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RPF Ezra/Colin, Method Acting
So I've read a few fics where Credence has never touched himself. What if to get into character while filming Ezra abstained as well? And it was all going perfectly fine until *insert some unintentional sexiness from Mr. Farrell here* leads to Colin being genuinely concerned something is wrong until realizing exactly what the problem is and doing his best to correct it.
*unfilled  p:colin/ezra  *rpf  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
Colin/Ezra / Graves/Credence; sex tape
Inspiration thanks to: http://karlmordo.tumblr.com/post/154079458435 A second (first?) sex tape of Colin Farrell gets released on the internet before Colin can put a stop it. The world is shocked when they find out that the second person isn't a random woman but Ezra Miller, his co-star from Fantastic Beasts!

Or if Graves/Credence is more your cup of tea this could also be modern Graves/Credence where an important politician - Graves - has his sex tape released with on the internet which causes quite the scandal. Everyone's trying to figure out who the other man is in the tape and it takes a while to figure out it's the adopted son of the leader of the opposite political party from Graves.
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  p:graves/credence  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  c:graves  c:credence 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF Any/Ezra playful spanking
Because I think he'd obviously approach wanting something like that differnetly than his character and for different reasons. For delightful elfin cupcake reasons.
*unfilled  p:ezra/any  c:ezra_miller  *rpf  t:spanking 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
Colin/Ezra -- the 'period underwear'
So the REASON Ezra decided to steal, of all things, a set of 1926 period accurate underpants from the set, right, (which I'm ASSUMING was one of those sleeveless one-piece union suits like are pictured here -> http://bit.ly/2hl7rD4)

the REASON is that one time he and Colin were so desperate to get in each other's pants that they didn't even manage to make it properly out of costume and thus said union suit got thoroughly ruined, and Ezra stole it because he didn't want anyone from the production team to have to wash it
*unfilled  p:colin/ezra  *rpf  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF: Ezra/anybody, sex crying
Honestly, I'm not picky: as long as he's getting railed, I'm fine.

(However, bonus points if his partner stops and is like "Are you okay???" and Ezra replies with something along the lines of "Please, fuck, keep going")
*unfilled  *rpf  p:ezra/any  c:ezra_miller  t:crying 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF Colin/Ezra A great Opera-tunity
Colin surprises Ezra with opera tickets for their first date. In the back of is mind, he's kind of hoping that will include an enthusiastic "thank you" in the privacy of the VIP box.

...Ezra, however, is too enraptured by the show. Turns out it's his favorite. And Colin's watching how happy he is and starts falling in love.

Ezra was totally planning to blow him after, he just wanted to make sure that wasn't why Colin bought the tickets, he doesn't want to get his heart broken.
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF: Colin/powerbottom!Ezra, first time
Colin's never had sex with a guy, so Ezra instructs(bosses) him on how to, well, do it. Bonus points for breathplay or riding, but it's not necessary.
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF : Colin/Ezra
So ezra has this intensity in his eyes (a la his character in we need to talk about kevin) whenever he stares at colin and thinks he doesnt notice. It gets Colin worked up obvs but he cant for the love of god concluding whether it is 'i want to fuck you' or 'i want to kill you'. Well it's obviously the first one but he doesnt know that. It doesnt help that ezra is torturously vague when he flirts so colin practically goes through their practice sessions trying to get a clue on which one it is.

Tldr; ezra is a teasing little shit and he likes watching colin squirms.
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
Ezra/Colin RPF
Ok, so I'm guessing Ezra talked to Emma Watson about getting cast in an HP-verse movie - like, comparing notes, asking for tips, blah blah blah gossip, whatever? And, like, he's got this crush on Colin, and totally watched the sex tape, and reading the script he's giggled a lot over how very BadTouch/DaddyKink the scenes with Colin are - like, I can imagine Emma running lines with him, even, and it degenerating into giggly outrageous porn.

So anyway, he skypes her, freaking out a bit, about the fact that Colin's coming to his room to run lines for a scene they're shooting in the morning. And Emma's all well maybe he's heteroflexible and Ezra's all oh my god stahp this is not helping urgh I am trying to be cool.

And she's like oh get over yourself you'll be fine - just pretend it's me. Have fun.

So Colin comes in to run lines, and maybe Ezra's smoked a little weed or had a drink or two because he's more relaxed and he does indeed treat it like the read-through with Emma - kind of goofing off and playing it up as Fifty Shades of Graves. And obvs Colin is perfectly willing to take the piss - Irish - and they end up trying to out-outrageous each other, being totally deadpan, until Ezra's on his knees making outrageous promises and looking up through his lashes, and he can see that Colin is actually getting hard, which, ha, victory - and he unzips Colin's pants.

At which point The atmosphere goes from edge-of-hilarity to holy-shit-gonna-fuck, and there is frantic scrabbling sexytimes.

..aaand I've practically written it myself here, as not!fic, eh?
*unfilled  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  *rpf 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
Colin/Ezra Nanny AU
Colin needs a nanny for the kids. Hello, hot twentysomething!

