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MCU: Debris of the Past
Fury sends Steve to Stark Tower to learn about modern technology, but the past is what Steve focuses on.
fandom:mcu  character:tony.stark  character:steve.rogers  -gen  fandom:avengers  :fanfiction  site:ao3  author:nokomis 
10 weeks ago by ozqueen
THE MUMMY: Small Favours
Jonathan makes the introductions. When Mr. Humbert takes Evy’s hand in his giant paw, he frowns. “I thought you said her name was Louise?”
-gen  -family  :precanon  :humour  :yuletide  fandom:themummy  character:jonathan.carnahan  site:ao3  character:evy.carnahan.o'connell  author:jonesandashes 
11 weeks ago by ozqueen
THE MUMMY: Coincidence... and Fate
What if Rick had been a medjai from the start? One decision sets the adventure in motion, but the thing about decisions is that there's always more than one option to choose. Some things unfold differently, yes, but some manage to fall into place like the tumblers on a puzzle-box key, turning round and round until things go click.
fandom:themummy  -gen  character:rick.o'connell  character:ardeth.bay  character:evy.carnahan.o'connell  site:ao3  :fanfiction  :alternateuniverse  :adventure  :yuletide  author:urbanamazon 
11 weeks ago by ozqueen
VOLTRON: a grass in the beginning
Pidge starts a garden on the Castle of Lions.

Or: seven conversations Pidge has while standing next to a tree.
fandom:voltron  site:ao3  author:coyotesuspect  character:pidge  -gen  :fanfiction  :fluff  :feels 
october 2018 by ozqueen
MCU: wherever you go, there you are
Natasha thought about the places she’d like to hide, given a choice. She ordered them by practicality, and she started at the bottom.
fandom:mcu  character:natasha.romanoff  character:james.bucky.barnes  site:ao3  author:snickfic  -gen  :fanfiction 
july 2018 by ozqueen
VOLTRON: See the cage it called
Prisoners in solitary confinement, Shiro had read, get through it by keeping to a strict routine. Or at least, the ones that survive it reasonably intact have all imposed a pattern of organization on their days. Funnily enough, long manned missions also kept a strict routine.

Shiro wanted to see the universe. The Kerberos mission crew might have been abducted by an evil interstellar empire, but he's sort of getting his wish.

Shiro deals with being a captive and what it means for his crew, Earth's chances, and him.
character:shiro  site:ao3  author:szzzt  fandom:voltron  :worldbuilding  :precanon  :fanfiction  -gen 
july 2018 by ozqueen
VOLTRON: And I'm So Ready to Wake Up Now
While being held prisoner on Sendak's ship, Shiro can sense the Red Lion. This isn't necessarily a good thing.
character:shiro  character:haggar  site:ao3  author:antonomasia09  fandom:voltron  :backstory  :precanon  :fanfiction  :angst  -gen 
july 2018 by ozqueen
VOLTRON: Routine Maintenance
Being an amputee with a prosthetic limb is difficult enough. Having a solid metal alien prosthetic forced on you by another species entirely is even worse.


Five times Shiro’s Galra arm caused him trouble in some way and another member of the team helped him out with it, and the one time the same arm is the only reason any of them survive.
fandom:voltron  site:ao3  author:velkynkarma  character:shiro  :huddledforwarmth  :hurt/comfort  :angst  :fanfiction  -gen  :foundfamily  character:hunk  character:lance  character:pidge  character:keith  character:allura  character:coran 
july 2018 by ozqueen
MCU: Twelve Days Of Peter Parker
In each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas, Tony runs into one Peter Parker — for better or for worse.
character:tony.stark  character:peter.parker  site:ao3  author:grilledcheesing  -gen  :foundfamily  :angst  :fanfiction  fandom:mcu 
july 2018 by ozqueen
POTC: once there were oceans violent inside us
same story, different versions--all have merit, but the truth lies somewhere in the middle, in the dark damp places nobody dares to look.
site:ao3  author:steelplatedhearts  fandom:potc  pairing:davy.jones/tia.dalma  character:tia.dalma  character:davy.jones  :fanfiction  :adventure  :magic  :minorcharacters  -het  -gen 
june 2018 by ozqueen
POTC: The Pirate's Prologue and Tale
"I was once a humble merchant, trading spices and rum around the Caribbean, before a merciless band of pirates captured my ship. You’ve probably heard of their leader, Captain Jack Sparrow."
character:jack.sparrow  -gen  fandom:potc  site:ao3  author:mrprophet  :fanfiction  :characterstudy 
june 2018 by ozqueen
To: PC (loyaltothedream@hushmail.com)
From: Buck (bucky1956@yahoo.com)
Subject: Report!
Date: May 10, 2012

Phil — where the hell are you, man? Let us know if you're all right, or if there's anything we can do to help. HQ's freaking the fuck out.
fandom:mcu  fandom:avengers  site:ao3  author:rageprufrock  character:original.characters  character:phil.coulson  character:steve.rogers  -gen  :friendship  :foundfamily 
april 2018 by ozqueen
The Princes of the Noldor by lintamande
When I go on hunting trips with my cousins, I discover a new species, learn their language, and earn their undying loyalty in like two weeks flat.
(Based on art by Jenny Dolfen)
f:tolkien  c:finrod-felagund  c:fingon  c:fingolfin  *meta  *art  -gen  !fandom  site:tumblr 
february 2018 by maat_seshat

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