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Tis a pity he's a whore
In reply to the prompt: "On a long campaign, Arthur sees a tall, beautiful dark-haired man regularly going into the knights' and soldiers' tents at night and assumes he is one of the camp 'followers'. Later, he discovers that Merlin is actually not a prostitute but the physician's apprentice and has been going into the tents to wrap wounds and apply poultices etc.

This is all very well and good, but it doesn't explain why Merlin has been coming unbidden to Arthur's tent every night for the last two weeks and attempting to suck his brains out through his cock. Also, does this mean the wonderful little sounds of pleasure he made last night when he let Arthur fuck him were in fact real and not the well practised moans of a professional whore as Arthur had assumed…"
arthur/merlin  prostitution  complete  *posted 
13 days ago by mxa_news
Diet Mountain Dew, Baby
In reply to the prompt: "Merlin and Arthur, in the middle of a large crowd they can’t escape. One of them needs to urinate, and all they’ve got is a half bottle of Mountain Dew."
complete  arthur/merlin  watersports  exhibitionism  D/s  *posted 
11 weeks ago by mxa_news
In reply to the prompt: "Merthur, forced to fuck in public"
*posted  arthur/merlin  public.sex  unsafe.sex  complete 
november 2018 by mxa_news
the dainty and the dramatic (COMPLETE)
In reply to the prompt: : "every time person A sneezes, person B goes asdkjgdsjkhdfg in their mind and does the contextual equivalent of walking into a wall because person A's sneezes are SO FUCKING ADORABLE THAT PERSON B JUST CAN'T."
arthur/merlin  WIP  *posted 
november 2018 by mxa_news
One Step Closer (2c - FUTURE UPDATES AT AO3)
In reply to the prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, The Good Place"
arthur/merlin  WIP  *posted 
november 2018 by mxa_news
Do You Go Up? (1)
In reply to the prompt: "After so many close calls, Merlin can't sleep unless he can hear Arthur's heart beating. At first, he uses his magic to listen in on the prince from a distance, but eventually for whatever reason that doesn't work (...or maybe he gets curious about why Arthur's heartbeat increases sometimes when he's alone at night, lolol) and Merlin has to figure out a way to get Arthur to hold him while he falls asleep."
arthur/merlin  WIP  *posted 
september 2018 by mxa_news
Prim and Proper (1)
Arthur/Merlin Modern AU: Arthur is a nerd, Merlin is a jock - well, kind of.
arthur/merlin  WIP  *posted 
august 2018 by mxa_news
We can't all be Shakespeare (COMPLETE)
In reply to the prompt: "After Arthur has come back in modern day, Arthur stumbles across something that tips him off to Merlin's feelings for him/eternal pining/angst over everyone he's ever loved dying. Whether it's a diary, sketch book, emo playlist, or something else, that's up to the author! Just something where Arthur is snooping and a slow revelation. Prefer if if Arthur doesn't necessarily put two and two together at first, like maybe he can only sneak a few pages/songs/whatever at a time while Merlin is out/in the shower/etc.

Extra extra bonus if there's (unwarranted) jealousy involved, somehow, particularly involving Arthur wondering what went on between Merlin and Gwaine/Lancelot. Or even some famous historical gay/bi guy, like Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde or something lol!"
arthur/merlin  *posted 
july 2018 by mxa_news
But, To Me, You Were (2)
In reply to the prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, canon era au - To Arthur it’s just sex, but to Merlin it’s so much more..."
arthur/merlin  wip  *posted 
july 2018 by mxa_news
Most Fortunate in the Timing (4 - FUTURE UPDATES AT AO3)
In reply to the prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, The Time Traveler’s Wife AU"
arthur/merlin  wip  age-disparity  *posted 
july 2018 by mxa_news
Untitled vampire fic (4.3 - FUTURE UPDATES AT AO3)
In reply to the prompt: "Vampire!Arthur compels a mesmerized Merlin to have sex with him while he drains him dry (in more than one sense). Despite knowing how this will end, Merlin can’t bring himself to resist, and he’s really, really into having his neck bitten and sucked while Arthur fucks him (bonus points if vampire saliva works like an aphrodisiac)."
arthur/merlin  blood  non-con  wip  *posted 
july 2018 by mxa_news
Arthur catches Merlin masturbating
In reply to the prompt: "Arthur returns to Camelot after weeks of being away for whatever reason. He expects to see Merlin waiting for him, and can't help but be a little stung when his manservant/lover is nowhere to be seen. When he enters his chambers, though, he's greeted by the sight of Merlin spread out on his back, hips moving desperately as he fucks himself with a wooden phallus. Merlin's got Arthur's smallclothes bunched up in his fist and he holds it to his face, inhaling Arthur's scent as he works the dildo in and out of himself. Maybe Arthur kneads himself through his pants, just watching for a while as Merlin--who's oblivious to Arthur's presence--pleasures himself. But then Merlin moans his name, yearning and plaintive, and Arthur can't help himself anymore. Just... Arthur, who's a little stale and sweaty from his travels, reclaiming his boy; and Merlin, who goes absolutely crazy for Arthur's scent, and loves it when Arthur gets rough with him."
arthur/merlin  complete  *posted 
june 2018 by mxa_news
forget me not (COMPLETE)
In reply to the prompt: "arthur wakes up one day and merlin's gone. vanished without a trace. no one else remembers him; it's as if he never existed outside arthur's mind."
memory-loss  arthur/merlin  *posted  complete 
june 2018 by mxa_news
Chance Would Be A Fine Thing
In reply to the prompt: "Merlin/Arthur, life-affirming sex"
arthur/merlin  complete  *posted 
june 2018 by mxa_news
Four Times Arthur Has the Upper Hand (and One Time Merlin Gets His Own Back) (3b)
In reply to the prompt: "Merlin/Arthur royal privilege: As the Crown Prince, Arthur has always been accustomed to simply take whatever - or whomever - he wants; so when he decides he wants his manservant, he takes him whenever the mood strikes, even if it means bending him over the dinner table in the middle of a feast or over Gaius' workbench, taking him on the forest floor with the knights all sleeping around, on the training ground, or up against any wall or hard surface Camelot has to offer! As it is his royal right, no one else blinks an eye, and Merlin enjoys himself much more than he would have expected."
arthur/merlin  WIP  public.sex  *posted 
june 2018 by mxa_news
Face the Music
In reply to the prompt: "Merthur, come-play"
arthur/merlin  complete  come.play  *posted 
may 2018 by mxa_news
kiss me once, shame on you
In reply to the prompt: "Merlin/Arthur, pre-tournament lucky kisses"
arthur/merlin  complete  *posted 
may 2018 by mxa_news
(No) Thanks for the Inspiration
In reply to the prompt: "Merlin's got a bad case of writer's block. Arthur offers blowjobs/etc every 200 words he gets written."
arthur/merlin  orgasm-denial  complete  *posted 
may 2018 by mxa_news
Bad Idea
In reply to the prompt: "Merthur teacher/student"
arthur/merlin  age-difference  underage  complete  *posted 
may 2018 by mxa_news
Your Ticket Straight to Hell (1)
In reply to the prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, Werewolf!Arthur"
*posted  arthur/merlin  knotting  dub-con  bestiality  wip  shapeshifting 
april 2018 by mxa_news

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