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aftermath: wakanda [by miraphora], PG
In the moments following the end of battle, M’Baku plants himself like a mountain and refuses to be moved.
avengers!fic  timeline:infinity.war.1  Shuri  Okoye  M'Baku  *tag  *grief!fic  *angst  °miraphora 
april 2018 by mayachain
Starting Over [by yuletide_anon], PG
It was supposed to be easier back at home, ensconced with her family again.
Yuletide  Mulan  genfic  *tag  *love!fic  *gender.issues  °anon 
december 2017 by mayachain
Hope for Something More [by sahiya], PG-13
Iselle and Bergon's first meeting. [short but oh so sweet. ]
chalion  Iselle  Bergon  °sahiya  *tag  via:mayachain 
may 2017 by butterflykiki
Wash the sorrow from off my skin [by Keiya], PG-13
He lays on his bed and knows without a doubt that his soulmates can read Fucking Genius on their skin, or maybe just Genius, but Fucking gives a ring to it.

Because he is, baby, he is.
leverage-fic  *soulbond  Parker  AlecHardison  EliotSpencer  Eliot/Parker/Hardison  *pre-relationship  *fulltimeline  *pre-series  *becoming!fic  *tag  °Keiya 
february 2017 by mayachain
To unite us all [by Anonymous], PG
As the dust settles after the bombardment of Westerly, Pawter is forced to examine her reasons for staying, and finds some surprising common ground with Alvis.
Killjoys  genfic  Pawter  Alvis  *tag  °anon  Yuletide 
december 2015 by mayachain
Three Point One Miles [by cjmarlowe], R
Getting Audrey back is only the beginning of their story. It only gets more complicated from there.
haven!fic  AudreyParker  NathanWuornos  DukeCrocker  *polyamory  *tag  *bumpyfeelings  *angst  °cjmarlowe 
october 2015 by mayachain
Like Thermodynamics [by michelel72], PG-13
Unlike Sam Carter, Rodney McKay did not rely on luck … and unfortunately for everyone, he was right. [The one where 48 Hours ends differently.]
SG-1  sga-fic  genfic  RodneyMcKay  JeannieMiller  *tag  *alt.canon  *darkfic  °michelel72 
september 2015 by mayachain
Bravado [by Enmuse], PG
During the events at the very end of the film, Tony Stark makes an appearance.
avengers!fic  genfic  timeline:avengers  SteveRogers  TonyStark  NatashaRomanov  SamWilson  *hospital!fic  *friendship  *trust.issues  °enmuse  *tag 
january 2015 by mayachain
Mighty Mighty English [by whetherwoman], PG
Prince Edward considers mud, battle tactics, and what makes a knight.
a.knight's.tale  Yuletide  genfic  outsider-pov  °whetherwoman  *tag  *politics 
december 2014 by mayachain
Ten Nonlinear Moves [by sequitur], PG-13
Tony doesn't become team leader overnight. First, they have all have to watch movies, develop new neuroses, and make flowcharts.
ncis-fic  genfic  TonyDiNozzo  TimMcGee  AbbyScuito  ZivaDavid  JimmyPalmer  Ducky  *tag  *loyalty  °sequitur  *friendship 
december 2014 by mayachain
The Tower [by Ylixia], PG-13
Mack gets better, but not completely. Fitz takes a chance this time around, and that works way better. Fitsimmons finally have that talk
avengers!fic  FitzSimmons  AlphonsoMackenzie  Philcoulson  BobbiMorse  MelindaMay  Skye  *tag  *mental!issues  *friendship  *de-angst  *hc  *becoming!fic  *loyalty  °ylixia  Fitz/Mack 
december 2014 by mayachain

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