I didn’t mean to drag you away. I just….”
“Too much?” Steve asked, knocking their knees together as he joined Bucky.
“Something like that. What about you? How are you doing?”
Steve rubbed at the back of his neck with a sigh. “If I’m being honest, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s too….quiet.”
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:buckysawsteve  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
the beginning of forever
4,400 words | 'I thought I'd be happy back there but...'

He doesn't explain where 'back there' is because somehow, he must know that Bucky knows.


Steve sighs. 'I don't think I'm happy anywhere.'
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:lastgoldsun  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
guard them from my grave
2,800 words | Bucky clears his throat. “So.” He sits, before his knees can decide to give out. “Do you ever get tired of being right?”
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:girlbookwrm  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
The Lucky One
2,730 words | Steve brings the Infinity Stones back, and makes a couple of pit stops on the way back to his own time.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:fireflyslove  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
There's Only Now, There's Only Here
4,075 words| “Steve,” Peggy says when she reaches him with quick, steady steps, her- husband and friend? friends? partners? following behind at a more sedate pace.

“Uh,” Steve says, and “Hi?” and “Would you mind telling me what the date is?”


1951. Steve aimed for home and ended up in fucking 1951.

Jesus christ.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:stevergrsno  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
the art of scraping through
3,750 words | The look on Steve’s face isn’t one Bucky can shake. The way he looks at the portal, at the possibilities winding from it, the way he looks at a gateway to the past and wants, they’re all the things that twist the knife that’s made its home in Bucky’s chest. He lifts a hand, rubs it over his sternum, can’t help but look down just to make sure there’s no blood.

Steve’s standing with Banner, talking logistics, but he keeps looking at the portal. Bucky knows, he knows then what at least a part of Steve wants to do.

He wants to look away, but he can’t risk this being the last he sees of Steve. Has to steal a moment, then another then another.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:spacebuck  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
Too many goodbyes
1,850 words | Bucky finds Steve the night before he'll leave to bring the stones back.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:bill_longbow  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
the epitaph of an old record player
1,680 words | Peggy, intelligent and adaptable as ever, takes the entirety of his story and mulls over it in her head for a time, sitting across from Steve and studying his face. Her eyes are set, eyebrows furrowed, chin sitting in her hands.

After a long while, she speaks.

“Go home, Steve,” she says, voice sure; she’s determined as she’s always been.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:celestialfics  00-05 
may 2019 by gekko11
Kiss me once, then kiss me twice
2,040 words | Staring at the empty platform where Steve had stood just a moment ago, Bucky experiences one of the longest five seconds of his life. Steve’s not coming back, he thinks, over and over, Steve’s not coming back.

“…two, one.”

A weird distortion shimmers in the air as Steve materializes on the platform. Bucky lets out his breath in a quiet rush. He was so sure. He said his goodbyes and convinced himself that he’d get by just fine, that he was happy that Steve could finally have the life he’d always wanted with Peggy. He knew enough about the machine to know that Steve had a chance to go back to the 40s and pick up the life that was lost to him when he crashed the Valkyrie. And yet, here’s Steve back again, looking tired, dusty, disheveled. Bucky can’t tell what Steve’s thinking as their eyes meet. He’s never seen Steve’s eyes look so blue.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:obsessivereader  00-05 
april 2019 by gekko11
lighting up in the shadows
2,775 words | "Don't you know by now there's nothing in the world that could make me walk away from you?"


[Or: a fix-it for Endgame because it would seem I have to do everything around here.]
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:buckyjerkbarnes  00-05 
april 2019 by gekko11
darling I keep falling back to you
1,700 words | “Don’t do anything stupid til I get back.”

Bucky swallows down the bitterness on his tongue. “How can I?” he asks. Follow the pattern. Play your part. “You’re taking all the stupid with you.”

A fix-it of That Scene from Endgame
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:stonynerd  00-05 
april 2019 by gekko11
Break Faith
3,750 words | Five seconds.

Bucky doesn’t understand why Bruce seems to feel the need to count.

Out loud.


Avengers: Endgame Fix-It.
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:hitlikehammers  00-05 
april 2019 by gekko11
quit all that (looking back)
2,175 words | Time really is such a strange thing. Inevitable, unstoppable, tangled, and messy. Seventy years or a few hours? Months and months spent returning Infinity Stones or five seconds? 1945, 1970, 2012, 2014, 2023 - they can all exist at once and not. It makes his head spin.

“Steve,” Bucky says as Sam helps him off the platform, takes the empty case from his hands. He sounds helpless, adrift - like he wasn’t expecting this to be Steve’s choice.

(Or Steve makes a different choice in the final scene of Endgame.)
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:tomorrowsrain  00-05 
april 2019 by gekko11
Tell Me About Her
2050 words | "When Steve reappears in a flash on the platform, in different clothes but looking no worse for wear, Bucky is absolutely shocked. He'd been sure - so sure - that Steve had never planned to come back in the first place. "
steve/bucky  fix-it  author:ubertrash  00-05 
april 2019 by gekko11

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