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just in it for the game - grim_lupine - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“It's excellent rehabilitation for my image,” Loki says, widening his eyes. “They love you, and because of that they'll trust me. You wouldn't ruin this for me, would you?”
Thor glares at him.
Loki’s mouth twitches. “Also, it's the funniest thing that's ever happened to me.”
*thor  ^explicit  +loki/thor  @grim_lupine  ]m/m  $fanfic 
6 days ago by doctorsidrat
Athelas - astolat - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
There was a sharp and bitter edge crept into the words, a reminder that not all was well: that Thor still had a brother, but not a friend.
*thor  *theavengers  @astolat  ]m/m  ^explicit  +loki/thor  *mcu  $fanfic 
6 days ago by doctorsidrat
birdhunt 2k20 - bysine
Thor is still standing there, beaming expectantly at Sam. “What say you, Son of Wil?” he booms, like he's Aragorn recruiting that ghost army from the Return of the King, except that Thor is just trying to recruit one dude who can maybe talk to birds. (Again: nobody is supposed to know this.) Also Thor’s wearing a baby blue North Face puffer jacket and a woolly reindeer-covered hat that Sam is fifty percent sure was knitted by Vision, so the resemblance to Aragorn is really only a passing one.

“You want me to do what where again?”

“I wish for you to join me,” says Thor, with patient magnanimity. “Huginn and Muninn have been missing since the destruction of Asgard. Now that my people have secured a home here on Earth, I wish to find them.”

(The other summary for this fic is: "oh, SAM")
'fanfic  -avengers  *sam  *thor  :10k-20k  @bysine  $gen  "roadtrip 
february 2018 by sophia_sol
The One With Rey's Mom - melannen
"Yeah. About that. Did you know that the Falcon had a history of hyperdrive malfunctions? Because I did not, in fact, know that this ship had a history of hyperdrive malfunctions. What I am saying is, the hyperdrive seems to have malfunctioned."
'fanfic  "crossover  -thor  -starwars  *leia  *thor  *loki  *heimdall  *bruce  *rey  *valkyrie  *korg  :2k-10k  @melannen 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
the real banishment is the family we made along the way - scioscribe
Hela did not ask for company in her sealed-up world, but evidently Odin is economical in containment strategies for his misbegotten children.
'fanfic  -thor  *hela  *thor  *loki  *odin  "family  $gen  ^interesting  @scioscribe 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Tubthumping - Trelkez, sisabet
"Who is the warrior immortalized in this song?" Thor demands to know. "The one who gets knocked down repeatedly, yet cannot be kept down? We must hear of his resilience again!" -- Semaphore by DevilDoll
'vid  -thor  *thor  *loki  @trelkez  @sisabet  $gen 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
over the edge of all our knowings - grim_lupine
A week into their tragic, limping journey through space, Loki finds himself coming face-to-face with his most dangerous foe: boredom.

As it turns out, it's difficult to fill your day so thoroughly you can't think, even when you're sticking to your best behavior and helping heal, and rebuild, and making sure your brother doesn't forget he has only one eye and trip through a window into space somewhere.

Really, it's probably in everyone's best interest that Loki find something to do. When he's bored, he schemes; and it's possible he's come to terms with the fact that his sense of appropriate scale is, at times, lacking.
'fanfic  -thor  *thor  *loki  :10k-20k  $gen  @grim_lupine 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
The Age Of Alton - copperbadge
Steve, Sam, and Tony enter into a competition to see who can make the best hamburger, or even if such a thing is possible. Thor has a special guest, Kamala accidentally gets discovered, and Bucky hustles everything it's possible to hustle.
'fanfic  ~foodieverse  *steve  *sam  *tony  *thor  *kamala  *peter  *bucky  *altonbrown  -goodeatsrpf  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Winternight - sholio
When Jane thought of Asgard, she always thought of light. It was there in her earliest memories of Thor: lightning, stars. And her first visit to the city had been wreathed in light, from the rainbow colors of the Bifrost, to the glitter of gold everywhere, to the thousands of lanterns bidding a beloved queen farewell.

But on the Festival of Winter Nights, Asgard blazed.
also on ao3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/2546246
'fanfic  -avengers  *jane  *thor  *frigga  *loki  :500-2k  @sholio  $gen  ^excellent 
october 2014 by sophia_sol
halfway between the gutter and the stars - verity
Thor pulls his phone out of his pocket and lifts it above them to capture a picture of the moment, their hair lit by the sun, Jane's soft smile next to his beaming grin. The Rise filter suits the image perfectly. "I shall title this 'THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE,'" Thor says, typing carefully on the touchscreen. "With the small image of your planet, flanked by sparkling stars."

"Well, we abandoned a geocentric model of the galaxy hundreds of years ago," says Jane.

