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I Will Wait - daniellemydear - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
The man known as Eliot Spencer was older than he looked. Because what people living in the modern monotheistic world don't realize, is that the old gods have a sense of humor.
fic  leverage  au  -reincarnation  pairing:hardison/parker/eliot  [1-5k 
november 2018 by shadowkeeper
I'll Love You in a Thousand Lifetimes - vulturemonem - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The first words their soulmates will ever speak to them are marked on the wrists of every person on the planet, and Magnus and Alec are no exception. And across countries and centuries and lifetimes, they will find each other.

(i.e. The soulmate AU with reincarnation that nobody asked for)


Or: in which Magnus and Alec are soulmates, memory is a fickle thing, and love will always prevail.
fic  shadowhunters  au  -soulmate  -reincarnation  pairing:magnus/alec  [10-20k 
september 2017 by shadowkeeper
Timeless Souls - xlightless - Wonder Woman (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve haunts Diana in more ways than one.

In which Diana realizes that Steve will continuously impact her as long as she lives––in other words, for eternity.
fic  wonderwoman  -reincarnation  pairing:diana/steve  [1-5k 
june 2017 by shadowkeeper
The Shadow of Your Heart - champagneboyband - The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller [Archive of Our Own]
I feel my breath catch in my throat when he reaches a hand out, tentative, and wraps loose fingers around my ankle where it rests near his head. A sharp shock of recognition runs through me, and my skin feels electric with it. I've known these hands before, I'm sure of it.

According to Greek mythology, five rivers run through the Underworld: Styx (the river of hatred), Acheron (the river of sorrow), Cocytus (the river of lamentation), Phlegethon (the river of fire), and Lethe (the river of forgetfulness). Those who wish to live again may be reincarnated, but not before they drink from the water of Lethe, erasing all traces of their past lives and selves.
fic  songofachilles  -reincarnation  pairing:achilles/patroclus  [1-5k 
march 2017 by shadowkeeper
Meet Him Again - prouveyrac - The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller [Archive of Our Own]
The first time I fell in love with him, both of us were destined for death. I fell because I made the mistake of testing the Gods. He fell because he was enraged at my death; he was blood thirsty.

The second time, I never met him.

I wish I was able to say that third time was the charm. But it wasn’t; he was in love with someone else. An attractive boy, better than I ever was. Though, whenever I did see the two together, he never looked happy.

The fourth time, I knew him, he didn’t know me.

The fifth time is right now.
fic  songofachilles  -reincarnation  pairing:achilles/patroclus  [1-5k 
march 2017 by shadowkeeper
you'll find me in the next life, if not this one - iwillbeyourgoal - The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller [Archive of Our Own]
"we were lovers in a past life/i can see it in your green eyes"

patroclus and achilles keep bumping into each other in their reincarnations.
fic  songofachilles  pairing:achilles/patroclus  -reincarnation  [1-5k 
february 2017 by shadowkeeper
you shall know him by his manner - Nakimochiku - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
You close your eyes to sleep and do not expect to wake again.

When you do, you will find him again. And again after that, and after that too. You will keep finding him until you can keep him.
fic  hannibal  kingarthur  au  -reincarnation  pairing:hannibal/will  [1-5k 
september 2015 by shadowkeeper
The New Age - DivineProjectZero - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
It starts with being cursed.

No, scratch that. It starts with a garden and a serpent. And no, it goes a little differently from what you’d think.
fic  kingsman  au  -soulmate  -reincarnation  -religion  -mythologyverse  pairing:harry/eggsy  [1-5k 
may 2015 by shadowkeeper
Everything's not lost - InnerCinema - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
For the last time, he lifted his trembling hand to caress the jet-black strands that framed her sorrowful features. Hervör Alwitr… no, Loki was her name and the sole word that fled his lips with all the passion left in him. “Do not grieve, light of my life.” He swallowed hard. His lips became heavy as stone and his tongue went leaden but again, stubbornness won as he spoke his last words. “I shall return to your side.”


After centuries of waiting, Wayland's soul finally returns in the form of Anthony Edward Stark. This should grant them their immediate happy ending but again, the norns seem to have other plans.
fic  ironman  thor  marvel  -reincarnation  pairing:loki/tony  [5-10k 
october 2014 by shadowkeeper
Still Carrying the Past, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction
Loki looks to make right all that he once made wrong. Sequel to Haunt Me - Loki
fic  thor  ironman  -reincarnation  pairing:loki/tony  [10-20k  marvel 
january 2014 by shadowkeeper
Haunt Me - Loki, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction
When the universe starts over, no can remember what came before. Except Loki. -FrostIron, character death-
fic  thor  ironman  -reincarnation  pairing:loki/tony  pairing:tony/pepper  [1-5k  marvel 
january 2014 by shadowkeeper
Maybe - TGP
Tabris is the angel of free will. He thinks maybe it's time to use it.
fandom:evangelion  pairing:shinji/kaworu  words:>20k  au:canon_expansion  +angst  -reincarnation  type:fic  -timetravel 
january 2014 by fire
Kinslayer Series: Broken - Merrie
The spirit returns, but the flesh is unyielding.
He bent closer. "This army the stable boy spoke of? Where are they from?"

She shrugged. "None know. They are evil men, to be sure. Moving along the coast, burning villages to the west and slaying those who stand in their way. He destroys things of value. None say tell what he is wanting. Do you know him? The leader of this army, they say he is a Firstborn as well."
fandom:lotr  pairing:erestor/glorfindel  words:>10k  au:he's_evil  +angst  +poignant/eerie  -amnesia  -future!fic  -torture  -reincarnation  -noncon  type:fic 
december 2013 by fire

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