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Cousin Harry [by Nicnac], PG
She had been dating Dudley Dursley for almost six months when the topic of Cousin Harry came up the first time.
HP!fic  hetfic  DudleyDursley  outsider-pov  *futurefic  *dudley&harry  *revealed!fic  °nicnac 
may 2016 by mayachain
A Beautiful Herd [by allapplesfall], PG
Capheus's mother finds out just how few of the cluster have mothers of their own, so she adopts them.
sense8  genfic  Capheus  NomiMarks  SunBak  WillGorski  RileyBlue  WolfgangBogdanow  *visit!fic  *hc  *love!fic  *revealed!fic  *hug!fic  °allapplesfall 
july 2015 by mayachain
Bridges 'verse [by Tassos], PG-13
The universe where Jack O'Neill discovers a biological son he knew nothing about, Xander is confronted with a father who actually cares, and they have to find a way to navigate their secret lives. (Part 3 and 4 feature Tyler the FtM!Slayer.)
buffyverse  SG-1  JackO'Neill  SamanthaCarter  XanderHarris  BuffySummers  DawnSummers  DanielJackson  Teal'c  GeneralHammond  WillowRosenberg  RupertGiles  D'Hoffryn  *futurefic  *crossover  *Watcher!Xander  *Slayerettes  genfic  canon!pairing(s)  AndrewWells  *parent!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *revealed!fic  RileyFinn  °tassosss 
september 2014 by mayachain
i don't need to know everything (just tell me something true) [by CallMeBombshell], PG-13
It’s nearly eleven and John’s getting up to head to bed at last when someone pounds heavily on the back door. Isaac Lahey stands on the back step, wide-eyed and pale, holding up a shaky and sweating Derek Hale.
teenwolf!fic  SheriffStilinski  StilesStilinski  DerekHale  IsaacLahey  *injury!fic  genfic  *revealed!fic  °callmebombshell 
september 2014 by mayachain
A Different Dream [by lady_ragnell], PG-13
To prove a point, Uther marries Morgana to Merlin near the beginning of season one, and changes destiny as a result.
merlin!fic  Merlin  Morgana  *redeemed!Morgana  *alt.canon  *becoming!fic  *moveintogether  *revealed!fic  °ladyragnell  merlin/morgana 
january 2013 by mayachain
Hide Of A Life War [by Etharei], NC-17
Wherein Stiles and the Sheriff are in a bus wreck that becomes a hostage situation, both Stilinski men are capable and awesome, and when werewolves get involved Stiles has to tap into all he's really made of. Oh, and derek has been searching for his Alpha form.
teenwolf!fic  StilesStilinski  SheriffStilinski  *revealed!fic  DerekHale  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  PeterHale  EricaReyes  Boyd  *pack!fic  *trust!fic  *injury!fic  *alpha!Derek  *de-angst  *futurefic  *hc  *scars  °etharei  Derek/Stiles 
december 2012 by mayachain
Of Secrets And Confessions [by Miya_Morana], PG-13
Strange things are happening in Beacon Hills, but Danny refuses to let his brain go to Buffy-esque places, because he believes in science and reasonable explanations. When his friends are ready, they will tell him what's going on with them, he knows that. Meanwhile, he realizes that Stiles might be more than meets the eye as they start to become friends.
teenwolf!fic  danny_stiles  StilesStilinski  Danny(TeenWolf)  ScottMcCall  JacksonWhittemore  DerekHale  LydiaMartin  *friendship  *comingout  *becoming!fic  *revealed!fic  °miya_morana 
november 2012 by mayachain
Waiting at the Window - Welfycat - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It wasn't at all an exaggeration to say that being lab partners with Isaac changed Danny's life [and all the questions he has at the end can wait).
teenwolf!fic  Danny_Isaac  Danny(TeenWolf)  IsaacLahey  *becoming!fic  *scars  *werewolf.insecurity  *revealed!fic  °welfycat  JacksonWhittemore  Boyd  EricaReyes 
october 2012 by mayachain
Off the Beaten Path [by natala], NC-17
Wherein Merlin saves Mordred from himself, Morgana follows him into exile, they team up with Lancelot, and Gwen and Arthur really just want them back.
merlin  *becoming!fic  *futurefic  *revealed!fic  Lancelot  Morgana  *redeemed!Morgana  *redeemed!Mordred  °natala  *friendship  *love!fic  *trust!fic 
september 2011 by mayachain
To You I Pledge [by beren_writes], NC-17
When Merlin reveals his magic ability by saving the day in front of Uther, Arthur must pull all his resources to save his manservant from certain execution. Also, Uther and Merlin talk. Several times.
merlin  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *revealed!fic  *revealed!toUther  °beren  merlin!fic 
september 2011 by mayachain
Into His Own [by anon], PG
Uther died in his sleep, and Morgana ideas of what to do about Camelot now differ from Morgause's.
merlin  *futurefic  *revealed!fic  Morgana  °anonymous  *redeemed!Morgana 
september 2011 by mayachain
These Castle Walls Bleed Lies [by marguerite_26], R
With his father unfit to rule and Camelot decimated, Arthur must assume the role of King. But the truths he discovers shake the foundation of all he holds dear.
merlin  *becoming!fic  *revealed!fic  merlinep:the.coming.of.arthur  SirLeon  Lancelot  Gwaine  °marguerite_26  *de-angst  *mental!issues 
september 2011 by mayachain

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