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a remedy for batch of broken souls [by driedupwishes], PG
No one comes out of the Nemeton Right. Erica sits next to Stiles in Chemistry like a corpse while Boyd lurks in the halls in the blond's shadow, scowling and stiff. Derek's left town with Cora, leaving all the little werewolves in Scott's new-found alpha lap, but then Erica gives Stiles an idea, to make the teenagers feel like real teenagers again. But before anything can be put into action everyone (Sheriff included) has to be convinced of his Super Awesome Wonderful Plan. (Surprisingly the Sheriff is the easiest to convince.)
teenwolf!fic  *pack!fic  canon!pairing(s)  StilesStilinski  EricaReyes  Boyd  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  AllisonArgent  Ethan&Aiden  Danny(TeenWolf)  LydiaMartin  DerekHale  CoraHale  *bumpyfeelings  *notquitethereyet  *alpha!Scott  *trauma!aftermath  *nightmares  *cuddle!fic  °driedupwishes 
august 2015 by mayachain
Patiently Waiting While Keeping a Wary Eye on Non-Pack Predators [by Shadow_of_Quill], PG
The foreigners have psychic wolves, which every samurai knows for devil-beasts. Kenshin is not samurai.

(Or, Kenshin psychically bonds with a wolfpup.)
kenshin!fic  genfic  HimuraKenshin  *alt.canon  *pack!fic  *backstory  °shadow_of_quill 
september 2014 by mayachain
The Pack [by ladyoneill], PG-13
They're just sitting around watching a movie but Stiles feels something form, pushes, and watches it grow.
teenwolf!fic  genfic  canon!pairing(s)  StilesStilinski  ScottMcCall  SheriffStilinski  PeterHale  DerekHale  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  AllisonArgent  ChrisArgent  *pack!fic  *spark!Stiles  °ladyoneill 
may 2014 by mayachain
Feline Persuasion [by rensahannou], PG-13
Derek doesn't need to worry about the cat living under the porch at his family's old house, it's just—Derek's just used to worrying about things.
teenwolf!fic  Derek/Stiles  DerekHale  ScottMcCall  StilesStilinski  IsaacLahey  Boyd  MelissaMcCall  *pack!fic  *friendship  *becoming!fic  °rensahannou 
january 2014 by mayachain
When the Bough Breaks [by The Feels Whale (miscellea)], PG-13
Wherein the pack failed to notice Stiles adopted a baby because Scott neglected to tell them, the Hale pack is 10-12 wolves strong and Stiles isn't sure he can handle Derek all but moving in.
teenwolf!fic  Derek/Stiles  *kid!fic  *futurefic  *pack!fic  StilesStilinski  DerekHale  ScottMcCall  EricaReyes  Boyd  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  SheriffStilinski  *schmoop  *moveintogether  *becoming!fic  °miscellea 
september 2013 by mayachain
state of readiness [by girlguidejones], NC-17
After barely defeating the Alpha pack, Derek is determined to give his own pack members the one-on-one training they need to ensure everyone is ready for the next enemy that comes along. The pack aren't the only ones who need it.
teenwolf!fic  *futurefic  Derek/Stiles  DerekHale  StilesStilinski  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  JacksonWhittemore  LydiaMartin  Boyd  EricaReyes  AllisonArgent  SheriffStilinski  *pack!fic  *alpha!Derek  *becoming!fic  *trust!fic  *cuddle!fic  *sleep!fic  °girlguidejones 
june 2013 by mayachain
August [by mccalled], PG-13
Everything about Stiles’ senior year circled back to August. August was the big picture, but August was also the details. He doesn’t like August, but he likes Erica’s boots, and he likes Derek’s hands.
teenwolf!fic  StilesStilinski  EricaReyes  ScottMcCall  DerekHale  Boyd  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  JacksonWhittemore  *pack!fic  *futurefic  *grief!fic  *hug!fic  *sick!fic  *hc  *friendship  *love!fic  °mccalled  Derek/Stiles 
january 2013 by mayachain
Wolf Cub [by moodwriter], NC-17
A strange wolf is not supposed to touch another pack’s cub and that’s why, on a rescue mission, it’s Stiles’ job to take care of the wolf cub who’s curious about everything and everyone. Stiles is not used to werewolf children, and the pack is not used to Stiles taking care of a child.
teenwolf!fic  StilesStilinski  IsaacLahey  DerekHale  AllisonArgent  Boyd  *futurefic  *cuddle!fic  *kid!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *pack!fic  °moodwriter  Derek/Stiles 
january 2013 by mayachain
Bonds of Power [by Miya_Morana], PG-13
When Stiles suddenly wakes up as an Alpha werewolf and finds out that Derek has become human, he reluctantly accepts Derek’s pack as his while they attempt to find out what exactly happened and how to reverse it. But as they all try to adjust to the situation, the Alpha Pack is breathing down their neck, and they’re going to need all the help they can get to face that threat.
teenwolf!fic  DerekHale  StilesStilinski  AlanDeaton  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  PeterHale  MelissaMcCall  LydiaMartin  JacksonWhittemore  *becoming!fic  *pack!fic  *injury!fic  *alpha!Stiles  *spark!Stiles  *de-angst  *hug!fic  °miya_morana  Derek/Stiles 
december 2012 by mayachain
Hide Of A Life War [by Etharei], NC-17
Wherein Stiles and the Sheriff are in a bus wreck that becomes a hostage situation, both Stilinski men are capable and awesome, and when werewolves get involved Stiles has to tap into all he's really made of. Oh, and derek has been searching for his Alpha form.
teenwolf!fic  StilesStilinski  SheriffStilinski  *revealed!fic  DerekHale  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  PeterHale  EricaReyes  Boyd  *pack!fic  *trust!fic  *injury!fic  *alpha!Derek  *de-angst  *futurefic  *hc  *scars  °etharei  Derek/Stiles 
december 2012 by mayachain
We've Written Volumes (in Blood and Scars and Ink) [by notthequiettype], NC-17
The one where Stiles attempts to compile a list of supernatural facts that are actually true and Derek contributes by doodling in his research notes. Also Stiles keeps getting hurt and may be a little addicted to werewolf pain drainage. Also, the alpha pack wants to turn Stiles.
teenwolf!fic  DerekHale  StilesStilinski  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *injury!fic  *hc  ScottMcCall  AllisonArgent  EricaReyes  JacksonWhittemore  Boyd  IsaacLahey  SheriffStilinski  MelissaMcCall  LydiaMartin  *pack!fic  °notthequiettype  *hospital!fic  Derek/Stiles 
november 2012 by mayachain
And Now I'm Sunk [by pandacowhipster], PG-13
Anger has been Derek's anchor for a long time, but he's not that angry anymore. This turns out to somehat of a problem.
teenwolf!fic  DerekHale  StilesStilinski  EricaReyes  IsaacLahey  Boyd  ScottMcCall  *becoming!fic  *pack!fic  °pandacowhipster  Derek/Stiles 
october 2012 by mayachain

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