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untitled wolverine memory fic - words-writ-in-starlight
I read your Steve and Logan bits and they are amazing. But consider this; Steve learns that Logan, who's older than WW1, has lost his memories. He gives a statement in an interview describing this man, this patriot who always looked after other people in his own gruff way, describes his side-burns, his claws, his cigars. And suddenly, people are calling into the station; "Yeah, think I met this guy a few years ago" "My granddad has this photo..." "So, In this bar one time..."
'fanfic  -xmen  -avengers  *logan  *steve  :500-2k  @words-writ-in-starlight 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
Robot Trip - copperbadge
Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?
'fanfic  "roadtrip  -avengers  *tony  *steve  *dummy  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
july 2017 by sophia_sol
The First Mission - copperbadge
This story has been in my head forever, and I never really found a way to make it as compelling as I wanted; really I just like talking about the logistics of Steve trying to get the 107th and fellow escapees home.
that's compelling to me!
'fanfic  -avengers  *bucky  *steve  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
The Age Of Alton - copperbadge
Steve, Sam, and Tony enter into a competition to see who can make the best hamburger, or even if such a thing is possible. Thor has a special guest, Kamala accidentally gets discovered, and Bucky hustles everything it's possible to hustle.
'fanfic  ~foodieverse  *steve  *sam  *tony  *thor  *kamala  *peter  *bucky  *altonbrown  -goodeatsrpf  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
If One Of Them Is Dead (The Two Can Keep A Secret Remix) - melannen
"So yeah, actually, probably," Sharon said. "That is exactly what Aunt Peggy would have done."
'fanfic  -avengers  *sharon  *peggy  *laura  *fury  *maria  *natasha  *steve  :2k-10k  $gen  @melannen 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Skin in the Game - Sholio
Sam didn't realize Tony's offer to build him a new set of wings was going to come with quite this much baggage, emotional and otherwise.
'fanfic  -avengers  *sam  *steve  *rhodey  *tony  :500-2k  $gen  @sholio 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Leader Of The Free World - copperbadge
Clint Barton's presidential campaign started as a joke.
absolutely ridiculous but fun
'fanfic  -avengers  *clint  *maria  *tony  *steve  :2k-10k  "politics  $gen  @copperbadge 
april 2016 by sophia_sol
Alexander Hamilton VS. The Twenty-First Century - infraredphaeton
The one where Alexander Hamilton is accidentally resurrected in the twenty first century. Obviously the best person to help him adjust to waking up in the future is someone who's already woken up in the future.
A lot of people have really awkward revelations and become very disenchanted with their founding father, because, well...
Do you know what time it is, 21st century? It's time for Alexander's Opinion.
silly but fun
'fanfic  "crossover  -avengers  -hamilton  *hamilton  *steve  "wip  @infraredphaeton  $gen 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Audio Commentary Track With Steve Rogers - copperbadge
Steve didn't know you could go to college to study movies.
steve at an academic historian conference
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  *steve  *sam  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2016 by sophia_sol
The Immortal Hawkeye - copperbadge
Clint's a little older than he looks, and his DNA has a few surprises in store, too.
in which Clint is a nazi-created son of Steve
'fanfic  -avengers  +bucky/clint  *steve  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
The Captain And The Ghost - copperbadge
In the summer of 1970, Tony Stark is leading the expedition ship Marvel in search of the body of Steve Rogers. He has good friends with him: ship's captain Carol Danvers, medic Sam Wilson, best friend James Rhodes and boyfriend James Barnes, as well as scientist Vernon van Dyne and his daughter Janet. But they've also been assigned a diplomatic observer from the USSR named Natalia Romanoff, and the barren chill of Greenland is not the only threat dogging their search.
This is the third in the series that began with The Soldier And The Hurricane, an AU where Tony was born in 1950 and Bucky Barnes was recovered during a failed assassination attempt on the Starks in 1967.
I think this is my fave story in the series.
'fanfic  ^good  -avengers  "au  *steve  *natasha  :20k-30k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +bucky/tony 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
untitled kissing circle - sholio
Natasha smiles her sphinx smile, and repeats herself. "You turn and kiss the person to your left. It's a team-building exercise. It builds trust and encourages team bonding. We did this at SHIELD."

"You did not do this at SHIELD," Sam protests. "Steve, did you do this at SHIELD?"

Steve is about 90% sure Natasha is totally trolling them, but he just holds up his hands. "Hey, the lady's in charge today. I'm following her orders, same as the rest of you."
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  *steve  *natasha  *rhodey  *sam  *vision  *wanda  :<500  @sholio  $gen 
may 2015 by sophia_sol
steve rogers: pr disaster - idiopathicsmile
The Story of Steve “Walking PR Nightmare” Rogers, and How For a Short While He Single-Handedly Destroyed the Emotional Health of Eva Laura Ortiz, His Now Ex-Publicist
'fanfic  ^yep  "outsidepov  -avengers  *steve  *oc  :2k-10k  @idiopathicsmile  $gen 
april 2015 by sophia_sol
The Real Thing - Speranza
Tony talks dirty. Steve gets a nosebleed. This is not a Stony story.
'fanfic  "family  -avengers  *steve  *tony  :2k-10k  @cesperanza  $gen 
april 2015 by sophia_sol
The Not-Christmas Not-Truce of 1944 - dropdeaddream
We'd been under siege for almost a week, when out of nowhere, a cow comes running into the midst of a firefight. Once it went down, us and the Germans were basically fighting over who could get at it first.
also on ao3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/3491189
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  *bucky  :500-2k  @dropdeaddream  $gen 
march 2015 by sophia_sol
Steve Rogers Vs. The All-American Feast - copperbadge
Steve can't resist a challenge, even when the challenge is a five pound pulled-pork sandwich.
'fanfic  "food  -avengers  *steve  *ensemble  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
Heat Wave - Sholio
For my h/c bingo square "heat stroke". Very convenient to have that square this time, because there's a brief mention in my gardening fic "Oasis" (now part of a series with this one) about Bucky having gotten heatstroke one time, and I had been wanting to write that anyway. So I did. Pure shameless idfic h/c, plus banter of course, because it's them.
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  *bucky  *darcy  *jane  *bruce  :2k-10k  @sholio  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
Movie Night - Sholio
Steve doesn't like most 21st-century cinema. For h/c bingo wildcard space - "culture shock".
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  :500-2k  @sholio  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
Kings of Industry - copperbadge
"Nooo," Sam moaned softly.

" — and they’ve all got the beta versions of the Falcon Project wings," Tony continued with glee. "And they’ve got parachutes set to deploy in case the wings fail. All fifteen of them go over some cliff in the Grand Canyon or something, and fourteen parachutes pop because fourteen of them freaked out. And one of them goes screaming up in the air yelling HELL YEAH."
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  *sam  *t'challa  *tony  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol

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