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Seek Your Enemy - Della19 - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
William La Fontaine hates the opera.

The music is fine, but the people are unbearable. All the backstabbing simpering society climbing omegas that look down at him for the – unwanted – attention he receives from the boorish, old money alphas, who look at him like he’s a piece of meat, caring only for his body and his last name.

Also, he might have just imprinted on some alpha doctor with a foreign accent and beautifully tempting monsters in his compelling dark eyes, whom his sister thinks has a ‘serial killer face.’

Will thinks it’s possible that she’s more right than she knows. It’s also possible that Will could care less.

Will is going to need something much stronger than this champagne.

William La Fontaine hates the opera.

A Wage Your War AU, based on the idea of what if Will’s mother hadn’t left Will and his father when Will was three, as in that fic, and that he was raised in his mother’s rich household. You should read that fic first, as otherwise this one won’t make too much sense. Hannigram A/B/O.
fic  hannibal  au  -omegaverse  -alternateuniverse  pairing:hannibal/will  [5-10k 
7 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Blessed by the Norns - The_Winter_Writer - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Receiving your soul mark from the Norns was supposed to be considered a blessing. That mark was meant to guide you to the one being in all of existence who was your perfect match. Tony already knew his perfect match. He wasn’t sure the Norns agreed.
fic  thor  ironman  marvel  au  -soulmate  -alternateuniverse  pairing:loki/tony  [1-5k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
circus dreamers - spellman - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The Spellman Circus is a mess at the best of times, but it's what we call family. There's more to life than magic -- though it makes up a great deal of what we know and love.
fic  chillingadventuresofsabrina  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:gen  [1-5k 
october 2018 by shadowkeeper
Examinations On Implied Mad Scientist-and-Minion Relationships - brawltogethernow - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In a world ruled by mad science, Sherlock is a mad scientist and John is clearly his minion. Right? Right. Obviously.
fic  sherlock  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:gen  [1-5k 
october 2018 by shadowkeeper
One, two, three - Severus_divides_into_H - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Will imagined his death in numerous ways, numerous times. Being chosen as a tribute opened a road of new possibilities, some more horrifying than the others.

He doesn’t want to be torn to pieces like Randall Tier’s prey. He doesn’t want to be burned like Francis Dolarhyde prefers to kill. But most of all he doesn’t want to be caught by Hannibal Lecter, a career tribute with a penchant for eating his victims alive.

Too bad Hannibal seems fixated on him.
fic  hannibal  au  hungergames  -alternateuniverse  pairing:hannibal/will  [60-70k 
september 2018 by shadowkeeper
Far from Heaven - chernaya_aliska - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky Barnes falls asleep with the man he loves in his arms. In their bed, in their home, safe and sound.

He wakes up in the cold room of the cryostasis chamber in Wakanda to the worried faces of his former best friend and King T'Challa.

Everything that happened in the past six months— his pardon, his recovery, Tony's forgiveness, falling in love— he's told it was nothing more than a fevered dream, conjured up by a broken mind in cryostasis sleep.

The second chance at life he worked so hard to embrace. A newfound family and a place to call home. Tony, the love of his life and his whole world. All gone in a blink.

Bucky Barnes breaks.


A "what-if" canon divergence fic for my story "Winter's End".
fic  marvel  pairing:tony/bucky  -alternateuniverse  [60-70k 
april 2018 by shadowkeeper
The King's Reward - Beware_The_Tristero - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
With his homeland under siege (thanks to some demented Necromancer who has a hard-on for Death of all things) Tony, the last of the Carbonell and Stark Clans, must trawl through the ancient magics of his family’s past in order to find a solution.

Or so the Chieftain has demanded; it is, therefore, quite a shame that Tony not only hates magic but has never drawn a rune, cast a spell or even bothered crafting a wand or staff or whatever the weird, glowing-stick his mother used to parade around with was.

However, with the fate of an entire Country (possibly the world as they know it) in his hands, the young genius downs his tools and hits the books.