"'THE CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE,'" Thor says. He amends his caption and selects the options to crosspost from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook.
'fanfic  -avengers  *thor  :2k-10k  @verity  $gen  ^excellent 
august 2014 by sophia_sol
special report - ignipes
So everybody can agree that there are sufficiently satisfying in-universe answers to the "Why didn't you call the other Avengers for help?" question, right? If it were to be asked, say, at one of those press conferences that happen all the time in fanfic, or in a special interview on cable news.
in which thor is enthusiastic about science
'fanfic  ^delightful  "not!fic  -avengers  *thor  *ensemble  :500-2k  @ignipes  $gen 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
Breakfast for Dinner - thingswithwings
After she gets turned into a superhero, rescues Tony Stark from a giant monster, prevents the Statue of Liberty from falling into the ocean, flies into space under her own power, and fills out a truly remarkable amount of paperwork, it's about two days before Carol's officially being handed over to Abigail Brand and then shuffled into the Avengers Initiative.
'fanfic  ^good  -avengers  *carol  *rhodey  *abigail  *tony  *steve  *epper  *bruce  *thor  *clint  *natasha  :2k-10k  @thingswithwings  $gen 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
Flying from the blast - belmanoir
Thor and Loki go on the run together post-Avengers, road-trip across Australia, and get family therapy. Then Loki is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Avengers assemble.


This is an episodic series that isn't designed to resolve completely. I'm marking it "complete" because I haven't written anything for it in a while, and all the major threads are left in places that feel satisfying and hopeful to me. I reserve the right to add to the series if I have an idea for a cute one-off a year from now!
series consists of:
Lightning and what follows
If you love somebody, you should go ahead, tell 'em
Better run before you become yourself
Pain and Sundaes
All this and forgiveness too
Lifestyles of the rich and famous
I tell the truth, and I keep running
I didn't do it, you lit the match for me
Liars and killers
Always angry
Nothing left to trade
The heartbreaking necessity of lying about reality and the heartbreaking impossibility of lying about it
A little give and take
Trying hard not to smile though I feel bad
Incomprehensible gifts
Renewed in hope
But now I'm not alone
'fanfic  ^feelings  "therapy  -avengers  *thor  *loki  :40k-100k  @belmanoir  $dudeslash  +loki&thor  +loki/tony  ^excellent 
march 2014 by sophia_sol
Necessity (The Lion Taming Remix) - tielan
Five times Maria Hill had to deal with naked Avengers, and one time the Avengers had to deal with a naked Maria Hill.
'fanfic  -avengers  *maria  *clint  *natasha  *steve  *bruce  *thor  *tonystark  :2k-10k  @tielan  $gen 
march 2014 by sophia_sol
Road to Nowhere - Lise
When Loki turns up demanding Thor's help on a quest to retrieve the All-Mother from Valhalla, Thor isn't about to say no. But that doesn't mean he's forgotten anything, and what better time than a road trip through the backwaters of the universe for trying to talk things out?
'fanfic  ^feelings  -thor  *thor  *loki  *frigga  "roadtrip  "death  :20k-30k  @lise  $gen  ^excellent 
february 2014 by sophia_sol
Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three-accidental baby acquisition - artificialities
And then I decided that no, actually, someone has just up and deposited a Jötun baby in Thor’s lap.  EVERYBODY HAVE FUN WITH THAT ONE.

(And this got so long that I’m sticking it behind a cut.)
'fanfic  -avengers  *thor  *loki  *ensemble  :500-2k  @artificialities  $gen  ^excellent 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
Coulson's Eleven - copperbadge
After Vanko destroyed the Stark Expo, SHIELD instituted a Superhuman Detention program, designed to capture and hold dangerous people -- dangerous people like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others who made themselves noticeable. The superhumans SHIELD has imprisoned -- and some SHIELD agents themselves -- have other ideas about what constitutes 'dangerous'...
'fanfic  "au  -avengers  *tonystark  *steve  *bruce  *clint  *natasha  *thor  *loki  *peter  *coulson  *auntmay  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  $gen  ^excellent 
november 2013 by sophia_sol
Ask Me No Questions - Alex51324
When Thor returns from Asgard to rejoin the Avengers, he brings Loki in tow--stripped of his magic and bound with a geas that allows him to speak only in response to direct questions.

AKA, yet another "Loki lives with the Avengers; chaos ensues" story.
'fanfic  ^interesting  -avengers  *loki  *thor  *tony  *bruce  *jarvis  :40k-100k  @alex51324  $gen  ^excellent 
october 2013 by sophia_sol
Exclusive - copperbadge
Heroes In Manhattan: From Captain America's Hidden Talents To The Truth About The Hulk, We Debunk The Myths And Expose The Daily Lives Of The Avengers.
'fanfic  ^good  "unusualformat  "newspaper  -avengers  -marvel  *peter  *steve  *tonystark  *natasha  *clint  *bruce  *thor  *pepper  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  "outsidepov  $gen 
june 2013 by sophia_sol

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