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By Choice or By Habit [by Sholio], PG-13
He is useful. He holds onto that. He is useful and a useful tool will not be thrown away. (For illumynare's request: How about something with Bucky realizing the Avengers actually think of him as a person?
avengers!fic  genfic  BuckyBarnes  SteveRogers  ClintBarton  NatashaRomanov  BruceBanner  TonyStark  *psych!trauma  *unwintering  *trust!fic  *injury!fic  *friendship  *StarkTowerClubhouse  °sholio  timeline:winter.soldier 
may 2014 by mayachain
Chance [by SallyExactly], R
Clint Barton's snap decision to re-interpret his mission orders means a new life for Natalia Romanova. She's only got the one shot at it, though, and "how to live and remake yourself in three easy steps" was never included in her assassin training.
avengers!fic  genfic  NatashaRomanov  ClintBarton  Philcoulson  NickFury  JasperSitwell  *backstory  *loyalty  *mental!issues  *injury!fic  *trust!fic  *hospital!fic  *asexuality  *bodyimage  *psych!trauma  °sallyexactly  *pre-movie 
august 2013 by mayachain
Aftermath, USA [by traveller], NC-17
In which Nate throws himself in front of the President but the man dies anyway, and the aftermath is a fame he could do without.
generationkill  *futurefic  *becoming!fic  *separation!fic  *injury!fic  *angst  *loyalty  *psych!trauma  °traveller  *hc  Brad/Nate 
october 2012 by mayachain
Lock All The Doors Behind You [by entanglednow], R
There's no handbook for how to handle an alpha werewolf who's gone feral and you don't even want to begin to guess what he's been through.
teenwolf!fic  *preslash  StilesStilinski  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  EricaReyes  *injury!fic  *psych!trauma  *cuddle!fic  *friendship  *pack!fic  °entanglednow  *hc  JacksonWhittemore  Derek/Stiles 
october 2012 by mayachain
The Ice in Windless Cold [by Isagel], NC-17
Steve tries to cope with his nightmares of emerging from ice to find his current world gone, too, by letting Loki immobilize him in a block of enchanted ice.
avengers!fic  timeline:avengers  *polyamory  SteveRogers  TonyStark  Loki  Thor  NatashaRomanov  BruceBanner  *nightmares  *psych!trauma  *thawed!Steve  *trust!fic  *love!fic  °isagel  ClintBarton 
september 2012 by mayachain
We Know How It Works (the world is no longer mysterious) [by Pistol], R
Jensen meets Cougar during training and although Cougar is not in a headspace to be friendly and Jake has never had a friend, they become a team. Cougar gets on fine with the team the army puts him on afterwards; Jensen, not so much.
losers!fic  Cougar_Jensen  JakeJensen  CougarAlvares  Ms.Jensen  FranklinClay  Pooch  WilliamRoque  Wade  *backstory  *becoming!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *injury!fic  *psych!trauma  *nightmares  *first-time  *cuddle!fic  *moveintogether  *pre-movie  °pistol  *hc 
june 2012 by mayachain
Cakewalk [by Edonohana], PG
Wherein Fury sends Hawkeye and Widow on a cakewalk mission to help Clint recover.
avengers!fic  genfic  timeline:avengers  *psych!trauma  *nightmares  *sleep!fic  *love!fic  °edonohana  *hc  *post-canon 
june 2012 by mayachain
[to see you there] [by Feather], PG-13
Wherein Natalia and Clint are valuable enough as assets to dictate Fury their terms and recruiting Betty seems like the most sensible way to neutralize the Hulk.
avengers!fic  canon!pairing(s)  timeline:avengers  ClintBarton  NatashaRomanov  BettyRoss  BruceBanner  TonyStark  PepperPotts  *love!fic  *psych!trauma  *injury!fic  *friendship  *cuddle!fic  °feather  *hc  *post-canon 
may 2012 by mayachain
Flashback [by janissa11], PG
Sometimes, Sam can't tell the difference between pre-hell Dean and post-hell Dean. Sometimes, it's all too evident.
spn-fic  genfic  *hell!aftermath  *hug!fic  *psych!trauma  °janissa11  *hc 
september 2011 by mayachain
Forget Not Yet the Tried Intent [by zooeyrye], PG-13
Somehow while in the cage, Sam saves Michael and, more importantly, Adam. Adam and Dean save each other, and eventually find Sam.
spn-fic  genfic  Adam  Castiel  Lisa&Ben  spn_ep_SwanSong  *hell!aftermath  *psych!trauma  *love!fic  *post-cage  °zooeyrye  *hc  *tag 
september 2011 by mayachain
in our bedroom after the war [by softly_me], PG
They kill Klaus, they save Stefan, and Elena never dreamed that victory could feel so hollow.
vampirediaries  StefanSalvatore  ElenaGilbert  DamonSalvatore  *redemption  *cuddle!fic  *psych!trauma  *post-Klaus  °softly_me 
september 2011 by mayachain

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