Summoning up his own demon army can’t be that difficult, can it?
fic  ironman  thor  marvel  au  -alternateuniverse  -angels/demons  pairing:loki/tony  [5-10k 
april 2018 by shadowkeeper
My Man Eames - earlgreytea68 - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur inherited several things unexpectedly, out of the blue, on a bright summer day in 1932.
fic  inception  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:arthur/eames  [1-5k 
march 2018 by shadowkeeper
the quality of your intent - QueenWithABeeThrone - Wonder Woman (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
When Diana Prince was ten years old, she pushed an old man out of the way of an out-of-control truck.

That was the last time she ever saw the sky, or her mother’s face.

or: Diana Prince, Daredevil, meets Steve Trevor, secretary.
fic  wonderwoman  dc  au  -alternateuniverse  daredevil  pairing:diana/steve  [5-10k 
january 2018 by shadowkeeper
Blood Moon Rising - MissGillette - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
The orphans living at The Sanctuary worship the angry god dwelling in Lake Hylia. Every year on the night of the blood moon, one of them is sacrificed to appease the god. Link is a non-believer due for a rude awakening.

Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise
fic  zelda  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:link/sidon  [10-20k 
november 2017 by shadowkeeper
The Man on the Train - makeit_takeit - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
Look, he’s easy to notice, okay? Like Thor trying to blend in with regular people by wearing Clark Kent’s nerdy glasses.
fic  generationkill  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:brad/nate  [5-10k 
october 2017 by shadowkeeper
Silver and Blood - night_sentinel - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Will is a Witcher, a monster hunter for hire. Hannibal is a monster.

A Witcher 3: Wild Hunt au, though it doesn't connect with the story of the game at all, just uses it as a setting. (You don't need to know the game to read this.)
fic  hannibal  au  -alternateuniverse  -creatures  pairing:hannibal/will  [10-20k 
october 2017 by shadowkeeper
Glitter By The Waterfront - Pameluke - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Alec needs to track down a hellhound for a case, he finds a blast zone, ichor, and a trace of what seems to be glitter, all leading to the magical, flirty and enticing warlock Magnus Bane.
fic  shadowhunters  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:magnus/alec  [1-5k 
august 2017 by shadowkeeper
Request for Proposals - nirejseki - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where marriage is an extensively negotiated contractual arrangement, getting Leonard Snart hitched is nothing less than a monumental task.

And Mick Rory's the sucker whose job is to find his best friend just the right spouse.
fic  flash  dc  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:barry/leonard  [10-20k 
june 2017 by shadowkeeper
One Show Only - KouriArashi - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It's hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner ... but Alec will be damned if he isn't going to give it a try.
fic  shadowhunters  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:magnus/alec  [20-30k 
may 2017 by shadowkeeper
you think my bruised knees are sort of pretty - fireblazie - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
He’s not entirely sure how long they stay there, staring awkwardly at each other, but it’s long enough that Yuuri feels compelled to break the silence, which never ends well.

“You’re shorter than I thought,” he blurts out.

At the same time, Viktor suddenly says, “I like your knees.”

“…thanks,” Yuuri says after an awkward pause.

—In which Yuuri gets drunk at a con, earns the nickname Cake Boy, and promptly forgets all about it.
fic  yurionice  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:yuuri/victor  [1-5k 
may 2017 by shadowkeeper
Kiss with a Fist - paradiamond - Walking Dead (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Glenn's life changes when he gets swept up in the Fight Club and with the group's charismatic leader Philip Blake. Glenn has never felt more alive, and he'll hang onto the feeling even if it kills him. Then there's Daryl.
fic  thewalkingdead  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:daryl/glenn  [20-30k 
march 2017 by shadowkeeper
Starting Over - Kimmy - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
When The Clave finds out he is gay, Alec Lightwood is stripped of his runes and he has to learn to live his life as a mundane.
fic  shadowhunters  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:magnus/alec  [30-40k 
february 2017 by shadowkeeper
that's the power of love - cherryvanilla - Deadpool - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Yeah, so, about that. Nice to meet ya, I’m Wade Wilson but def not your Wade Wilson although I gotta say, I’m jealous of the asshole.”
fic  deadpool  spiderman  marvel  -alternateuniverse  pairing:wade/peter  [5-10k 
february 2017 by shadowkeeper
Little Prince - sinnoh - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
It's Yurio's first big competition, and his two dad's are there to support him for it.
fic  yurionice  au  -alternateuniverse  pairing:gen  pairing:yuuri/victor  [1-5k 
january 2017 by shadowkeeper

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