This can be a non actor AU, or maybe Ezra's career hasn't gone as well in this 'verse.
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  t:au 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF, Eddie with an eating disorder to lose weight for The Danish Girl
So it's canon that Eddie had to lose a lot of weight to play Lili in The Danish Girl (amazing book and movie if you havent seen/read it) and he said in an interview that he ate "breakfast and a little lunch and that's it" and that the costume department kept telling him "you have to lose weight!" While the makeup department told him to not to lose weight cause it made his face gaunt which made it harder to make him look like Lili. So, a fic where Eddie resorts to starving and/or vomiting to lose weight easier/faster?
+for the costume department obvliviously encouarging it
++for the costume department knowingly encouraging it
+++for the makeup department being really nice and telling him he needs to stop/its not worth it
Whether its gen or slash is up to you, but preferably no Eddie/Alicia :)
*unfilled  *rpf  c:eddie_redmayne  t:eatingdisorder 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF Colin/Ezra, Rule 63/cisswap
Colleen-forty year old divorced mother of two, struggling with addiction, recently victim of sex tape leak, afraid she's going to start losing out on roles due to age and reputation (worries falling for a woman will make this worse). More thoughtful and well read than anyone gives her credit for.

Esther- big hearted, playful flower child, also passionately nerdy, recently came out, she's here, she's queer, you *will* get used to it. head up, shoulders back like they taught you in the opera, you can cry about what they're saying about you when you get home

Bonus points- Esther in a flower crown
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  t:genderbend 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF: Colin/Ezra, dick obsession
So of course Ezra's seen the sex tape...many, many times...and upon meeting Colin somehow lets this slip. As a joke (sort of), when the movie wraps Colin gifts Ezra with a dildo molded from his truly spectacular dick. Alternatively, Ezra is there to ~help out when the cast is being made.

Really, anything involving Ezra being a slut for it is A+! (Hi Ezra!)
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF Colin/Ezra/Jared Leto
No other special requests...except for, if you feel like it, very light, subtle pet play with kitten!Ezra
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra/jared  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  c:jared_leto 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF (Colin/Ezra): Grumpy Colin at The Golden Globe?
okay so y'all may know Colin, during the Golden Globe, seemed a bit grumpier than he normally does (at least that's what I thought, he smiled 3 times during the show and yes, I counted) . While Tom Hiddleston was coming to the stage to accept the award given to him, Colin texted somebody ;0 Idk why but I find this hilarious, he was so fed up with the whole thing and decided to text someone instead to entertain himself (or he was replying someone's text whatever)
So the prompt here:
I have this thought that, maybe he was texting Ezra?
Later that night I found out Ezra was in Japan. Hanging out, going shopping, sightseeing, bla bla...
And tadaaaa, what a coincidence :D
Me and my friends imagined Colin texting Ezra constantly with a crying emoticon at the end of every sentence. And while Ezra was having fun, Colin sufferred through every miserable minute of his life waiting for the young man to call him back. Poor Colin, he just wanted to get out of the place and go home, text the bae but the bae totally forgot about him ;)
Rating depends on the author ~ and I really want to see how they will talk to each other over any kind of video chat app that you know ;)
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  t:angst 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
[RPF] Colin/Ezra, auto-fellatio, rimming, fingering
Years of intense yoga training has increased Colin's flexibility to a point where he's reputedly able suck himself off. In the true spirit of never daring an Irishman to do anything, Ezra challenges Colin to prove it. Which Colin does. Compellingly. So compellingly that Ezra can't help but lend his mouth and fingers to the mix and drive Colin insane with more pleasure while he's suckling his own dick.

Bonus: Colin coming on his own face being the hottest thing Ezra's ever seen.
*unfilled  *rpf  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  t:rimming 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF Colin/Ezra, miscommunication
So you might've seen the Youtube clips of Ezra at SDCC when he sat down at the random piano and performed a ballad version of Rihanna's “Work”. Which, according to Genius.com, is about a woman who seeks an emotional connection from a man who only seems to want sex. (https://genius.com/Rihanna-work-lyrics)

So let's have some painful, painful miscommunication and angst.
*unfilled  p:colin/ezra  c:colin_farrell  c:ezra_miller  t:angst  *rpf 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme
RPF Ezra/Zoe Kravitz femdom
In Beware the Gonzo he sees a book about "kicking ass" in her character's bedroom and says "I'll be good, you don't have to hit me". Later she makes another character ask for a spanking. And when she and Gonzo are talking toward the end, she reminds him "I still have to punish you" and he sheepishly agrees.

So go wild with the happy consensual kinky fun.

(she is in the Fantastic Beasts cast, technically,after all)

(captcha is glove, chips, brown and red)
*filled  *rpf  p:ezra/zoe  c:ezra_miller  c:zoe_kravitz  *incomplete 
april 2017 by fantasticbeasts-kinkmeme

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